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6 November 2023 

Why You Need an App for Event Lead Capture and Retrieval

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett
Why You Need an App for Event Lead Capture and Retrieval

Events have become pivotal arenas for companies to display their prowess, innovations, and ethos. As the scale and importance of these gatherings continue to grow, the need for more sophisticated and efficient event lead capture mechanisms has also increased. 

But the era of paper sign-ups and business card exchanges is waning. In its place, the digital revolution is ushering in a new age where event technology is at the forefront of enhancing attendee experiences and refining the lead capture and retrieval process for businesses of all sizes. 

Lead Capture vs. Lead Retrieval: Understanding the Nuances  

The terms “lead capture” and “lead retrieval” might sound synonymous, but they cater to different stages of the lead management process. 

  • Lead capture is the initial phase in which you gather information from potential leads. This can be achieved through digital forms, interactive apps, or direct interactions during events. 
  • Lead retrieval is the subsequent phase in which these captured leads are accessed, analyzed, and managed to fuel sales and post-event marketing campaigns

Exhibitors, organizers, and sponsors all must capture leads, score leads, and retrieve them post-event for meaningful follow-up. 

4 Traditional Methods for Capturing Leads at Events 

The events industry is undergoing a transformative shift. Traditional methods of capturing leads may seem archaic in the face of today’s event technology. But they still bare revisiting as we explore modern advances in lead capture — because you’re likely still seeing these methods used (or you may even be using them yourself):

  1. Paper forms have been the go-to for many businesses for years. They are straightforward but slow and inefficient, both for attendees filling them out and for businesses during the follow-up phase. Transcribing these forms post-event can be time-consuming, delaying crucial follow-up communications.
  2. Business card collection — including using a fishbowl to collect business cards — is a common sight at trade shows. However, collecting business cards doesn’t necessarily ensure General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliance, especially for opt-in consent. Additionally, post-event, the process of manually entering data from these cards into a system can be tedious and slow.
  3. Business card scanning is a more tech-savvy approach to the traditional business card collection, but you have to ensure that the scanned information is transcribed accurately to prevent bad data from entering your system.
  4. Organizer-provided badge scanners can quickly capture attendee details, but since these are typically rented devices, it can be an uphill battle for people to familiarize themselves with how they work. Another challenge is the delay in receiving the scanned data post-event, which can hinder timely follow-up.

Now that we know the pitfalls of these old-school methods of lead capture, let’s dive into the innovative approaches to lead generation that are transforming the face of the events industry. 

Why You Need an Event Lead Capture App for Your Events

Trade shows offer a goldmine of opportunities for businesses. However, as events evolve to become more interactive, immersive, and data-driven, the tools we use to harness potential leads must keep pace. 

This brings us to the pressing question: Why do you need an event lead capture app for your conference? Here’s what we think:

  • Speed and efficiency: The digital age is characterized by its pace. Manual data entry and delayed follow-ups are relics of the past. Modern lead capture apps facilitate instantaneous data capture and processing. For exhibitors, this translates to immediate access to comprehensive lead data, ensuring they’re always a step ahead in their engagement strategies.
  • Modernizing the attendee experience: Networking at events is no longer just about exchanging business cards. A sophisticated lead capture app streamlines this process, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the event’s offerings. With the added advantage of location-based data, attendees can receive bespoke recommendations, enhancing their event journey.
  • Guaranteeing data accuracy: Automated systems with real-time syncing significantly reduce the margin for human error. This ensures that the data collected is vast but also accurate and reliable.
  • Delving into analytics and insights: Modern businesses thrive on data. With advanced lead capture apps, organizers can gain profound insights into attendee behavior and preferences. Passive tracking mechanisms offer a window into real-time attendee engagement, while instant access to badge data provides invaluable insights at your fingertips. Harnessing the power of event data analytic software, organizers can now turn raw information into actionable strategies, ensuring every event leaves a lasting impact.
  • Quantifying your return on investment: In the competitive business world, every investment is scrutinized for its returns. Detailed analytics from lead capture apps allow businesses to tangibly measure the success of their event — or event sponsorship or partnership — ensuring they get the best bang for their buck.

Why Lead Retrieval is Essential for Exhibitors

Trade shows stand out as unique platforms in the world of events. Unlike seminars, workshops, or corporate meetings, trade shows are bustling hubs of activity, teeming with exhibitors, potential clients, and competitors. The sheer scale and intensity of interactions at trade shows make them a different beast altogether when it comes to lead capture and retrieval.

With multiple exhibitors vying for the attention of attendees, every interaction counts. Attendees flit from booth to booth, gathering information, making connections, and assessing potential partnerships. In such a setting, traditional lead capture methods — business card exchanges and sign-up sheets — are woefully inadequate. The need for speed, efficiency, and accuracy is paramount.

