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16 November 2021 

Bizzabo Acquires Klik To Revolutionize In-Person Events

Eran Ben-Shushan
Eran Ben-Shushan
Bizzabo Acquires Klik To Revolutionize In-Person Events

Bizzabo is acquiring Klik to enable Event Experience Leaders to transform in-person events into immersive, data-driven experiences and help boost attendee engagement. 

At our recent event, The Future of Event Experience, we announced many exciting product updates, including the App Market and our fourth acquisition — Klik, a Montreal-based event tech startup that has pioneered smart wearable technology to power onsite experiences at live events. Klik helps event leaders elevate and measure attendee engagement, participation, and networking.

With the acquisition of Klik, we’re doubling down on our continuous investment in experiential technology to set up Event Experience Leaders for success as they return to hybrid-friendly, in-person events. Although in-person events are primed for a comeback in 2022, they won’t look the same as they used to.

We’ve all seen what’s possible with virtual events, and expectations will only continue to rise — whether your event is virtual, in-person, or hybrid. Although participants demand more from their experiences, organizers have also made it clear that they are hungry for more data and insights. With Klik’s technology, Bizzabo will help Event Experience Leaders gather and analyze rich behavioral and intent data from their in-person events.


Game-Changing Wearable Technology

Klik’s wearable tech and extensive infrastructure provide a new level of visibility into data at in-person events. Klik allows organizers to gain valuable, location-based insight into attendee engagement and behavior, as well as to more effectively measure success and strategically plan for future events.

Because Klik’s wearables also act as communications devices, they can trigger customized recommendations for content, sessions, networking opportunities, sponsors to visit, and more. Klik has powered major events for brands such as Airbnb, MIT, and C2 Montréal.

We designed Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS to free organizers from the technical limitations of event software so they can create immersive experiences for attendees, speakers, sponsors, and exhibitors. The acquisition of Klik further enables us to bring new onsite hardware and software expertise in-house as a core product and service. We’ll integrate Klik’s technology directly into the Event Experience OS as part of our already-robust Onsite module.

Klik’s technology is truly unique. Unlike other event tech that relies on NFC/RFID capabilities, Klik has designed and built its software and hardware using advanced BLE (Bluetooth) technology to enable features including localization, tracking, and contact exchange — all with a passive tracking system.

This approach matches traditional NFC/RFID functionality and elevates attendee experiences by facilitating the following:

  • Collection of advanced analytics, such as dwell time
  • Touchless contact exchanges
  • Gamification for attendees
  • Lead collection for sponsors
  • Easy tracking and reminders for session check-ins

Unmatched Networking Opportunities

In-person events offer only a few precious moments for networking, and it can be difficult for attendees to quickly and easily identify opportunities for connection. Klik changes that by making it easy for participants and attendees to connect, share, save favorites, receive notifications, and more. Klik leads with advanced capabilities for crowd activation, including the ability to light up badge groups for a variety of use cases. For example, you can signal that a group of attendees has a common attribute so they can recognize potential networking matches.

With Klik’s novel technology, we’re going to revolutionize in-person experiences. We’ll be able to proactively recommend peers, content, sessions, and sponsors to attendees by leveraging Klik’s technology with our Event Serendipity Engine™, which is powered by technology from, the AI-driven scheduling and matchmaking company we acquired in June.

World-Class Event Expertise

We’re equally excited to welcome Klik’s team of event professionals to Bizzabo as we continue to invest in empowering event experiences. The Klik team has years of experience in events, wearable technologies, and onsite services, as well as a full expert hardware team.

The Klik team will be based out of Bizzabo’s new Montreal office, marking our fifth global location and following on the heels of the July 2021 opening of our London office. We’re also actively hiring for many new roles on our Onsite product team, as well as operations and human resources.

Top-Tier Security

All of the data captured by Bizzabo is integrated and accessible through the Event Experience OS. To that end, we are committed to the highest standards of privacy. Bizzabo’s stance on data is distinct from many others in the industry. Protecting attendee data and their privacy is paramount to us. That’s why our software meets the strictest compliance requirements of enterprises worldwide, and that’s why we’ve opted to operate as a Data Processor — not a Data Owner.

Bizzabo doesn’t use your data for our marketing. You control your event data. Ensuring your privacy and security is one of the ways we commit to our trusted partnership with you.

The Future of Event Experience: Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

Klik is our fourth acquisition in the past six months — after, Whalebone, and TeeVid. We’re moving quickly at Bizzabo, and we’re so excited to keep innovating and investing in the future of Event Experience — together.

(P.S. We’re hiring and welcoming all applicants, whether they’re planning to work remotely or in one of our offices. Check out current openings.)

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