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Event management system

Build more events that 
matter with Bizzabo event management software

Looking for more than your average event planning software? Every gathering becomes an unforgettable, goal-crushing experience with Bizzabo’s modern, intuitive Event Experience OS.
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The Event Experience OS: Overview

Take control of every aspect of your event in one platform — built to delight your participants and deliver meaningful results for your business without the hassle or headaches.
Event registration
Onsite services
Event engagement
Klik Experiential
Event networking
Event marketing
Mobile event app
Event analytics
Personalize the event registration experience
Maximize conversions with dynamic, easy-to-use event registration software.
  • Use free and paid ticket types, sophisticated promo codes, and advanced field customization.
  • Increase registrations with tools to incentivize referrals and target abandoned carts.
  • Use our no-code website editor or embed our registration widgets on your website.

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Event registration
Streamline onsite check-in and badge printing
Take the stress out of in-person event management with Bizzabo’s full suite of onsite solutions.
  • Offer attendees self-service, assisted, or contactless check-in options.
  • Leverage custom badge printing and on-demand editing with advanced onsite kiosks.
  • Use our self-serve Bizzabox, complete with everything you need to manage a memorable event.

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Onsite services
Deliver engaging event experiences
Deliver immersive event experiences with next-level engagement tools.
  • Encourage participation with session Q&A, polls, and brandable chat channels.
  • Gain valuable insights with near-real-time data and custom reports.
  • Amplify online crowd noise and excitement with virtual applause and reactions.

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Event engagement
Create captivating conferences with the Klik SmartBadge™
Transform an outdated necessity into an experiential opportunity and boost engagement.
  • Let attendees and exhibitors exchange contact information with a simple “Klik” of the SmartBadge.™
  • Use colored lights to identify different groups or flash a 5-minute warning — the possibilities are endless!
  • With a live heatmap, visualize attendee behavior and engagement, manage capacity, and inform future planning.

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Klik Experiential
Offer better networking opportunities
Empower attendees to connect at conferences on their terms — with a little help from Bizzabo.
  • Connect attendees before, during, and after the event with 1:1 chat.
  • Empower participants to book real-time meetings in-person or over video.
  • Encourage registrants to meet with event organizers, exhibitors, and sponsors.

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Event networking
Promote and market jam-packed events
Simplify event marketing — no matter the event format or size — and fill the room every time.
  • Drive leads and conversions at any stage of the attendee funnel.
  • Build beautiful, no-code websites with integrated registration, agenda, and streaming.
  • Segment and personalize attendee journeys with dynamic registration flows and multi-track agendas.

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Event marketing
Level up with a mobile event app
Put attendees in the driver's seat with a mobile event app that brings networking to life.
  • Empower attendees to ask questions, participate in session chat channels, provide session feedback, and answer live polls.
  • Offer a fully interactive agenda and let attendees personalize their event experience.
  • Connect event sponsors and exhibitors with attendees in the palm of their hands.

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Mobile event app
Build meaningful pipeline and prove ROI
Plan more captivating conferences with powerful event data and insights.
  • Maximize your event data through our open API and native integrations with Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot, and Salesforce.
  • Share results easily with critical internal and external stakeholders.
  • Analyze check-ins, session attendance and ratings, and adoption insights.

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Event analytics

Host all your events with Bizzabo’s
event management software 

Speaker Communications

In-person events

Create upgraded in-person experiences with streamlined check-in options, custom badge printing, and fully branded, award-winning event and lead retrieval apps.
Streamline Production Needs

Virtual events

Delight virtual participants with studio-quality video production, industry-leading audience reactions, and unique networking features built to connect attendees to each other.
Personalize Event Journeys

Hybrid events

Don’t plan two separate events. Create customized experiences for in-person and virtual participants and turn every attendee into an active participant.
Elevate Your Production


Host more interactive webinars that drive business leads using built-in video production tools and personalized engagement and follow-up tools.