The Power Behind Trade Show Event Lead Capture Software

Given the unique challenges posed by trade shows, a generic lead capture solution simply won’t cut it. This is where the importance of a specialized trade show lead capture app comes into play to ensure quick and efficient data capture so potential leads don’t slip through the cracks.

Moreover, with multiple exhibitors in close proximity, trade shows create an added layer of competition. Attendees have many options, and making a lasting impression becomes crucial. An event lead capture tool not only aids in capturing leads but also in engaging them effectively, ensuring they remember your brand amid the sea of exhibitors.

Exhibitor Lead Retrieval: Beyond Just Data Capture  

Although capturing leads is vital, what’s equally important is the ability to retrieve and manage these leads effectively. Exhibitor lead retrieval systems integrated into specialized apps ensure the data captured is easily accessible, organized, and actionable. 

Whether it’s categorizing leads based on potential, setting reminders for follow-ups, or integrating with CRM systems, a robust lead retrieval system streamlines the post-event engagement process.

The Power of Real-Time Data and Insights  

In the high-stakes environment of a trade show, real-time insights can be a game-changer. A lead retrieval app for trade shows that offers real-time data analytics empowers exhibitors to adapt on the fly. Whether it’s tweaking your pitch based on the feedback of early attendees, repositioning your marketing materials, or even changing your booth’s layout, real-time data provides invaluable insights.

In such a competitive setting, understanding how you stack up against competitors can be crucial. Real-time insights into metrics like footfall, engagement levels, and lead quality can offer a comparative analysis, allowing you to refine your strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Leveraging a trade show lead capture app ensures that exhibitors not only capture leads efficiently but also engage and convert them effectively. In the competitive world of trade shows, staying ahead requires combining event technology, strategy, and real-time insights. Embrace the future of trade show lead management with the right tools and strategies.

klik experiential attendance tracking software

Redefine Event Lead Capture and Retrieval with Klik Experiential

Bizzabo’s Klik SmartBadge™ isn’t just another tool in the market; it’s a paradigm shift in how businesses approach lead management at events. Eliminate the need for clunky scanners and awkward interactions and make the lead capture process feel more like a natural connection.

Here’s a deep dive into Klik’s standout features:

  • Innovative contact exchanging: Gone are the days of the uncomfortable “Can I scan your QR code?” conversations. With Klik, attendees voluntarily opt-in to share their information, making the interaction feel genuine. The system is so seamless that it doesn’t feel like lead collection; it feels like forming a connection. 
  • Real-time lead scoring: Post-interaction, exhibitors can immediately access the event app to add notes about the conversation and score the lead. This lead retrieval app’s scoring system, exclusive to exhibitors, allows leads to be categorized as irrelevant, hot, warm, or cold. Importantly, any notes added remain private to the exhibitor’s company.
  • Tailored qualifying questions: Exhibitors can create custom questionnaires to gather specific information about each lead. Whether it’s understanding the company size, assessing products of interest, or determining if the lead is a decision maker, these tailored questions provide invaluable insights for post-event follow-ups.
  • Comprehensive exhibitor dashboard: One of Klik’s standout features is its centralized data portal. All the data collected by a team is aggregated in one place, eliminating the hassle of merging data or removing duplicates post-event. This portal provides a comprehensive overview — from engagement levels to lead ratings and even a sales rep leaderboard showcasing top performers.
  • Monitor booth performance in real-time: Klik empowers businesses to gauge booth performance on the fly. This real-time feedback loop allows for immediate strategy tweaks, ensuring optimal engagement.
  • Seamless integration with CRMs: With Klik, data doesn’t remain siloed. It can be effortlessly exported to CRMs like HubSpot and Marketo, bridging the gap between lead capture and conversion.
  • Leverage touchpoints for insights: If attendees want info but don’t want to talk to a sales person, Klik can be programmed to let attendees download a whitepaper, sign up for a webinar, or something else entirely. It’s an ecofriendly way to get rid of paper at events, and all of these leads go straight into the dashboard and integrate into your CRM. 

Plus, although Klik offers endless benefits for exhibitors and sponsors, it’s also a boon for event organizers. They gain unparalleled insights into event dynamics, understand attendee behavior and engagement, and ensure the success of their meticulously planned event.

Get Started: Take the Reins on Event Lead Capture

The future of event lead management is here, and it’s digital, efficient, and data-driven. As the world of business networking evolves, the lead retrieval apps we use must keep pace. 

To learn more about how you can achieve a blend of efficiency, engagement, and insights with a tool like Klik Experiential, check out our on-demand demo of Klik and hear about its benefits from the perspective of an event organizer and an exhibitor. 

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