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16 November 2021 

Announcing the App Market in the Event Experience OS

Eran Ben-Shushan
Eran Ben-Shushan
Announcing the App Market in the Event Experience OS

Find everything you need to bring your event vision to life — all in one place and without technical limitations. Say hello to Bizzabo’s App Market.

The era of Event Experience is here. To succeed in delivering compelling experiences that drive business impact and delight attendees, organizers need the best event technology. At Bizzabo, we’re committed to providing Event Experience Leaders the tools and support they need, and we’ve got an exciting update to share how we’re doing more to help organizers.

At our recent virtual event, The Future of Event Experience, we announced many exciting product updates, including the App Market — an integral component of the Event Experience Operating System as an open platform.

What Is the Bizzabo App Market?

The App Market allows Event Experience Leaders to browse and install innovative apps that power unique experiences. With this app storefront, we’ll be able to build a stronger, more responsive platform. The App Market is just one part of the Bizzabo Marketplace, which will also include the following:

  1. Developer tools: A developer portal will contain an API (application programming interface) library, an SDK (software developer kit), a testing environment, and a vibrant community for discussing and sharing best practices.
  2. Partner program: Tech companies and developers are invited to partner with Bizzabo and integrate their solutions into the Event Experience OS. Bizzabo will also offer processes and tactics to help App Market partners thrive.

Want to partner with Bizzabo in the Marketplace? Learn more.

One Platform To Rule Them All

We built Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS from the ground up to be an all-encompassing infrastructure that powers any event because you should be able to bring your most engaging, unique, and exciting event visions to life without any technical barriers.

The Bizzabo App Market will enhance the OS by unlocking complementary capabilities to deliver endless personalized event experiences. The Bizzabo App Market seamlessly integrates qualified and vetted third-party services with all the reliability, scalability, and security of the Event Experience OS.

And it’s far more than easy integrations alone. The Bizzabo App Market solidifies the OS as a true interface between the creative vision you have and the job ahead.

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Think Beyond Events To Create Experiences

Attendees no longer want siloed, one-size-fits-all events, they expect unique and personalized experiences that keep them coming back. Bizzabo’s App Market will empower organizers to create as many event experiences as there are attendees.

Event Experience Leaders have to continually raise their standards to capture and hold the attention of virtual-weary audiences, and personalization is the key to meeting attendee expectations

Together, Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS and App Market will empower you to bring endless possibilities to life, for example:

  • Complement virtual or hybrid events by partnering with a vendor to send swag to specific attendees as part of your account-based marketing (ABM) strategy.
  • Outsource logistics, such as hotel and transportation details, to partners so you can focus on event experiences and immersive moments.
  • Transform moment-in-time events into connection opportunities with partners that specialize in unique networking capabilities.
  • Evolve events from isolated channels into integrated experiences with journey partners, personalization partners, and content partners.
  • Integrate with other pillars of the martech stack so that all campaigns become stronger from event insights.

Building The Future of Event Technology

We believe that the Bizzabo App Market will change the game for Event Experience Leaders, as well as our partners. The past 10 years at Bizzabo have been truly incredible:

  • We built the first modern, all-in-one event solution in 2012.
  • We’ve powered more than 85,000 events.
  • We were the first to launch a hybrid event solution in March 2020 — just three weeks after the pandemic shut down much of the world.
  • We’ve received funding from major investor partners.
  • We’ve closed four exciting acquisitions in the past five months, including our newest acquisition, Klik.
  • Most recently, we launched the Bizzabo Event Experience OS.

And now, we’re thrilled to announce The App Market as part of Bizzabo’s Marketplace.

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