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We’re back for a new season! Join us for in-depth conversations with the event industry’s hottest leaders as we discuss their challenges, successes, and more.
Episode 28 / January, 22 2020
Event Leadership
28 | Chris Duke, Rubrik: Empathy in Events
Chris Duke (Senior Manager, Global Event Marketing at Rubrik) shares his thoughts on leading with empathy, working with agencies, launching a global field marketing campaign and user conference, event exhibition strategy, and his final verdict on the latest entry in the Fast and Furious franchise.

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Episode 04 / July 3, 2019
Event Leadership

04 | Carina Bauer, IMEX: Sustainability, Mental Health, and Coffee

Carina Bauer (CEO at IMEX) shares a behind-the-scenes look at the world’s largest events industry trade show and her thoughts on sustainability, mental health, and finding a good cup of coffee in Las Vegas.
Episode 03 / June 26, 2019
Event Leadership

03 | Hugh Forrest, SXSW: Crowdsourced Content, Community, and Why Growth is Overrated

During this discussion, Hugh Forrest (Chief Programming Officer, SXSW) shares his perspectives on curating great content, what it takes to maintain a strong sense of community at an event with hundreds of thousands of attendees, and how events can bring people together in an increasingly digital—and at times divisive—world.
Episode 02 / June 21, 2019
Event Leadership

02 | Kira Willner, Barron’s Group: Breathing New Life into Media Brands with Live Events

In this interview, Kira Willner (Executive Director of Brand Experience at Barron's Group, a Dow Jones Company) shares how Barron’s Group is breathing new life into many of its brands with live events, balancing the needs of sponsors and attendees and more.
Episode 01 / June 20, 2019
Event Leadership

01 | Lindsay McKenna, Yext: Sales/Marketing Alignment and Branded Fruit

Lindsay Niemiec McKenna, VP of Revenue Marketing at Yext, discusses how events can be used to define a company brand, the importance of sales/marketing alignment, the concept of revenue marketing and branded fruit.
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