The Fearless Investing Summit

The Event

The Fearless Investing Summit is Riskalyze’s annual user conference, attracting more than 800 attendees from around the world and has been growing 20% YoY since launching in 2017. It is the largest event Riskalyze hosts each year.

The summit offers attendees three days of engaging sessions, keynotes, product announcements, and networking. As one of the most influential events in the industry, the summit distinguishes Riskalyze as a prominent FinTech leader. Additionally, the event has been named to multiple industry Top 10 lists.

“The Fearless Investing Summit is our most meaningful event each year, gathering hundreds of customers, industry leaders, and the entire company rallies behind it. That’s why we chose Bizzabo to execute the event,” said Wolfe. In September 2021, Riskalyze was able to host the summit in-person in Palm Springs, CA, for the first time since the pandemic began. Riskalyze was excited to offer the option of a face-to-face experience for its attendees.

“We partnered with Bizzabo because we needed a world-class in-person experience — and that’s exactly what we got.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

Fearless Investing Summit

The Challenge

Hard-to-Use Systems With Missing Features

In 2020, Emily Wolfe, Senior Manager, Events & Experiences at Riskalyze, was tasked with finding a “best-in-breed” tool to handle any event of any size. Why? During what Wolfe calls “The Dark Period,” the Riskalyze team spent precious time trying to figure out its legacy event software, which didn’t have the features needed to accomplish its goals.

“Tasks that should have taken seconds took minutes, and that time I spent fiddling around on the platform really added up,” added Wolfe. “I couldn’t find anything in the backend. It was like walking around in a dark room and running into walls.”

Additionally, Riskalyze struggled to promote networking and connection due to the lack of features other vendors provided. After devoting way too much time attempting to navigate and customize a not-so-user-friendly legacy platform, Wolfe knew that the Fearless Investing Summit needed a better solution.

The Solution

A Modern Event Management Platform That Does It All

After months of research and evaluating platforms, Riskalyze chose Bizzabo as its partner and dove head-first into planning for its 2021 Fearless Investment Summit. As an agile team, Riskalyze leaned on Bizzabo as a partner, leveraging its mobile app, registration, and ticketing to drive registrations, enhance the attendee experience, and promote networking.

“Bizzabo is so clean and organized. It’s like turning on the lights in a dark room.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

The day she gained access to Bizzabo, Wolfe recalls texting her boss, “I’m so happy, I’m over the moon.” Her team had finally found a straightforward, modern platform that could aggregate data and manage registration so they could focus on their event and attendees.

Riskalyze loved that Bizzabo’s intuitive platform is intuitive and easy to train people on. They also appreciated that it is robust enough to support their largest event of the year. Wolfe’s favorite part of Bizzabo is the backend, which frees her up to focus on more important event elements, such as the attendee experience.

“If I were to design an event software, it would be Bizzabo, truly, because I appreciate the attention to delivering meaningful features and a clean user experience. We are profoundly grateful for the meticulous detail in the product.”

Dan Bolton
VP Brand Experience

“Bizzabo equips event managers with the tools they need to be effective and efficient. It’s like adding more people to your team,” said Wolfe.

“Bizzabo made my life easier and enhanced my output as an event planner tenfold.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

Enhanced Networking and Onsite Experience With a White-Labeled Mobile App

Bizzabo stood out to Wolfe as the top platform that could offer her team every feature they needed to create a seamless experience for attendees. The mobile app was an especially helpful piece in achieving the top-tier networking and connected experience Riskalyze wanted for their attendees.

“Bizzabo clearly came out on top as the product solution that could give us everything we wanted.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

World-Class Support and Partnership

Bizzabo’s entire team of customer success, onboarding, and technical support helped Wolfe get comfortable with the platform and execute a flawless event for attendees. Wolfe credits the support as one of the “unseen components” of Bizzabo because as every event planner knows, it’s a matter of when — not if — things go wrong. And when they do, it puts partners to the test. For Riskalyze, having Bizzabo as a supportive partner made for a world of difference.

“I could sing praises about the Bizzabo coaching and onboarding teams. Everyone has been incredibly supportive.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

The Results

Satisfied Attendees Who Plan on Coming Back for More

Overall the event was a resounding success, achieving a 9.3 Net Promoter Score (NPS) on Riskalyze’s 10-point scale. Additionally, more than 76% of attendees said they already planned on registering for next year’s event.

“Bizzabo’s mobile app was the clear winner. It really enhanced the onsite experience because session times and locations were very clear so attendees could prioritize networking.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

Personalizing Registration and Effortless Check-In

Riskalyze was laser-focused on creating a seamless onsite experience at the Fearless Investing Summit, according to Bolton, starts at registration. “Getting registration right is the difference between a world-class event with vibrant energy versus an empty room,” he said.

The team used Bizzabo’s entire suite of registration and ticketing features to drive attendance and craft a personalized experience right from the start. “We were able to customize registration flows and integrate them directly into our own website to keep our brand front and center,” Wolfe said. With ticket types, Riskalyze was also able to identify attendees and categorize them by group, such as VIPs or special customers, to better nurture those relationships in the future.

“With Bizzabo as our partner, we accomplished a true white-glove experience from beginning to end.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

After registering, onsite check-in is the first impression attendees get at an event. “The experience starts when they’re waiting in line to pick up their badge,” said Wolfe. “Attendees will remember their check-in experience — so it needs to be a positive one — and getting them through quickly and effortlessly with Bizzabo was fantastic.”

At the Fearless Investing Summit, the team set up check-in right in the center to create Riskalyze Central, a place where attendees could register and ask questions. The team used Bizzaboxes onsite so guests could check in on kiosks and print badges immediately, which created a quick and seamless experience for attendees.

“Even when the line was out the door, the maximum wait time was always less than five minutes,” said Wolfe.

“Check-in was such an easy process. It was the simplest onsite registration I’d ever seen at an event.”

Emily Wolfe
Senior Manager, Events & Experiences

When Riskalyze enlisted additional team members to help with check-in, Wolfe and her team found it incredibly easy to train these new users. “It’s massively helpful that I can trust check-in is going well so I can focus on other event components,” said Wolfe.

Emily Wolfe Riskalyze

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