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16 November 2021 

Delivering More Impactful Events: Product Announcements From The Future of Event Experience

Rachel Rappaport
Rachel Rappaport
Delivering More Impactful Events: Product Announcements From The Future of Event Experience

Did you miss the exciting product updates we announced at our recent virtual event, The Future of Event Experience? Introducing: Dynamic Registration Flows, The Venue, Ultimate Video Production Suite, and more.

We live in a hybrid world, filled with integrated experiences that blend the physical and digital. But the events industry has struggled to keep up with the change. Event management software wasn’t purpose-built for connected experiences, which has left event organizers unable to produce events that live up to their visions.

The resulting gap is what we call the Event Impact Gap™ — the chasm between what event leaders aim to achieve and what event technology enables them to do. At Bizzabo, we believe in empowering Event Experience Leaders to bring their Event Experiences to life by offering the right tools, support, and resources. To deliver on this vision and solve the Event Impact GapTM, we purpose-built the Event Experience Operating System to give organizers everything they need to thrive in the era of the Event Experience.

Our Vision: The Future of Event Experience

At our recent virtual event, The Future of Event Experience, thousands of event professionals gathered to hear about our vision for the future of events and the product innovations we’ve designed to support it.

The Event Experience OS is a comprehensive ecosystem of tools supported by enterprise-grade infrastructure and built on two pillars with four key modules in each.

Bizzabo Event Experience OS

Event Orchestration





Moments Creation





Let’s take a look at some of the exciting Event Experience OS updates we shared at the event.

Marketing Updates: Enhance Personalization With Dynamic Registration Flows

Personalizing event journeys is important for creating experiences that keep participants engaged. The key to success? Making a great first impression — right at registration.

With Dynamic Registration Flows, event leaders can create unlimited custom paths that are uniquely tailored to specific attendee groups, whether they’re attendees, partners, speakers, or sponsors. For example, you can create different journeys based on location or for in-person or virtual attendees. The possibilities are endless.

Additionally, planners can create custom branding, confirmation messages and emails, as well as form questions that use smart conditional logic. Once registrants enter their information, they can share preferences to see which sessions might be relevant to them, creating truly engaging, personalized event experiences.

Engagement Updates: Build Virtual Connections Like Never Before With The Venue

Virtual formats can make it challenging to recreate the natural moments of connection that occur in a physical venue. However, the goal shouldn’t be to recreate the onsite experience in a virtual environment. Rather, you have to create a uniquely engaging virtual experience.

That’s why we created The Venue, a modern, visually forward digital destination designed to provide personalized engaging experiences — no travel required. Here’s what The Venue offers to help attendees get the most out of their virtual experiences:

The Agenda

The Agenda is the main component of The Venue, and it empowers attendees to consume and interact with event content. From this page, attendees can see each session and easily enter live sessions with the Join Now button. Organizers can also increase event retention with Up Next CTAs, which encourage attendees to navigate to upcoming sessions. Participants can also choose their own content journey and create personalized agendas by favoriting sessions.


Networking has long been a pain point for virtual planners, so we’ve built The Venue to make it more intuitive for attendees to create meaningful human connections through meetings and conversations.

Participants can discover new connections through the People Screen, which visually displays each attendee for easy exploration. Attendees hover over a dot to bring up a profile and image to learn more about a fellow attendee and, from there, they can send meeting invites. Participants can share who they are and what they’re interested in via individualized profiles and view other attendees across The Venue for seamless connections.

Organizers can also enable attendees to initiate 1:1 conversations and make networking opportunities more impactful with text-based messages that help participants connect before, during, and after the event.

Serendipity Engine

Soon, our AI-driven scheduling and matchmaking technology will create serendipitous connections by proactively recommending other peers, content, sessions, and sponsors to attendees. What’s more, our AI-driven automated scheduling functionality will make it easy for attendees to spark connections in the moment. Rather than scheduling conversations, attendees can have spontaneous meetings as if they bumped into each other on the show floor.