Industry recognized —
event organizer approved

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Harvard Business Review
Powerful integrations with your existing tech stack
Powerful integrations with your existing tech stack
Connect and elevate your event impact with powerful apps and integrations. Bizzabo integrates with your favorite martech tools, including Marketo, HubSpot, Eloqua, Pardot, and Salesforce.

Leverage customizable Bizzabo integrations that are reliable, scalable, and secure to turn event analytics and data into revenue opportunities by activating instant insights for more meaningful engagement.
Powerful integrations with your existing tech stack
Enterprise-grade security and infrastructure
Enterprise-grade security and infrastructure
Enterprise-grade security and infrastructure
With a foundation built on enterprise-grade infrastructure, Bizzabo ensures security is integrated at every level — from cloud-hosting on compliant servers to rigorous threat detection. 

Bizzabo’s security framework includes role-based access control, gated event registrations with identity provider checks, secure payment processing, and strong user authentication protocols. Plus, Bizzabo is SOC 2 Type 2 certified, ISO 27001 certified, and compliant with PCI DSS SAQ D V.4, GDPR, and CCPA.

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Round-the-clock support and
lightning-quick onboarding
Event management system
Gain the confidence to navigate the complexities of modern event planning with Bizzabo’s comprehensive event management onboarding and support services, including customer care services via email, chat, and phone.

Bizzabo's efficient onboarding features both synchronous and asynchronous training, covering essentials like event setup, registration flows, email campaigns, and analytics. Plus, Bizzabo’s efficient, tailored implementation process is recognized on G2 for "Fastest Implementation.”
Event management system

Event software FAQ

What software do event planners use?
Event planners use a variety of event management software, tools, and apps depending on the type of event and your event goals. Here are some common event planning software that planners use:
  • Event registration and ticketing software
  • Onsite management and check-in software
  • Event marketing software
  • Event website builder
  • Content management software
  • Audience engagement software
  • Event networking software
  • Event success metrics and data visualization software
  • Broadcasting/live streaming software
  • Video production and virtual venue software
  • Sponsor and exhibitor management software
  • Smart event badges
  • Mobile event app
The majority of these technologies are crucial for both in-person and virtual events to enhance experiences like networking and attendee engagement.

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What does EMS software stand for?
EMS stands for “Event Management System” or “Event Management Software.” This type of software assists in various aspects of event planning, such as attendee management, event marketing, and analytics, making it an essential tool for event organizers.
How do I choose the best event management software?

When choosing event management software, you have to outline the types of events you intend to host and the goals for those events. Are you only hosting webinars? Or do you plan on hosting in-person and virtual events? Then, you have to consider your goals for those events. Here are some examples of goals you might have for your event: Boost sponsorship revenue, increase value for sponsors, generate more event revenue, accelerate pipeline generation, build brand awareness, delight customers, and so on.

Ultimately, your event strategy and goals may shift, so it’s important to choose an event management system built for all types and sizes of events so the software scales with your strategy. Look for software that offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including event registration, marketing, content management, and analytics. Plus, you want an event management system that offers robust support services and onboarding.

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What are the tools event planners use for crowd management?
Event planners often use a range of tools and technologies for crowd management at events to ensure smooth and efficient handling of attendees. Bizzabo's Klik SmartBadge is a particularly innovative tool for crowd management and attendee engagement. Here are some of the SmartBadge’s features that can help with crowd management:
  • Contact exchanges: Attendees can exchange contact information simply by clicking their badges together, facilitating networking without the need for physical contact.
  • Group identification: The badges can use colored lights to identify different attendee groups or signal important notifications, like session start times, which can help manage crowd flow.
  • Engagement data: SmartBadges can track attendee interactions, providing valuable data on crowd behavior and engagement. This data can be used for real-time crowd management decisions and long-term planning.
We also offer a comprehensive suite of onsite services that aid in effective crowd management, including the following:
  • Check-in options: Offering self-service, assisted, or contactless check-in options can streamline the entry process and reduce congestion.
  • Badge printing and editing: Advanced onsite kiosks for custom badge printing and on-demand editing can speed up the registration process, minimizing queues and crowds at entry points.
  • Bizzabox: A self-serve option that contains everything needed to manage an event, Bizzabox can help in organizing the crowd efficiently.
These event management tools and services not only help in managing the crowd at the event but also enhance the overall attendee experience by making networking and interactions smoother and more efficient. By leveraging technology, event planners can handle large numbers of attendees more effectively, ensuring that events run smoothly and safely.

