The Challenge

Diverse Clients With Varying Production Needs

As an experienced production agency, Clarity supports many client events across industries, event types, and sizes. Because each event they produce has specific goals, preferences, and scopes, Clarity needed a platform that could support its diverse clientele. As production experts, the Clarity team was looking for a partner equally experienced in providing cutting-edge solutions to deliver the best events for their clients. These needs led Clarity to Bizzabo.

The Solution

Flexible, End-to-End Event Experience Platform, Built for Customization

Clarity Experiences works across many use cases and needed to find a platform that was flexible enough to meet the unique needs of its clients and robust enough to serve as a single source of truth.

“Bizzabo checked all the boxes; it’s a full suite,” said Clarity’s VP of Sales Gary Lagestee. Clarity has leveraged many of Bizzabo’s tools and features for their events. “You can produce sessions for large groups and create interactive environments for smaller, more intimate groups.”

Bizzabo also helps Clarity support different event types, regardless of size or format.

“We use Bizzabo’s whole gamut of session and broadcast offerings,” said Producer Adam Findley. “We use Simulive, on-demand, the Vimeo integration, Interact, polling and Q&A, and community.”

Taking pride in their service-based approach, the Clarity team wanted a platform that allowed them to push the limits of customization.

“The feedback has been really good. We have clients who used Bizzabo for several different events with us over the past year,” said Paul Masi, an Account Executive. “I love that Bizzabo has a coding element; we’ve made really good use of the CSS to think outside of the box.”

“Bizzabo can handle any type of event. The platform is flexible and allows us to do what we need to do no matter what our clients’ situation is.”

Paul Masi
Account Executive

clarity partners with bizzabo

An Enterprise-Ready Solution

Clarity Experiences works with many enterprise-level clients, and Bizzabo’s enterprise-ready platform allows the team to meet strict security and compliance needs.

“The area we really needed support was security and accessibility. We wanted to let some people in and keep others out without creating a password. We also wanted to gate certain sessions and make others public,” said Findley.

Clarity has also been able to bring on “government clients with strict compliance needs by leveraging Bizzabo’s on-demand closed captioning and other enterprise capabilities,” said Lagestee. “Bizzabo Interact is another great tool. Instead of clients relying on their own bandwidth when screen sharing, it’s housed within one reliable software.”

“When it came to an enterprise solution, it made sense to partner with Bizzabo so we could focus on what we shine at — production — and leave the platform to the experts.”

Gary Lagestee
VP of Sales

Next-Level Content and Speaker Support

Clarity Experiences knows that the key to any great event is quality content.

“Content is king at the end of the day, so if you can focus on the content and leverage a reliable platform, you’re going to be successful,” said Lagestee.

Clarity uses Bizzabo’s Speaker Portal, where speakers can upload their slides ahead of time to efficiently train the speakers.

“It’s great to be able to get speakers into the interactive environment,” said Masi. “Pre-event, we’ll walk them through the environment, how to log into the portal, and how to access the interactive workshops. People love getting onto the platform in advance so that, day-of, they can be prepared.”

“Bizzabo has many great features that allow us to focus on the content, which ultimately is why people are going to the event.”

Gary Lagestee
VP of Sales

Bizzabo’s Speaker Portal

Better Sponsorship Opportunities

Creating sponsorship opportunities can be a point of friction for Event Experience Leaders. Agencies like Clarity are constantly iterating to create exciting partner opportunities and leaning on Bizzabo to make them happen.

“We’ve gotten more creative with sponsor opportunities, producing commercials where they speak for a few minutes ahead of a presentation,” said Lagestee. “It gives sponsors air time with the audience who can then click on a logo and visit their site.”

Customization is another great way to showcase sponsors. Clarity leverages Bizzabo to create customized sponsor pages and virtual exhibit booths to deliver digital experiences that are comparable to in-person experiences.

Lagestee added, “We consider the colors, create clean sets with no cables showing, and build custom stages, so we want to bring all that to the virtual venue, which we accomplish by using Bizzabo’s custom sponsor pages.”

“Bizzabo is great for sponsors because you can plug in a brand or profile anywhere on the site — for example, in a presentation to show that a certain company is sponsoring a session.”

Gary Lagestee
VP of Sales

The Results

Bizzabo & Clarity — a Perfect Partnership

Clarity Experiences loves working with Bizzabo as an agency partner because the seamless relationship allows them to do their best
production work and serve their clients with full support.

“From a partnership perspective, our areas of expertise blend together,” said Lagestee. “Bizzabo provides the software, and we provide
the production expertise. It’s the perfect combination for virtual and hybrid events.”

“Bizzabo is the software expert and has a great product that they’re continuously updating with new features, which is really important as we move into hybrid.”

— Gary Lagestee
VP Sales

Lagestee also said that the Bizzabo team has been a true partner. “Bizzabo’s technical support team has been great, they’ve been very responsive and the partnership is fantastic.”

Offering Bizzabo To Clients

Bizzabo has a unique license for agencies so they can serve all of their clients, no matter their expertise or bandwidth. Clarity offers a few different ways for their clients to use Bizzabo. As a service-based company, Findley said it’s important to them to be involved in the dialogue and “do as much of the work as we can for our clients.” When possible, Clarity offers full-service platform management, including building out the event site, plugging in graphics, training the presenters, and setting up sessions.

For clients who plan repeat events, Clarity will show them how to use Bizzabo and let them manage the platform on their own.

Keep up With Clarity

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