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Event directories | 14 April 2022

Blockchain and Finance Events: The #1 Guide to Blockchain Conferences in 2022

Bizzabo Blog Staff

Discover blockchain events and conferences happening throughout the world in 2022. This comprehensive list includes Bitcoin events, Ethereum events, Altcoin events, and more!

Some say blockchain is the future of more than just currency. Today there are a plethora of blockchain conferences, blockchain networking events, and more happening around the world every year.

Whether you’re a savvy investor, a blockchain diehard, or someone just interested in learning more about this pivotal technology, there are hundreds of events out there — which means finding the perfect blockchain event to attend can be challenging.

Be sure to check back regularly as our list will be continuously updated throughout the year. Are we missing your blockchain or cryptocurrency event? Submit your event by clicking here. You can skip to a specific month by clicking a link in the list below.

January 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

India Blockchain Week (IBW 2022)

Gandhinagar, India

This 7-day event will blow your mind. If you want to know about Blockchain, Crypto, DeFi, NFTs & the like, then IBW 2022 is for you. There will be panel discussions every day on selected topics, followed by a chance for the participants to ask questions from Blockchain leaders directly through the fireside chats.

The North American Bitcoin Conference

Miami, FL

An annual gathering of the brightest minds in blockchain. Join us here for real-talk about the evolution of the fintech world.

The Science of Blockchain Conference 2022

Stanford University

The conference focuses on technical innovations in the blockchain ecosystem and brings together researchers and practitioners working in the space. We are interested in the application of cryptography, decentralized protocols, formal methods, and empirical analysis, to improve the security and scalability of blockchain deployments. We aim to foster collaboration among practitioners and researchers working on blockchain protocol development, cryptography, distributed systems, secure computing, crypto-economics, and economic risk analysis.

The Future of Money, Governance, & the Law

Washington, DC

All governments need to understand now, more than ever, how blockchain is disrupting current authority systems. As cryptocurrency, DeFi, DAOs, smart contracts, IoT, and AI shift power from centralized authority to decentralized authority, governments that do not adapt will be left holding an empty bag. Originally held in January of 2020 at the US Capitol, The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law returns for 2 days at the National Press Club in Washington DC. This event is intended to educate policymakers, map out trajectories, and offer solutions with potential use cases.

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February 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

LendIt Fintech NEXUS

Miami, FL

LendIt Fintech is the largest media and events company dedicated to innovation in lending and digital banking.

The Blockchain Event

Fort Lauderdale, FL

The Blockchain Event helps decision-makers, technologists, and developers understand the value of blockchain to their businesses regardless of industry.

ETHDenver 2022

Denver, CO

ETHDenver, the largest and longest-running ETH event in the world, is a member-owned Community Innovation Festival. ETHDenver is the first event-based DAO in the world. The ETHDenver #BUIDLATHON is about bringing diverse creativity around a common purpose

Bitcoin Day Sacramento

Sacramento, CA

Bitcoin Day is a chance for the local community, business professionals, newbies, and cryptocurrency leaders to gather under one roof to inspire, socialize, and learn from each other. Whatever your current level of understanding and involvement, we want you to walk away inspired to buy more Bitcoin, launch that product you’ve been dreaming about, or be better prepared to educate your co-workers.

Crypto State 2022

February 2022

The cryptocurrency movement has never been so sprawling, reaching every corner of the planet. Crypto State by CoinDesk aims to connect with local communities to explore this movement of financial disruption and how it trickles down to every corner of the globe, from DeFi investment opportunities to alternative ways to transact and store wealth.

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March 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

FinTech Festival India

New Delhi, India

FinTech Festival India will be one big celebration of new ideas, technologies, conferences full of rich dialogues, productive engagements involving the greatest minds from the world of Finance and Technology.

Future Digital Finance 2022

Miami, FL

Join the digital innovators who are paving the way forward at America’s largest financial institutions for two days of networking, insights, and strategy.

Crypto Clarity: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Crypto and Financial Crime with Coinbase and Binance


This webinar will feature two powerhouses in the realm of Crypto and Financial Crime: John Kothanek (Vice President of Global Intelligence at Coinbase) and Tigran Gambaryan (Vice President of Global Intelligence and Investigations at Binance) and will be moderated by Trisha Kothari, Co-Founder and CEO of Unit21. Learn how Coinbase and Binance uncover patterns and share information with the risk community, hear details about fully adjudicated cases that John and Tigran have worked together, and gain insights as to how these leading companies balance compliance with the need to drive the future of crypto regulation.

Shred the System: Driving the Crypto & Blockchain Revolution

Harrisburg University

Three strange words that strike fear in the hearts of old-schoolers — and joy in the hearts of disruptors. Now that crypto is here to stay, it’s time to up your game and find your fit. Harrisburg University’s free, one-day cryptocurrency conference, March 2, 2022, convenes the brightest minds and biggest innovators in their fields. In freewheeling, interactive sessions, pioneers in business, regulation, research, and banking will share their views on the role of crypto and blockchain today, and their future in a digitized world.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

The main purpose of CrossTech (Formerly IMTC) is to provide a stage for executives to network with colleagues from all sectors of the industry to develop partnerships that move the industry forward. Our conference sessions bring current issues to light challenging participants to interact, comment, share their views & opinions, discuss and understand trends and discover opportunities.