In-Session Chat Channels

Maximize attendee engagement and encourage interaction with our reimagined chat feature. Organizers can set up multiple channels defined by topics, tracks, or persona to keep conversations focused. Additionally, in-session chat channels drive real-time human connections directly within The Venue.

Audience Reactions

We designed The Venue to bring shared experiences and elevated engagement to the digital space. Imagine feeling the energy of a standing ovation — without being in the room. With audience reactions, organizers can create that same feeling. This feature will evolve into a suite of audience amplification tools that empower attendees to express their reactions and feedback in real time.

Onsite Updates: Bridge the Event Impact Gap™ With Mobile App Enhancements

We’ve been focused on making the in-person experience better than ever. In a hybrid world, the right blend of the physical and digital can truly enhance the onsite experience. That’s why we’ve taken our award-winning mobile event app to the next level.

Connect in-person and virtual attendees with speakers, session content, and sponsors using the new mobile app Q&A. We’ve also made interactions more accessible by giving our mobile app a new look and feel. Organizers can also use the app to streamline the attendee experience across desktop and mobile devices.

Broadcast Updates: Produce Studio-Quality Videos With Ultimate

Video is a critical element of both virtual and in-person experiences. Although organizers have amazing visions for their streaming experiences, they haven’t had the right tools to produce high-quality video on their own — until now.

The Ultimate Video Production Suite enables Event Experience Leaders to create production-level events and deliver immersive studio-quality experiences that blend content and video for a TV-like experience. We’re giving organizers complete control over curating experiences that build a bridge for virtual and in-person participants. Here’s what you can do with Ultimate:

  • Bring attendees up to the main stage to engage with speakers.
  • Change session views in real time.
  • Support unlimited attendees with no latency.

This is the future of video, and we’re just getting started.

Bonus: Do More With Bizzbo’s App Market

We built the Event Experience OS to be all an event leader needs to bring their events to life. It’s a scalable, future-proof, and foundational ecosystem that houses our proprietary features and makes third-party integrations seamless.

Now, we’re introducing another addition to the Event Experience OS: the Marketplace, comprising The App Market, developer tools, and a partner program. Organizers will be able to browse and install innovative apps that help create exciting, never-been-done event experiences and more.

The App Market supports our strategic partnership program, which allows technology companies and developers to integrate their solutions directly into the Event Experience OS in order to build a stronger, more robust platform.

Want to partner with Bizzabo in the Marketplace? Learn more.

Klik: Power the Onsite Experience With Our Latest Acquisition

We’re thrilled to share our fourth acquisition in six months: Klik. Klik produces cutting-edge smart wearable technology for in-person events. These devices collect attendee engagement and behavior data and help you turn those data points into actionable insights

We are welcoming Klik to the Bizzabo family to revolutionize in-person events and empower organizers with the right data to personalize the event experience. With Klik and the Event Experience OS, Bizzabo is enabling Event Experience Leaders to gather rich data around in-person session attendance, engagement, and deep behavioral insights. Attendees will be able to seamlessly exchange profile information through a simple bump of a wrist or click of a button.

All of the data captured by Bizzabo is integrated and accessible through the Event Experience OS. To that end, we are committed to the highest standards of privacy. Bizzabo’s stance on data is distinct from many others in the industry. Protecting attendee data and their privacy is paramount to us. That’s why our software meets the strictest compliance requirements of enterprises worldwide, and that’s why we’ve opted to operate as a Data Processor — not a Data Owner.

Bizzabo doesn’t use your data for our marketing. You control your event data. Ensuring your privacy and security is one of the ways we commit to our trusted partnership with you.

See For Yourself: Explore Our Latest Product Updates

Want to dive deeper into these feature updates and releases? Schedule a demo with our team for a live walk-through, and see how the Event Experience OS can help you reach and surpass your event goals.

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