How ServiceTitan Elevated Their Brand Experience With Bizzabo


ServiceTitan provides operational software for home services businesses. What makes their events so unique is the strong focus on educational content. From Power User Workshops, Implementation Bootcamps, and the flagship user conference Pantheon, ServiceTitan unlocks key learnings for their avid users and prospects to deliver event experiences curated for professional growth.

Pantheon brings together customers and prospects alike to learn industry trends, industry data, take part in user training sessions, and soak up relevant classes. Along with industry information and networking opportunities, Pantheon is also a way for the ServiceTitan community to exchange referrals and help community members generate business opportunities.

As Senior Program Manager, Amy Herman oversees the planning and execution of educational events alongside the ServiceTitan event team.


For ServiceTitan, events play a critical role in customer satisfaction, community building, and ultimately customer retention.


ServiceTitan prides itself in providing an intuitive all-in-one software for home service businesses. However, the polished customer experience in their product was not reflected in the attendee experience of previous events.

Prior to Bizzabo, ServiceTitan event attendees couldn’t see the event agenda on their phones or check-in onsite in an efficient manner. The registration tool was also separate from their other tools. As a result, it was difficult to sync and analyze data.

Data was difficult to capture as reporting features were limited in their legacy event management platform. Without clarity on what data they could capture and where it was hosted, it was difficult for Amy and her team to make strategic decisions on which events or educational sessions were delivering the most value to their customers and how to best personalize content based on that knowledge.

About their Event

Main Point of Contact

Amy Herman – Senior Program Manager

Lindsey Keefner – Director of Events




Glendale, CA


Software & Tech

Favorite Features

Session Registration, Salesforce Integration

Number of Events Per Year


Types of Events They Plan

Annual User Conference, Customer Training Events

“Bizzabo allowed us to cut the event administration process down by giving us more control to manage changes in real-time to sessions, speakers, or agendas. That is a powerful addition to our process.”

— Amy Herman
Senior Program Manager

Branded Session Registration

At ServiceTitan, educational sessions are integral to the event. The event agenda, sessions, speakers, and registration process all need to be polished and branded with the same attention-to-detail that customers have come to expect from the ServiceTitan brand.

In the past, ServiceTitan didn’t have the right technology to deliver an elevated event experience with consistent branding. “The software that we used last year didn’t give us the level of control that we needed.”

Bizzabo’s user-friendly platform allowed ServiceTitan to build a smooth session registration flow that was easy to edit. “The session registration feature really took us to a whole new level,” says Amy.

The branding of the registration flow was also consistent with ServiceTitan’s look and feel. “Our design team was really happy with how easily they were able to customize the event website with our colors and fonts.”

Additionally, attendees could quickly change their session registration to better suit their preferences, which helped the ServiceTitan team cut down on admin time. “Attendees have one link that we email them right after they register and they can go back at any time and make sure that they’re in the right classes. That’s very important and something that we couldn’t do previously.”

“The session registration feature really took us to whole new level.”

— Amy Herman
Senior Program Manager

Attendance Intelligence With Reporting and Integrations

ServiceTitan values data and uses it to design better events for attendees. However, their past event management tool didn’t allow for easy access to data.

“We’re data-driven at ServiceTitan, but it required a lot of work to understand who was where and what was said on the polls with our past solution,” Amy said.

With Bizzabo’s integration with Salesforce, ServiceTitan has better visibility into customer activities and gathers insights on how to better engage them next time.

“What we’re getting from Bizzabo’s Salesforce integration is the ability to be proactively intelligent. We know who’s coming to our sessions, who was happy, who was not, and how to design better sessions for the future.”

Bizzabo’s reporting and analytics features also allowed the ServiceTitan team to build on their internal customer personas. “We can see if we’re creating enough different types of sessions and events that everyone finds valuable.”

Pantheon Session - ServiceTitan Case Study

Personalized Experience with a Dynamic Agenda

The agenda builder is a valuable feature for ServiceTitan. The ability to make revisions to a session or a speaker automatically has saved the team time, money, and developer resources. Between Bizzabo’s tagging capabilities and intuitive customization options, Amy and her team were able to improve attendee navigation.

“Being able to tag certain sessions, show locations, add speaker information, and upload that all at once allows our customers to choose the right sessions. That’s a critical part of our events.”

As Amy looks to the future, she is excited to invest in additional Bizzabo features for creating a seamlessly branded digital journey for attendees.

“We’re building a white-labeled app with Bizzabo for our Pantheon user conference. We’re excited to see our Pantheon app in the app store, which is important for us from a branding perspective.”

At the end of the day, providing a personalized education experience through Bizzabo enables ServiceTitan to build a more personalized attendee experience.

“With Bizzabo we can take our attendees’ enthusiasm and passion for wanting the right sessions at the right time and channel that into the tools that will allow us to deliver the right content.”

*Note: The views expressed in this case study are Amy’s personal views and do not necessarily represent the view or opinions of ServiceTitan.


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