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8 November 2023 

9 Event Registration Landing Pages That Convert Attendees

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett
Chaviva Gordon-Bennett
9 Event Registration Landing Pages That Convert Attendees

To achieve event success and prove ROI, one of the first — and most crucial — steps is creating a registration landing page. Your event registration page is your sales pitch to potential attendees. It must be visually appealing, informative, and easy to navigate to convince people to register for your event. A poorly designed or confusing registration page can lead to decreased attendance and, ultimately, a loss of revenue.

In this article, we will explore some of the top conference registration pages for events that convert and how you can use them to promote your event and increase attendance.

The Top Registration Pages for Events That Convert

Before we dive into how to build a registration page and the key elements you need to succeed, let’s explore some examples of event registration landing pages that have proven to be successful in converting attendees:

1. Community Summit North America 

The Community Summit North America 2024 in San Antonio, Texas, boasts a registration page emphasizing early bird savings and easy access to event details. The page outlines a straightforward registration and cancellation policy, offering flexibility and transparency to attendees. 

Additionally, the page provides helpful information on hotel reservations, featuring special group rates and selected hotels for attendee convenience. This attention to detail in accommodation reflects the event’s commitment to providing a comprehensive and stress-free experience for attendees.

2. Running Remote

Running Remote is an event dedicated to exploring the future of work and remote teams. The event registration page for Running Remote is designed with a clean and modern layout. Using vibrant colors and high-quality images creates an engaging visual experience for potential attendees. The page includes a clear and concise registration form, making it easy for visitors to sign up for the event. It also provides detailed information about the event, including the date, location, and agenda.

Additionally, the page features testimonials from previous attendees, which adds credibility and social proof to the event. Overall, the event registration page for Running Remote effectively showcases the value and benefits of attending the event, making it a compelling choice for individuals interested in remote work and team management.


The IAMPHENOM 2024 registration page is a testament to user-friendly design and clear information architecture. The registration process is straightforward, with clearly outlined ticket pricing and categories, such as “Earliest Bird,” “Early Bird,” and “Go Birds!” pricing, each offering distinct benefits and features — not to mention the clever names. 

The pre-conference training day pass provides additional value for attendees, and the FAQ section is comprehensive, addressing common concerns and offering practical information like payment methods, group registration, SHRM and HRCI credits, hotel booking details, and sponsorship opportunities. The page’s design is clean and professional, enhancing the overall user experience.

4. HubSpot’s INBOUND

The iconic INBOUND event is an annual marketing and sales conference hosted by HubSpot — and its registration page reflects the event’s innovative spirit. Described as a mix of an incubator and an accelerator, the event aims to propel careers and businesses forward. 

Ticket details are laid out, offering general admission and VIP options, with tiered pricing and benefits like special hotel rates and access to educational content. Interestingly, the one ticket level available is sold out, creating scarcity and excitement — and the additional Tiers will likely be released throughout the coming year as we get closer to the 2024 event. The registration process is straightforward, and it’s easy to transfer or cancel your pass, register a group, look up a registration number, and more. INBOUND’s registration landing page is one to borrow inspiration from.

5. Fearless Investing Summit 

The registration page for Nitrogen Wealth’s Fearless Investing Summit stands out for its clear categorization of attendee types — Financial Advisor, Advisory Firm, Spouse, Service Provider, General Admission, and Firm Staff  — each with tailored pricing and benefits. 

The comprehensive FAQ section provides valuable information on ticket inclusions, educational opportunities, refund policy, mobile app availability, CFP CE eligibility, conference resources, Nitrogen support interaction, and travel discounts. The page’s design is straightforward, ensuring a hassle-free registration process.

6. Accelerate: The Global Ecommerce Acceleration Summit

The Accelerate 23 registration page is straightforward and engaging, offering a clear breakdown of ticket pricing for individuals and teams, with an attractive all-access pass that includes meals. The early bird pricing for 2024 is a notable feature, incentivizing attendees for the next year’s event. 

One of the best things about Aceclerate’s registration form is the customized questions around food allergies and needs as well as the ask about accessibility requirements. These questions ensure attendees feel seen and lets event organizers create more intentional experiences.

The FAQ section provides essential information about the summit, enhancing user understanding and decision-making. The page design is clean and focused, with direct call-to-action buttons making the registration process efficient and user-friendly. 

7. Movement

Movement 2023’s registration page excels in delivering an immersive and informative experience. The page outlines compelling reasons to attend, like actionable insights, learning new strategies for benefits, and wellness activities. The event’s location and lodging details are conveniently provided, ensuring attendees can plan their visit with ease. The design is visually appealing and well-structured, facilitating an effortless registration process.

8. Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit: New York

The registration page for the Bloomberg Sustainable Business Summit is succinct and impactful. It highlights the event’s significance in bringing together business leaders and investors for sustainable business and finance discussions. 

The themes section provides a glimpse into the topics covered, such as sustainability investment, data analysis for sustainability progress, and building an inclusive culture. The page design is professional and straightforward, with a clear call to register, making the process efficient for potential attendees. 

9. Gainsight Pulse 

Featuring fun and quirky graphics, the registration page for Gainsight Pulse promises a dynamic and engaging experience for attendees. Set in San Francisco from May 17-18, 2023, the event celebrates its tenth anniversary with a focus on the future of customer success. The page highlights a variety of sessions covering topics from digital strategies to career development. 

Unique elements like “Moments of Joy,” including puppies and dance parties, add a fun twist. The page quotes attendees to underscore the value of the event, and past speakers like Aaron Levie and Nir Eyal lend credibility. Lodging options are conveniently offered at nearby hotels with special rates, ensuring a comfortable stay.

What Should I Include on the Event Registration Form?

