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Cvent vs. Bizzabo

Events are complicated — the software that runs them shouldn’t be

Tired of using an outdated platform, confusing user interface, and subpar support? Build every in-person, hybrid, and virtual event with Bizzabo — without the hassle.

Why event leaders prefer Bizzabo to Cvent

Bizzabo has been at the forefront of event technology and corporate event planning since 2011. With experience hosting more than 90,000 in-person, hybrid, and virtual events, Bizzabo was named a Forrester Wave™ Leader in 2021 and 2023. There’s a reason why G2 users rank us highest in “Event Management Software” as an alternative to Cvent.


Ease of Use
257 responses
1,421 responses
Ease of Setup
168 responses
956 responses
Ease of Admin
172 responses
965 responses
Quality of Support
254 responses
1,389 responses
Event Creation
186 responses
1,047 responses
Multiple event management
129 responses
776 responses
Good Partner
169 responses
944 responses
*Bizzabo vs. Cvent based on preference data from G2 user reviews. All reviews were collected as of January 25, 2024.

Build better events with Bizzabo

Host impactful in-person events with meaningful virtual experiences

Bizzabo’s rich history includes tens of thousands of in-person events for mid-sized businesses to enterprise companies.

Don’t get stuck in 1999 with legacy tools that offer virtual as an afterthought. Modern events require exceptional technology for all event types and formats.

We’re continuously pushing and innovating on the in-person experience. Acquisitions like Klik help transform in-person events into more immersive, data-driven experiences.

Host impactful in-person events with meaningful virtual experiences

Build better events with Bizzabo

Bizzabo delivers the easiest-to-use solutions for event organizers and attendees

Your event tech provider should be your event tech partner. Bizzabo is built by event organizers — for event organizers. From self-serve to bespoke premium live support, we have your back.
Technology should enhance your events — not complicate them. Your attendees expect a modern event experience. Shouldn’t you expect the same? Remove the frustration and create more human in-person and virtual experiences in one modern, integrated, hassle-free platform.

Stop settling for an outdated platform with time-consuming and complicated setups a Ph.D. couldn’t solve; reliance on third-party websites and agenda builders; disjointed user experiences; and substandard virtual offerings. Choose the best alternative to Cvent: Bizzabo

Bizzabo delivers the easiest-to-use solutions for event organizers and attendees

Build better events with Bizzabo

Develop meaningful pipeline for your business with Bizzabo

Connect your tech stack with custom integrations and turn powerful event and engagement intent signals into meaningful insights. You’ll be able to plan more captivating content for the future or use engagement metrics — check-ins, session attendance, ratings, and adoption insights — to better inform your post-event follow-up and lead segmentation.
Prove your Return on Event (ROE) and view all your data in a centralized dashboard, updated in real-time and easily shared internally or externally with key stakeholders.
Create meaningful opportunities and prove ROI to turn sponsors into long-time partners.
Develop meaningful pipeline for your business with Bizzabo

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