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11 June 2018 

Product Update: 4 New Releases That Will Take You to Event Success

Josh Rod
Product Update: 4 New Releases That Will Take You to Event Success

Learn how Bizzabo is helping you stay ahead of the curve with new features like cross-event analytics, GDPR compliant events, a streamlined event app login flow and more.

It’s that time again. Here’s what you have to look forward to in Bizzabo’s most recent product updates.

Sunny with a Chance of Cross-Event Analytics

The cross-events analytics dashboard brings data from all of your events into one home. That means you can now make decisions and set goals based on comparative metrics from your all of your events:

  • Compare registration trends with your marketing efforts to gain an understanding of which tactics generated the most registrations over time.
  • Compare revenue generation per month across your events
  • Use data to improve your marketing efforts and understand what caused increases in sales – then replicate them!

Just one portion of the cross-event analytics dashboard

GDPR Compliant Events Start Here!

GDPR has got everyone talking – The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation protects the personal information of EU citizens anywhere in the world, and with fines of up to 4% of your annual global turnover or a whopping 20 million Euros (whichever is higher) this is not something to be taken lightly.

Some of the User’s Rights Under GDPR

  • Find Out Exactly How Their Data Is Being Used
  • Access Their Personal Data for Free
  • Request the Deletion of Their Data
  • Obtain and Reuse their Personal Data
  • Be Informed of a Data Breach within 72 Hours

GDPR applies to your events—even if you have just one European attendee—so Bizzabo has made improvements to our product to ensure that our customers’ events are GDPR compliant.

You may notice some changes to the user experience. This is all part of making sure your events are GDPR ready.

Simpler, Better and Faster App Login

The Bizzabo event app has undergone a BIG change. 

Our app login experience now combines a magic link to direct your attendees straight to your event space as well as a passwordless signup that requires only an attendee’s email address.


To give you a sense of the major changes we’ve conducted, here are the four main elements of the new login flow:

  1. Passwordless login: Logging in to the app no longer requires the creation of a password. App users are asked to enter their email address,  are directed to their email to confirm their identity—and that’s it,. They’re in.
  2. Magic link: Instead of asking users to create an email and a password, we send them a one-time-use link, which users click on to be automatically logged in to the event app. Presto.
  3. Confirming emails on both web and mobile: We’ve removed the hurdle of having to confirm your email solely through mobile. Users can now confirm their email address from both mobile and web clients.
  4. Public event app: After learning that organizers like to share additional events with their attendees and leverage the app as a marketing tool, we’ve added the option of creating a public event app where organizers allow attendees to see all of their upcoming events, or a private event where the attendee can only see the events that are a part of.

Our New Agenda – It’s Getting Personal [Beta]

We’re getting closer and closer to our agenda launch! Beta users have already been enjoying some of the new features—like  the session editor, which enables custom coloring and session attachments, but what will really blow you away is the filtered agenda feature.

Bizzabo's New Event Agenda

Using session tags, you are able to create multiple customized agenda URLs. Each custom agenda that you create will have its own URL, which you can use as a personalized marketing tool for each segment of your attendees.

For example, if you wanted to create a specialized track for marketing professionals at your event, you could tag marketing related sessions as #marketing, and then create a filtered agenda with only sessions that feature this tag. A unique URL is generated for this session tag- which can be utilized as an amazing marketing tool to attract specific categories of users.

What’s Coming Up?

A whole lot more. Here’s a glimpse of what you have to look forward to:

  • The full release of our agenda which will include additional features like session pop-outs and session analytics
  • An improved payment processor control
  • An even better website editor experience
  • And much more!

Like what you’ve heard? Then request a demo! Or if you’re already a Bizzabo customer, Learn More in the Help Center.

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