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6 March 2017 

Product update: Homepage video, Bizzabo Onsite Solutions and more

Stephen Kim

Among your many priorities as a business event strategist, we understand that attendee satisfaction ranks high on the list. We’re also aware that an attendee’s experience begins before the first day of the event and lasts after the closing session. With this mind, we’re excited to announce four new updates that will take attendee experience to a new level. From the second they land on your website to after the closing keynote, these new updates will amaze your attendees every step of the way.

Confirmation emails that will leave attendees in awe


The post-registration message is a crucial first point of contact with your attendees. With new and improved confirmation email design, you can now accurately reflect your brand and ensure a memorable first impression.

Background video on event website homepages

video in the background.gif

Bring your event website to life. Literally. With our new background video feature, you will be able to loop a video clip on your site that captures the essence of your event. This feature provides organizers with more website customization options to better reflect what it’s really like to attend the event.

New community and embeddable widgets tabs


No more bouncing around the platform to embed a widget or to change a community feature. We’ve made each of these features more intuitive to access and edit. All functions related to the Community Platform can be found in the Community tab under “Community.” Similarly, all embeddable widgets can be found in the “Embeddable widgets” tab.


Bizzabo Onsite Solutions

No more long lines, fumbling through papers, and inefficient check-ins. With Bizzabo’s Onsite Solutions, on-site registration has never been simpler. Enjoy on-site badge & wristband printing, self check-in kiosks and lots of other fun stuff, directly through your Bizzabo account.

If you missed our last update, we recently released a handful of updates that dramatically improve your ability to integrate and analyze all of your precious event data. We’re now integrated with Zapier, Webhooks, and have significantly improved existing features. Check out the update and make sure you are taking full advantage of our ever-improving platform!

If you have any questions regarding these updates, check out our product FAQs or reach out to our dedicated Bizzabo staffed.

If you aren’t using Bizzabo yet, get in touch with our product experts to learn more about our award winning event platform!

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