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11 January 2022 

7 Beautifully Designed Event Websites for 2022 and Beyond

Bizzabo Blog Staff
7 Beautifully Designed Event Websites for 2022 and Beyond

More often than not, the first time an attendee experiences your event marketing is on your event website. Need inspiration for a site that converts visitors into attendees? We’ve got you covered.

An event website has the power to drive event registration — or abandonment — by helping you mold your event’s aesthetic and story into an experience that site visitors can’t help but want to experience for themselves. From capturing the event experience in fonts, colors, and design to giving site visitors a peek into what to expect, the web designer builds a site that highlights the event vibe before the event even happens.

Whether you’re planning a virtual event, hybrid event, or in-person event, we hope these event websites inspire you to think outside the box. In no particular order, here are some of the best and most beautiful event websites we’ve seen.

1. Unleash: Powered by

Outreach’s Unleash conference

Although Outreach’s virtual Unleash conference is already behind us, the sales engagement company is already gearing up for its 2022, which will also be virtual because of the rise of the Omicron variant. On the 2021 event site, one of the most beautiful aspects of the site design is the subtle movement of different elements, which creates movement and catches the eye without using aggressive design tactics. The thread of colors of shapes throughout the site also creates a clear journey for site visitors. To stay top of mind, Outreach put up a simple “save the date” page to keep 2021’s attendees engaged and excited.

2. (Not IRL) Pride Summit

header image for pride summit website

The (Not IRL) Pride Summit 2021 from Lesbians Who Tech features an incredibly crisp and clean event website that is still fun and energetic. The summit site includes engaging imagery that exudes movement. The event logo has a rainbow of colors we expect from a pride event, but the rest of the site focuses on blues and greens with a subtle yellow to bring it all together in a subtle nod to the Human Rights Campaign logo, which is “one of the most recognizable symbols of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community.”

We’re also in love with the user-friendly and intuitive jump link buttons for easy navigation, so if you want to check out the agenda or buy tickets, you can get there fast.

images of past speakers at pride summit


3. Snowflake Summit

header image of snowflake summit event website

Snowflake — the data platform company that made data platform companies cool — delivers a crystal crisp theme on its Snowflake Summit event website that celebrates the 2022 event location: Las Vegas. Not only are the graphics beautiful, clean, and colorful, but the event imagery also highlights one of the most important topics in the events industry right now: diversity, equity, and inclusion. Additionally, the abundance of white space and low copy count lets attendees focus on the agenda, pricing, and benefits of the event so they can register faster.

benefits of attending snowflake summit


4. GROW with HubSpot

hubspot grow image event header

HubSpot’s brand is unmistakable, and the event website for its series of GROW events is no exception. Simple navigation across the top, clear CTAs, and thoughtful white space make this an effective and beautiful event website. The event site features speaker headshots, a detailed agenda, sponsor info, and more, giving site visitors everything they need to understand the power and impact of this transformational event. HubSpot also wasted no time playing up the impact of going virtual for its 2021 event, which featured six content tracks and “a truly immersive virtual experience.”

HubSpot virtual event avatars


5. UNMASKED by Circles Co.

unmasked event header image

If you’re looking for a bold event website with big, bold colors and fonts, then look no further than UNMASKED, a three-day creative design conference from Circles Co. We wouldn’t expect a design any less in-your-face from a creative services agency, either. With greens and blues and crisp lines, you can’t help but scroll to see what’s coming next. We’re also a bit fan of the “Past Speakers” section and the “2019 Recap,” both of which let prospective attendees consider whether the content is what they’re looking for.

6. Inman Connect New York

site header banner image for Inman 2022

Inman Connect, a three-day event that explores and celebrates the real estate industry brings together agents, brokers, tech and finance professionals, entrepreneurs and investors, and more. The reason we love this event site is that it embraces the New York spirit with a bold and colorful graffiti-inspired design, but Inman balances the design with white space and thoughtfully written copy so as to not overwhelm potential attendees.

7. Bloomberg Technology Summit

bloomberg tech conference

The 2021Bloomberg Technology Summitexplored how the pandemic has left us with new opportunities and hidden pitfalls, but what really struck us about this event website is the header design. Although the site is clean with lots of white space, the header GIF is striking with its movement, color, and static. In particular, it makes us think about how some virtual events end up sabotaged by poor technology — but rest assured Bloomberg’s went off without a hitch. Additionally, the event website features subpages with a detailed agenda, reasons to attend, and more.

Key Takeaways: How To Build a Beautiful, High-Impact Event Website

The design tactics the sites above use can be replicated and implemented into your own event website. Here are a few key takeaways that you can use for your event website and event marketing strategies:

  • Make sure your event website’s colors, fonts, and visuals make sense with your theme and brand.
  • Less is more! Be thoughtful about the amount of copy and white space you include and let the design do the talking.
  • Keep your target audience in mind and make sure their questions and concerns will be addressed directly in the design/layout of the event website.
  • Use images or videos from previous events so potential attendees can see themselves at your event.
  • Make sure the most important event details (e.g., date, time, venue, whether virtual/in-person/hybrid) are in the header of your event site.

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