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14 June 2018 

Product Deep Dive: A New “Passwordless” Login Experience

Tom Shelly

Earlier this week, we took a look at four recent updates to the Bizzabo platform. In this post, we’ll take a deep dive into the passwordless login update.

Today is a big day for Bizzabo’s customers. We have just released a new app sign-up and login flow that is not just passwordless, but also unbelievably simple—for both organizers and attendees.

As pioneers in the event app space, we always knew the power of a great event app. It can increase attendee engagement before, during, and after an event, and impact overall event success.

In the months after releasing our brand new event app earlier this year, we listened to feedback from thousands of organizers and event goers.

Some conclusions were very clear:

  • The new and modern user interface generated much higher engagement rates. Attendees found it easier to navigate and gain value from the app. Meanwhile. the usage numbers were much higher than the in the previous version.
  • The login process needed to be improved. We found that attendees often register for an event with their work email but in many cases have their personal email set as their default email client on their mobile device, which caused issues with confirming their email address. 

After conducting in-depth conversations with our organizers and their attendees, we saw an opportunity to improve the experience so that the app adoption rate would increase and, consequently, attendee engagement rates. 

Why is there a login process in the first place?

This is definitely a valid question to ask. We believe that the more personal the experience, the better.

To give attendees a personalized event experience we need to know who they are. Not only that, we want to make sure that those who do get in, are actually those who registered for the event.

In addition, because Bizzabo’s app includes rich identity data about attendees such as their personal details and registration information, privacy and a secure login flow are extremely important.

Why passwordless?

“70% of users forget their password once a month, and on average try 2.4 passwords before they get the right login.”  Regina Dugan – Google SVP

Unlike social media apps (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) which users generally visit on a daily basis, an event app is something that is generally used most during the time just before, during and after the event.

Regina Dugan’s statement extremely relevant the world of event apps.

If 70% of users forget their password for the apps they use on a daily basis, what are the odds of them remembering an event app password that they use only a handful of times?

So..What are the changes we’ve made?

To give you a sense of the major changes we’ve conducted, here are the four main elements of the new login flow:

    1. Passwordless login: Logging to the app no longer requires a password creation. App users are asked to enter their email address,  then they are directed to their email to confirm their identity and that’s it, they are in.
    2. Magic link: Instead of asking users to create an email and a password, we send them a one-time-use link, which users click on to be automatically logged in to your event app (anyone said ‘magic’?)
    3. Confirming emails on both web and mobile: We’ve removed the hurdle of having to confirm your email solely through mobile, making the signup process simpler than ever. Users can now confirm their email address from both mobile and web clients.
    4. Public event app: After learning that organizers like to share additional events with their attendees and utilize the app as a marketing opportunity, we’ve added the option for a private vs. public event app, controlled completely by the organizer per event.

It’s that easy…


Thanks to feedback from our customers, we are constantly able to improve our product. We believe that through these changes, we have created a new industry standard for logging into event apps.

For more information about this update, get in touch with your CSM or request a demo by clicking the button below.


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