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Onsite solutions

Turn conferences into captivating experiences with the Klik SmartBadge™

Create an interactive, data-rich onsite experience with innovative wearable event technology to boost networking and illuminate the room like never before.
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Klik generates the event ROI you need

Are you among the 71.2% of organizers struggling to prove event ROI to key stakeholders? Klik solves the urgent need for innovative solutions to reverse this trend.


increase in exhibitor leads


increase in networking through contact exchanges


increase in networking with gamification

Make your event an experience to remember with smart badges

Transform an outdated necessity into an opportunity for innovation with Klik’s interactive smart badges for events, designed to boost attendee, sponsor, and exhibitor engagement.
Easily exchange contact information with just the click of a button.
Use colored lights to identify different groups or flash a 5-minute warning — the possibilities are endless!
Surprise and delight by launching custom light cues during a keynote, bringing a concert vibe to your corporate event.
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Make your event an experience to remember with smart badges
Make your event an experience to remember with smart badges
Everything we’ve seen from Bizzabo and Klik has been the awesome piece we needed to elevate our events. It’s a badge with a purpose.
Kelsey Wind
Kelsey Wind
Deputy Director of Events
Customer Management Practice (CMP)

Take attendee networking to new heights

Klik's user-friendly design and interactive click-to-connect feature remove barriers and empower all attendees to network, fostering an inclusive environment where meaningful connections can flourish.
Klik is the ultimate icebreaker, facilitating easy introductions and conversations.
With a click, Klik lights up, instantly sparking curiosity and initiating interactions.
The SmartBadge™ eliminates barriers to adoption by ensuring 100% of attendees can participate in the contact exchange.
Encourage non-intrusive interactions that respect personal boundaries and foster a more comfortable networking environment.
Take attendee networking to new heights
Take attendee networking to new heights

Deliver powerful branding and 10X lead capture opportunities

Drive value for sponsors and exhibitors with brandable smart badges and one-tap lead capture and retrieval. With engaging gamification features, you can drive traffic to sponsor activations and exhibitor booths. Here’s what exhibitors can do:
Offer downloadable content with OneKlik Touchpoint devices.
Easily score leads and take notes in your event app — no need for exhibitors to download a second app.
View live analytics and measure rep performance.
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Deliver powerful branding and 10X lead capture opportunities
Deliver powerful branding and 10X lead capture opportunities

Enable seamless day-of check-in

Eliminate bottlenecks at registration and sessions by quickly pairing attendees’ SmartBadges at check-in. Then, passively or actively check attendees in and out of sessions and special events. Real-time check-in data, available through the Klik Analytics Dashboard, enables you to understand session attendance and make adjustments on the go.
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Enable seamless day-of check-in
Enable seamless day-of check-in

Capture live attendee behavioral data

Imagine generating the exact event data for your in-person event as you do for virtual gatherings: engaged attendees, popular sessions, and dwell time. With smart badges for conferences, you get a goldmine of passive attendee behavioral data.
Leverage real-time dashboards to check event health.
Access a live heatmap to visualize attendee behavior and engagement.
Track session attendance for continuing education credits.
Capture live attendee behavioral data
Capture live attendee behavioral data

Maximize sustainability and reduce carbon footprint

Did you know that a three-day event produces an average of nearly 8,000 pounds of landfill waste? As organizers embrace sustainability initiatives, Klik proudly offers recyclable and reusable conference badges. The hardware that powers the SmartBadge can be collected and refurbished post-event, reducing your carbon footprint.
Maximize sustainability and reduce carbon footprint
Maximize sustainability and reduce carbon footprint

We play well with others (Yes — even them.)

Integrate the Klik ecosystem into your existing event software, such as your mobile event app and registration software. Then, let your event data flow seamlessly between the tools you already know and love.
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The world's highest-performing event teams use the Klik SmartBadge


Improve the attendee, exhibitor, and organizer experience

Learn how to create value for every stakeholder with the Klik SmartBadge.
Attendee Journey
Attendee journey
Exhibitor journey
Exhibitor journey
Organizer journey
Organizer journey
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Klik FAQ

Q: Do I need to be a Bizzabo OS customer to use Klik?

A: No, Klik à la Carte is designed to be purchased separately. It can be integrated into any event registration system, with full support from Bizzabo’s team of onsite experts.

Q: What type of events is Klik ideal for?

A: Klik is well-suited for large-scale conferences or flagship events of more than 1,000 attendees.

Q: How much does it cost to use Klik?

A: Pricing is variable, as each Klik activation is customized to the event’s unique size and scope. Get in touch so that we can learn about your specific needs.

Q: What kind of badge customization options are available?

A: Yes. We offer two different versions of our SmartBadges — both of which can be branded and customized. Additionally, you can customize the lanyard to your specifications.

Q: How are the badges refurbished?

A: The hardware device affixed to the SmartBadge can be collected from attendees post-event. Our team will reset and recycle the devices as needed.

Q: How are you protecting attendee data and privacy?

A: Rest assured: The Klik SmartBadge stores no personal information. The only data the badge stores is a unique “badge ID.” We secure access to our back-end control panels via strict user access permissions. Additionally, Klik’s servers are hosted by Google Cloud and protected by Google’s industry-leading security and compliance features.