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Episode 82 / January 1, 2024

Maximizing post-event impact by building a year-round marketing machine

Event industry experts from TED and AudiencePlus and the author of The Art of Event Planning discuss how to build a year-round marketing machine to ride the wave of event success.

In this dynamic episode about maximizing post-event success, host Lauren McCullough — Bizzabo’s VP of Marketing — is joined by this panel of experts: 

  • Monique Ruff-Bell, Head of Events, TED
  • Gianna Gaudini, Event Strategist, Advisor, and Author of The Art of Event Planning
  • Anthony Kennada, Cofounder and CEO, AudiencePlus

These three industry insiders delve into the essentials of nurturing and converting event-generated leads, fostering communities for brand advocacy, and creatively repurposing event content to extend reach and engagement. Ruff-Bell shares insights on creating emotive experiences that foster long-term community engagement, while Kennada discusses the importance of audience data in shaping event content. Gaudini emphasizes the need for a strong sales enablement strategy and the benefits of diversifying content formats to cater to different audience preferences. 

The conversation illuminates how to harness the power of events for sustained marketing success, leveraging technology and innovative strategies to maintain engagement throughout the year.

Here’s what you’ll hear about in this conversation:

  • The importance of pre-planning and building a solid sales enablement strategy before each event to ensure actionable outcomes and sales success
  • Strategies for creating and sustaining engaging event communities by focusing on emotive experiences and continuous interactions
  • Insights on how to effectively repurpose and diversify event content across different platforms for extended audience reach and engagement

Mentioned in this episode

Note: This podcast episode originally aired as a webinar in December 2023. Want to watch the webinar? It’s available on-demand here.

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