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Event orchestration | 4 January 2017

Become An Event Planning Ninja: The Organizer’s Guide to Event Data

Brandon Rafalson

Today, more data has been created in the last few years, than in all other periods of human history combined. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that 73% of business organizations have already invested in data processing, and of course, that number is expected to rise.

However, even though a large number of organizations have started to invest in data processing, Harvard Business Review reports that most of these organizations are nowhere close to realizing the potential of data analytics.

When it comes to the events industry, organizers have mountains of data at their disposal, and this data can be put to work to improve event registration rates, enhance attendee experience and provide noticeable ROI to other business units like sales or marketing.

A free and new eBook, provides readers with a step-by-step guide to using data analytics to take their events to the next level! The 22 page ebook first takes a look at Pre-Event Data– website metrics, website optimization, gathering the right data from your attendees through an event registration page and more.

Event website visitor data

Readers will then learn about harnessing data while events are happening in the Live Event Data section, which explores how to tap into data from networking platform engagement, surveys and social media chatter. The final section of the eBook covers Post-Event Data. This includes best practices on how to integrate event data with other business departments and how to use email segmentation to promote future events.

Along the way, the eBook makes use of illustrations to make even the more technical sections easily comprehensible.

There are mountains of data out there just waiting to help you improve your events. To download this ebook and begin your training as an Event Planning Ninja, click the button below.

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