The Challenge

Taking an Event Experience Virtual

Fluke Reliability’s educational and revenue-generating event — Xcelerate — supports customers by providing maintenance and reliability training and inspiring innovation. Senior Event Planner Dawn Kayatta and Marketing Event Coordinator Rachael Pritchard wanted to create a highly valuable experience for attendees that allowed them to personalize their event experience — but they wanted Xcelerate to be virtual.

The Solution

A Powerful Solution With Attendee Personalization

Fluke Reliability was already using Bizzabo’s registration services for other events and felt it was a natural transition to use Bizzabo’s virtual solution. Ultimately, Fluke Reliability leaned on Bizzabo’s platform, team, and virtual production services to produce and stream a successful, high-quality virtual event.

Bizzabo’s user-friendly platform and functionality helped Fluke Reliability drive the attendee experience — from the ease of registration through event execution. Kayatta and Pritchard noted how easy it was for their attendees to follow the registration process and access the virtual event via the Bizzabo agenda. By choosing a partner that met its needs and provided continuous support, the business could focus on programming a high-value event.

“We could seamlessly engage and offer relevant, real content when they needed it,” Kayatta said.

The team even hosted Xcelerate on its website so customers could access the event without having to find a particular email or remember a certain login. The platform’s brand-ability and customization allowed the Fluke Reliability team to carefully design their attendee experience with ease.

“Regarding the attendee experience, the look definitely outweighs many of the platforms out there,” Kayatta said. “We can brand it and control what the viewer is seeing.”

The Results

A Highly Personalized Virtual Experience

With Bizzabo, Fluke Reliability was able to host a virtual event that rivaled its in-person counterpart. The three-day event had 50% live attendance and featured 40 sessions with more than 600 registrants.

“The whole thing was a success. All of the feedback we got from our attendees, staff, speakers — all we heard was good things. As an event planner, that’s what you want to hear.”
Rachael Pritchard
Marketing Event Coordinator

The team created an experience with a high production value that was extremely relevant and engaging to Fluke Reliability’s customers.

To provide the same value virtually as their attendees got from the in-person event, Fluke Reliability built a robust agenda, offering five concurrent tracks over three days. Pritchard notes that the event is a “customer training and thought leadership conference” and adds, “Many of our customers want to see new innovative ways to use our CMMS and see what’s coming down the pipeline.”

The team offered sessions with different focuses, some centered on training and others featuring discussions with customers who shared their own stories. By programming the content this way, attendees could switch between sessions based on what they found relevant. If one of the sessions didn’t provide as much value, customers could join one of the other sessions that were running simultaneously.

“People really liked the ability to jump between sessions,” said Kayatta. “Many other platforms don’t offer the opportunity to hop to another session.”
“Everything was totally seamless, even having new people coming in each day, everyone was able to access the event smoothly.”
Dawn Kayatta
Senior Event Planner

The Future

Adopting Bizzabo’s Virtual Solution for Client Events

The event was such a success that Fluke Reliability plans to continue leveraging Bizzabo in its event strategy to deliver exceptional experiences for its audience.

“With the success of Xcelerate and what the audience saw, all of our training and boot camps are going to be through Bizzabo,” Kayatta said. “Because a lot of times it’s our first interaction with our new clients, we want that experience to be what we represent as a company, and using Bizzabo, there’s a lot of opportunities.”

“We’re fans of Bizzabo, but especially the team. We have a relationship with Heatherann Sutton. She makes time for us, and we feel that.”
Dawn Kayatta
Senior Event Planner