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We’re back for a new season! Join us for in-depth conversations with the event industry’s hottest leaders as we discuss their challenges, successes, and more.
Episode 40 / March, 11 2021
Event Leadership
40 | Stacey Gromlich, Siemens: Highlighting the Value in Virtual and Hybrid Events
Stacey Gromlich, (Director, Audience Engagement and Global Events, Siemens) shares her experience working on both the agency and corporate side of events and her tips for delivering engaging hybrid experiences.

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Episode 19 / October 16, 2019
Event Leadership

19 | Janna Erickson, Drift: Hijacking Events and Hand-to-hand Combat

Janna Erickson, Director of Events at Drift, discusses why you should consider hijacking events, the art of event marketing hand-to-hand combat, managing an events team from “startup” to “scale-up”, and parleying event expertise in discussions with key stakeholders.
Episode 18 / October 9, 2019
Event Leadership

18 | Vasil Azarov, Growth Marketing Conference: How to Growth Hack Your Event and View Your Event as a Product

Vasil Azarov, Founder of the Growth Marketing Conference, discusses how to launch an event from scratch, creatively collaborating with partners and sponsors, why you should look at your event as a product, and the best of Bordeaux wine.
Episode 17 / October 2, 2019
Event Leadership

17 | Alyson Griffin, Intel: Augmented Reality Butterflies and The Power of Storytelling

Alyson Griffin, VP of Global Marketing at Intel, shares why events are a powerful medium for storytelling. Along the way, we discussed virtually dissected frogs, snot bots, whales, Star Wars, and how Alyson went from being a pharmacist to a global marketing VP.
Episode 16 / September 25, 2019
Event Leadership

16 | Eleni Thomas, KPMG: Mitigating Risk and Dirty Glassware

Eleni Thomas (Director of Events and Meetings, KPMG) discusses the kind of processes needed for managing 2,500 events a year, the value of networking with other event planners, what it means to be a service-oriented events department, mitigating risk in a compliance-heavy industry, and owning mistakes.
Episode 15 / September 18, 2019
Event Leadership

15 | Joey Hinson, TechCrunch: Scaling Disrupt and Democratizing Tech

Joey Hinson (Director of Operations, TechCrunch) discusses the challenges of scaling TC Disrupt, the value of qualitative feedback, why sometimes you're better off not feeding attendees, the future of event technology, and how events are helping to democratize the startup landscape.
Episode 14 / September 11, 2019
Event Leadership

14 | Andrea Rosen, 99U: The Art of Curating Creativity

Andrea Rosen (Head of 99U, Adobe) shares the history of 99U and how it has evolved over the years. She discusses curating creativity, balancing experience and substance, and some of the best ways to organize to-dos.
Episode 12 / September 4, 2019
Event Leadership

13 | Steve Randazzo, Pro Motion: Authenticity and the Power of Brand Experiences

Steve Randazzo (President, Pro Motion) shares lessons learned from 30 years in events, advice for breaking through the marketing clutter, how to measure return on emotion from experiential, and how to charge your brand with authenticity and purpose.
Episode 12 / August 28, 2019
Event Leadership

12 | Karl Vontz, Rubicon Project: Dog Parks, Vikings, Award Shows, and Event Diversity

Karl Vontz (VP of Brand Experience at Rubicon Project) discusses the quirky expertise of awards shows, speaking to the aspirations of your audience, and what it takes to push for diversity and representation in events.
Episode 11 / August 21, 2019
Event Leadership

11 | Chardia Christophe-Garcia, Forbes: Curating an Audience and Taking It Slow

Chardia Christophe-Garcia (Marketing Director, Forbes) shares how Forbes is leveraging in-person events to further their editorial brand, which promotional channels work best, why sometimes it pays to take it slow in your career, and the importance of knowing that not everyone is going to like you—and why that shouldn’t hold you back.
Episode 10 / August 13, 2019
Event Leadership

10 | Heather Henderson Thomas, Cisco: The Solutions-finding attitude, Collaboration, and Shining on

Heather Henderson Thomas (Senior Manager of Strategic Operations and Event Experiences at Cisco Live) shares a behind-the-scenes look at how to transform an enterprise event brand, bringing a solutions-finding attitude, and the key to collaboration (hint: it has a little something to do with #onshineallshine).
Episode 09 / August 7, 2019
Event Leadership

09 | Allen Yesilevich, MC²: Blindfolds, Return on Emotion, and Billie Eilish

Allen Yesilevich (VP of Marketing + Growth, MC²) shares a behind-the-scenes look at how agencies work, the power of emotion in events, the history of MC2, and the most terrifying activation that I've ever heard of.
Episode 08 / July 31, 2019
Event Leadership

08 | Kendyl Wright: Challenging Norms, Battling Anxieties and Doing Cool Sh** with Cool People

Kendyl Wright (Founder of LOUDER Experiences) shares her perspectives on working in-house and at agencies, challenging institutional norms, battling anxiety, and her personal journey to founding her own experiential agency.

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