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What are the 5 C's of event planning and management?
Here are the 5 C's of event management:
  • Concept
  • Coordination
  • Control
  • Culmination
  • Closeout.
These elements are key to ensuring the success of any event, guiding the planning and execution process from the initial idea through to the event's completion and analysis.

Learn More in the Ultimate Guide to Event Management

What tools does an event organizer need?

Event planners require various tools including management and registration tools, data integration tools, venue booking and management tools, event staffing tools, sponsorship tools, marketing attribution tools, email marketing tools, social media tools, audience engagement tools, and event streaming tools.

These tools aid in all aspects of event planning, from securing venues and increasing registrations to boosting attendee satisfaction and managing logistics.

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What is an event CRM?

An event CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is a specialized tool used in the event management industry to manage and enhance relationships with attendees and stakeholders. It centralizes data management, enabling efficient storage, management, and collection of information about attendees.

An event CRM also streamlines marketing efforts, automating targeted email campaigns and social media outreach based on collected data, effectively maximizing event exposure. Furthermore, it provides key insights and data analysis, helping event organizers track attendance rates and revenue, making informed decisions for future events. Additionally, modern CRMs offer functionalities for digital invoicing, e-signatures, and online payments, simplifying financial aspects of event management.

What is a conference management tool?
A conference management tool is a specialized software application designed to assist organizers in efficiently planning, executing, and managing various aspects of a conference. It encompasses a wide range of functionalities to streamline the complexities involved in organizing large-scale professional events. Key features typically include:
  • Event planning and scheduling: Allows for the creation and management of detailed event agendas, schedules, and itineraries.
  • Registration and ticketing: Facilitates attendee registration processes, ticketing, and payment processing.
  • Attendee management: Manages attendee information, preferences, and engagement, often including personalized scheduling options.
  • Venue management: Assists in selecting and managing event venues, including layout planning, capacity management, and logistics coordination.
  • Speaker management: Helps in managing speaker profiles, schedules, and presentations, often providing tools for speakers to upload and manage their content.
  • Marketing and promotion: Includes tools for marketing the event, such as email marketing, social media integration, and promotional material creation.
  • Sponsor and exhibitor management: Manages interactions with sponsors and exhibitors, including space allocation, promotional opportunities, and logistics.
  • Analytics and reporting: Offers data analytics and reporting features to track event performance, attendee engagement, and financials.
  • Mobile app: Provides a mobile platform for attendees to access information, network, and engage with the conference in real-time.
  • Networking and interaction tools: Features like chat rooms, networking lounges, and business matchmaking tools to enhance attendee interaction.
  • Feedback and evaluation: Facilitates collecting and analyzing feedback from attendees and stakeholders for continuous improvement.
Tools like Bizzabo provide an all-in-one platform encompassing these features, which makes it particularly valuable for conference organizers. End-to-end event management software systems streamline the logistical challenges, enhance attendee and speaker experiences, and provide valuable insights for future event planning.
What does Bizzabo cost? Is Bizzabo free to use?
Bizzabo offers a versatile pricing structure for its event management system to accommodate a wide range of event types and sizes. Whether you’re looking for basic features or a comprehensive, unlimited package, we provide flexible options to meet your specific event program needs.

Want to take Bizzabo for a spin? Book a demo and throughout the sales process you’ll have the opportunity to explore the OS on your own time.

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Try the best event planning tool on the market today
Try the best event planning tool on the market today
All event management platforms are not created equal. Plan and executive all aspects of your events with one event management tool for the entire process. From the event planning process, management, networking, and analytics, to post event analysis and follow-up marketing, running successful events doesn’t happen by chance. Try Bizzabo today.
Try the best event planning tool on the market today