When creating an event registration form, several vital elements should be included to ensure its effectiveness. Here are some crucial components to consider:

Basic Information

Start by asking for the attendee’s basic information, such as their full name, email address, and phone number. This will allow you to contact them with event updates and important information.

Event Details

Provide a clear and concise description of the event, including the date, time, location, event format, speakers, sponsors, and so on. Make sure to highlight any unique features or benefits of attending the event to capture the interest of potential attendees.

Registration Options

Offer different registration options, such as VIP or general admission, and provide pricing details for each option. This will allow attendees to choose the package that best suits their needs.

Personalized Questions

Depending on the nature of your event, include additional personalized questions in your registration form. For example, if you’re hosting a conference, ask about the attendee’s industry or job title to tailor the event content accordingly. You should also include questions about pronouns, name pronunciations, food allergies, and accessibility needs.

The great thing about including these kinds of questions is that you can make them conditional and dynamic based on job title, industry, or how someone answers a question. For example, if someone indicates they have accessibility needs, you can give them specific checkboxes to tick for needing sign language, wheelchair accommodations, or something else. 

Want to see a great registration page with lots of customized questions? Check out Amazon Ads unBoxed’s registration landing page

Payment Information

If your event requires payment, provide a secure and user-friendly payment gateway. Offer multiple payment methods, such as credit card or PayPal, to accommodate different preferences.

Terms and Conditions

Include a section with your event’s terms and conditions, covering essential details such as cancellation policies, refund policies, and liability waivers. This will help manage expectations and protect the event organizer and the attendees.

Confirmation and Thank You Page

After submitting the registration form, redirect the attendee to a confirmation and thank you page. This page should include a summary of their registration details and express gratitude for their participation.

By including these essential elements in your event registration form, you can create a seamless and user-friendly experience for potential attendees.

11 Tips To Optimize Your Event Registration Page and Form

Optimizing your event registration page and form is essential to ensure maximum conversions and increase attendance for your event. But before creating your registration page, it’s essential to understand your target audience. Ask yourself: What are their pain points? What are they looking for in an event? Knowing your audience will help you create a page that speaks directly to them and addresses their needs.

Now, here are ten tips to help you optimize your event registration page and form:

  1. Keep the event headline concise: Your headline should communicate the value and purpose of your event. It should be attention-grabbing and entice visitors to learn more and register.
  2. Write a compelling event description: Write a persuasive event description that highlights the key benefits and unique selling points of your event. Use compelling language and emphasize what attendees can expect to gain from attending.
  3. Keep it simple: Keep your registration form simple and easy to fill out. Only ask for essential information you must collect, such as name, email, and any relevant details specific to your event. Avoid asking for too much information, as it can lead to abandonment.
  4. Create inclusive, visual appeal: Use visually appealing design elements, such as high-quality images and a consistent color scheme, to make your registration page visually appealing. The design should align with your event branding and create a positive impression on visitors.
  5. Optimize for mobile: Ensure your registration page is fully optimized for mobile devices. With the increasing use of smartphones, it’s crucial to provide a seamless registration experience for mobile users. Test your registration page on different devices and screen sizes to ensure it displays correctly.
  6. Feature speakers and sponsors: Create beautiful, comprehensive speaker and sponsor sections so everyone knows your event’s star power and brand collaborations. 


  1. Include social proof: Incorporate social proof elements, such as testimonials, pictures, or reviews from past attendees, to build trust and credibility. Positive feedback from previous participants can help convince potential attendees to register for your event.
  2. Offer a clear call-to-action (CTA): Place a prominent and attention-grabbing CTA button on your registration page. Use action-oriented text, such as “Register Now” or “Save Your Spot,” to encourage visitors to take immediate action. Test different placements and colors to determine what works best for your audience
  3. Make it easy to pay: If your event is not free, integrate a secure payment system that allows for immediate processing. Providing multiple payment methods can cater to a wider audience and make it easier for attendees to pay. After submission, direct attendees to a confirmation page that reassures them that the process has been completed successfully.
  4. Include tools to gain buy-in: Be sure to provide your prospective attendees with downloadable and shareable content to help them justify their attendance. This could be a one-pager with details about the event’s attendees or brands attending or an email template so someone can send a request to the attendee to their manager.
  5. Always be (A/B) testing: Continuously test different elements on your registration page to identify what resonates best with your audience. Conduct A/B tests with variations in images, colors, form fields, and CTA button text to optimize conversion rates.

Remember to monitor the performance of your conference registration form and make adjustments based on data and feedback to continuously optimize your conversion rates.

Get Started: Boost Attendance with Event Registration Tools from Bizzabo

Your event registration pages are a crucial element in promoting your events and increasing attendance. With Bizzabo, you can easily create professional and customizable event registration pages optimized for conversions. Their platform offers a user-friendly interface and a range of powerful features to streamline the registration process and enhance the attendee experience.

One of the critical advantages of Bizzabo is its ability to integrate with other event management tools, such as email marketing software and CRM systems. This integration allows event organizers to automate various tasks and workflows, saving time and effort. Bizzabo also provides analytics and reporting features, giving organizers valuable insights into attendee registration patterns and event performance.

In addition to registration pages, Bizzabo offers a suite of event planning and management tools, including website creation, event ticketing, agenda management, networking features, and more. The software is designed to help event organizers deliver a seamless and engaging experience for both attendees and organizers.

Using Bizzabo’s conference registration software, event organizers can streamline their registration process, increase attendance rates, and create more successful and impactful events. Remember to keep your event registration forms simple, visually appealing, and optimized for mobile devices, and you’ll be on your way to event success. Ready to learn more? Check out this on-demand demo of Bizzabo’s OS.

Editor’s note: This blog article was originally published in 2018 and has been updated for accuracy and relevance.

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