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Event Experience

Join us for in-depth conversations with the best and brightest Event Experience Leaders about event marketing, event management, audience engagement, how to measure event success, and more.

Episode / March, 23 2023
Event Leadership

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Episode 62 / September 19, 2022
Event Leadership

Event Sponsorship Hacks: Creative Strategies for the Modern Era

Ashley Jenkins, Meg Fasy, and Brent Turner discuss fresh strategies and get guidance for attracting new sponsors and retaining current ones.
Episode 61 / September 6, 2022
Event Leadership

Rethinking Event Networking To Drive Meaningful Attendee Connections

Kelly Hoey dismantles everything you thought you knew about event networking in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Episode 60 / August 22, 2022
Event Leadership

Elevate the Debate: Addressing the Events Industry’s Hottest Topics

Julius Solaris, Alon Alroy, and Nicola Kastner sit down for a lively discussion about the event industry’s most pressing issues.
Episode 59 / August 8, 2022
Event Leadership

Ask the Experts: A Playbook To Nail Your Next IRL Event

Monique Ruff-Bell, Tania Capaz, and Paul McAvinchey join Kyana Shamloo to look back at the past six months of in-person events and explore what the future holds.
Episode 58 / July 25, 2022
Event Leadership

Leveling Up From Event Manager to Event Experience Leader

Devin and Daphne discuss the new role of the Event Experience Leader and the skillset needed to thrive in the evolving events environment.
Episode 57 / July 11, 2022
Event Leadership

Candina Weston and Liz Lathan: Creating Experiential Moments That Matter

Candina and Liz discuss building intention into every stage of the attendee journey. You’ll learn digital and event design strategies to grow your audience and enhance the experience from beginning to end.
Episode 56 / June 13, 2022
Event Leadership

Julius Solaris, Boldpush: The State of the Events Industry

Julius Solaris talks about the current state of the events industry, what is coming next, and the opportunities that abound for today’s event professionals.
Episode 55 / June 6, 2022
Event Leadership

Championing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Your Event Strategy with Rachel Heller

Bizzabo’s Rachel Heller talks about how to ensure every corner of your event strategy champions diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) — authentically.
Episode 80 / May 23, 2022
Event Leadership

Ryan Schefke and Brad Froese, Captello: Fostering Engagement at Events

Join us for a conversation with Ryan Schefke and Brad Froese from Captello on fostering engagement at events.

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