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Event Experience

We’re back for a new season! Join us for in-depth conversations with the event industry’s hottest leaders as we discuss their challenges, successes, and more.

Episode / March, 23 2023
Event Leadership

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Episode 74 / September 25, 2023
Event Leadership

What’s changed (and what hasn’t) about in-person gatherings

In this episode, three industry powerhouses discuss the state of the events industry and in-person B2B conferences in particular.
Episode 73 / September 18, 2023
Event Leadership

Crafting an engaging, quota-crushing sales kickoff

Tune in to hear three industry powerhouses share how to bring energy, connection, and success to your next sales kickoff. 
Episode 72 / September 11, 2023
Event Leadership

Debunking diversity and inclusion myths in the events industry with Mita Mallick

Mita Mallick talks about the power event professionals and attendees have in building inclusive and diverse event experiences and debunks common DE&I myths. 
Episode 71 / September 4, 2023
Event Leadership

Lights, camera, engagement! Crafting personalized experiences with Dropbox at Sundance

Vanessa Karlsson Dorau of Dropbox showcases strategic activations at the Sundance Film Festival, emphasizing the importance of personalized experiences and the role of Dropbox in the filmmaking process.
Episode 70 / August 28, 2023
Event Leadership

Rebranding and Transforming IMEX from Frankfurt to America

Carina Bauer discusses IMEX Frankfurt 2023's major rebrand and tech upgrades, the brand's global reach, and lessons learned.
Episode 69 / August 21, 2023
Event Leadership

Unboxing Success by Creating Memorable Roadshow Experiences

Evan Babins shares his experience producing four successful roadshow events and highlights the importance of professional adaptability.
Episode 68 / August 14, 2023
Event Leadership

Building Influencer and Partner Relationships While Crafting Immersive Experiences 

Mike Allton talks about being an event producer, building relationships with influencers and brand partners, and creating immersive, audience-driven event experiences.
Episode 66 / August 7, 2023
Event Leadership

Empowering Attendees by Delivering Transformative, Actionable Event Takeaways

PCMA’s Howard Givner discusses the importance of intentional event design, moving away from formulaic approaches, innovative learning formats, measuring event success, and more. 
Episode 65 / July 31, 2023
Event Leadership

Creating Memorable Events Through Attendee Obsession and Unconventional Experiences

Join Liz King Caruso as she shares how she took a creative, attendee-first approach for a recent client event.

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