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Event Experience

We’re back for a new season! Join us for in-depth conversations with the event industry’s hottest leaders as we discuss their challenges, successes, and more.
Episode 91 / March, 4 2024
Event Leadership
Corporate social responsibility in events: It’s just good business with Pauline Kwasniak
Tune in to hear Pauline Kwasniak share her expertise on integrating corporate social responsibility into event planning, revealing its benefits for brands, attendees, and society as a whole.

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Episode 88 / February 12, 2024
Event Leadership

Maximizing ROI and relationships through micro-events with Aleksandra Panyukhina

Tune in to hear Aleksandra Panyukhina share her expertise on leveraging micro-events for an ROI boost and building solid and lasting connections in the events industry.
Episode 87 / February 5, 2024
Event Leadership

Aligning event technology, design, and experience with Google’s Ryan Howard

Meet Google’s Ryan Howard and hear him explore the integration of technology in event spaces, highlighting the importance of aligning tech with event objectives and the challenges of designing for diverse event experiences.
Episode 86 / January 29, 2024
Event Leadership

Cultivating event team success and longevity with Ashley Ronkowski

Hear Ashley Ronkowski talk about preparedness, team collaboration, and self-care in the challenging world of events.
Episode 85 / January 22, 2024
Event Leadership

Building event communities while merging physical and virtual spaces with Arianna Black

Hear Arianna Black from Women in Product highlight the vital role of event communities, the merging of digital and physical spaces, and the transformative power of well-crafted event experiences.
Episode 84 / January 15, 2024
Event Leadership

Building an iconic festival experience with SXSW’s Hugh Forrest

Tune in as Hugh Forrest shares his more than three decades of experience in evolving SXSW into a globally recognized event by focusing on community, creativity, and adaptation.
Episode 83 / January 8, 2024
Event Leadership

2024 event trends and insights from the industry’s top leaders

The industry’s top experts explore the trends shaping the events, including DE&I, sponsorships, sustainability, AI, event data, and more.
Episode 82 / January 1, 2024
Event Leadership

Maximizing post-event impact by building a year-round marketing machine

Event industry experts from TED and AudiencePlus and the author of The Art of Event Planning discuss how to build a year-round marketing machine to ride the wave of event success.
Episode 81 / December 18, 2023
Event Leadership

From model and actor to experience-driven event producer with Eric Rutherford

In this episode, Eric Rutherford shares his journey from actor to event producer, discussing the importance of partnerships, tradition, and innovation in event design.
Episode 80 / December 11, 2023
Event Leadership

Navigating event tech and sustainability with Adam Parry

In this episode, Cofounder of Event Industry News Adam Parry shares his expert insights on event technology, sustainability, and innovative event design.
Episode 79 / November 27, 2023
Event Leadership

Harnessing AI in event management with Atlassian’s Josh Shepherd

In this episode, Josh Shepherd from Atlassian delves into the transformative impact of AI and digital innovation on enhancing attendee experiences.
Episode 77 / November 20, 2023
Event Leadership

Wheels up: Crafting engaging employee events with Delta’s Marrah Thomas

Marrah Thomas from Delta Air Lines shares her expertise in designing large-scale, inclusive events and strategies for sustained employee engagement and authentic connection.
Episode 77 / November 13, 2023
Event Leadership

Shaping events in 2024: Networking, AI, inclusion, sustainability, and more with Will Curran

Will Curran discusses the integration of AI and data analysis in event management, the shift toward networking-focused agendas, and the importance of diversity and sustainability in conscious conferencing.

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