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Event marketing | 20 October 2017

The Secret Science of Email Marketing for Live Events

Stephen Kim

When it comes to live events, email marketing just might be the most valuable tool at your disposal. Ready to find out why?

We’ll let you in on a secret:

Most event marketers believe email is the single-most effective channel for promoting events. In The Secret Science of Email Marketin for Live Events we explore how event professionals can become masters of the inbox to pack out the house, drive business goals and generate event ROI.

Additional event marketing stats show that 46% of B2B companies depend on email marketing as their primary source for event promotion.

Numbers like these underscore the assertion that email will remain a core marketing channel for event strategists for the foreseeable future. The challenge now becomes maintaining a sound strategy in the midst of an ever-changing industry. How can marketers create high-performing email campaigns that directly addresses their needs as event strategists? That’s where this ebook comes into play.

Never before has there been an email marketing ebook written specifically for the modern-day event marketer. Though email is a common strategy across multiple industries, the needs of an event marketer are different from those of other professionals. This ebook was written with that in mind and is tailored to specifically address the event marketer’s needs.

This ebook is divided into the three main sections that constitute all successful emailing campaigns: optimize, segment, and measure. The first section dives into the different ways in which email content should be crafted and optimized. How long should the subject line be? What’s the difference between good and bad email design? Where should the CTA be included? Taking all of this into consideration, this section dives into the tips and best practices that result in stellar email content.

The second section focuses on segmentation and explores different ways in which you can divide your audience to maximize engagement. Event marketers always have a variety of readers to communicate with and the more intentional you are with your segmentation, the more engagement your will receive from your target audience. The most important part of email segmentation is to know how you are going to slice your database of recipients.

Email segmentation

If you are a seasoned event marketer, you will most likely have hundreds if not thousands of contacts stored somewhere. And of course, not all of your contacts are alike. Some are past event sponsors, others are die-hard event evangelists, and others have never attended an event you’ve organized. The key is to segment your audience to ensure that the message being sent is both personalized and relevant for the intended recipient. This part of the ebook takes a deep dive into the different ways to achieve this and offers ideas on how to implement into your own campaigns.

The final section of the ebook explores the different ways in which email campaigns can and should be measured. What are your key performance indicators and metrics of success? Is the focus on open rates? Click-through rates? Registrations? There are countless statistics that can reflect the performance for every email campaign.

Measure email campaign performances

Which KPIs are relevant will differ depending on the targeted recipient, but that is all the more reason to specifically define your metrics for success before launching your campaign. There must always be a way to properly measure performance and the clearer that is prior to the launch, the easier it will be to determine the success of the initiative. Thus it is key to have these metrics clearly defined and agreed upon across the team to ensure alignment and consistent future success. This section of the ebook provides different ways to achieve just that.

Email will continue to be a main marketing channel for event strategists for years to come. Stay ahead of the competition by learning insights and best practices that will set you up for long term success.

Click below to download the Secret Science of Email Marketing for Live Events and feel your brain bubble with knowledge.


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