Blockchain Africa Conference 2022

Johannesburg, South Africa

Two jam-packed days of featured sessions, keynotes, panels, and fireside chats exploring the latest trends and developments in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, both in Africa and globally. The conference brings together top thought-leaders and pioneers in the global industry, and creates an ecosystem for all to learn, network, and collaborate.

World Blockchain Summit

Dubai, UAE

World’s top crypto and blockchain influencers, government delegates, policymakers, HNIs, curated investors and crypto enthusiasts are gathering at #WBSDubai.

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April 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

CryptoWorldCon Miami 2022

Miami, FL

Moonwalker USA has created the CryptoWorldCon With the support of the Government Blockchain Association, CryptoWorldCon is the event that offers a unique opportunity to gather the biggest names in the industry under one roof during a two-day event to generate a positive impact and opportunities to its attendees. With CryptoWorldCon we want to achieve the goal of bringing together business and political leaders to share their vision, knowledge, and experiences through their views about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies evolution.

Bitcoin 2022

Miami, FL

Bitcoin 2022 is the world’s largest Bitcoin gathering featuring the top speakers, sponsors, and guest list, in the industry. The parent company of the conference is BTC, Inc whose mission is “propelling the world towards hyperbitcoinization”

Dystopia Fest 2022

Portland, OR

At DystopiaLabs, we believe that the future of the space will be created by blockchain-native devs. Our mission is to build an ecosystem of products & services that’ll successfully drag ppl deeper down the Web3 rabbit hole. We are hyperfocused on driving adoption at scale.

Paris Blockchain Week Summit

Paris, France

Paris Blockchain Week Summit is the flagship event of Paris Blockchain Week gathering more than 3000 attendees, 70 sponsors, 250 speakers, and 100 media partners.

New York FinTech Week

New York, NY

New York FinTech Week was designed to be an inclusive collaboration of the entire startup ecosystem. It’s a series of events highlighting different FinTech initiatives and ranging from conferences and invitation-only roundtables to events free to the community. Please note that these independent events require individual registration.

Empire FinTech Conference

New York, NY

Hear from those forging new trails in payments, blockchain, lending, wealth, insurtech, real estate, and more. In addition to attracting hundreds of entrepreneurs, this FinTech conference also plays host to the investors and service providers that help accelerate startups. Part crystal ball and part rearview mirror — you don’t want to miss this.

Blockchain Life 2022

Moscow, Russia

The global Blockchain and Cryptocurrency forum Blockchain Life 2022 in Moscow, Russia. Top speakers from all over the world, best international companies, and 4000 attendees. Learn how to make money on cryptocurrency and join the world crypto community.

Shred the System

4/20/22 & 5/18/22

Harrisburg University is continuing its free monthly virtual series on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and bitcoin topics. Sign up today and learn from the brightest minds and biggest innovators in their fields as they convene online in April, and May to explore business strategies, the future of finance, investment strategies, gaming, entrepreneurship, cyber threats, and other hot topics – all from a blockchain/crypto-centric perspective, during this virtual conference.

Open Banking & Instant Payments Summit

Stockholm, Sweden

Driving adoption of Open Banking & Instant Payments in Europe

The 2022 Payments Canada SUMMIT


The SUMMIT is where the payment ecosystem gathers. The best thinkers, visionaries and disruptors discuss, debate and describe the future of payments in Canada. It is a forum for broad conversations and deep discussions that explores a wide range of subjects central to the evolution of payments.


April 2022
Istanbul, Turkey

The inaugural iteration of Istanbul Blockchain Week promises to be the most anticipated blockchain event of 2022 and takes place in one of Turkey’s most vibrant cities with the showcase event of the week IstanBlock 2022.

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May 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

FDF/CXFS Virtual Event


Our agenda is 100% focused on the biggest challenges and opportunities that financial organizations are currently facing. Brimming with inspirational content from industry leaders, you’ll get tons of detailed strategies on differentiating from non-traditional tech giants, diversifying your digital & physical landscape, and responding to your customers needs efficiently. Walk away knowing exactly how to take your customer experience to the next level.


Istanbul, Turkey

With the growth of the industry, the increased focus on this dynamic space, and the evolution and emergence of new entrants from across the digital and physical payments world, the industry is converging on the CROSSTECH stage which is at the center of the cross-border money transfer revolution.

Blockchain Expo North America

Santa Clara, CA

The Blockchain Expo is a technology conference and event, consisting of top-level content and thought leadership discussions looking at the Blockchain ecosystem.

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv

Kyiv, Ukraine

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv 2022 is an event dedicated to the prospects of the development of blockchain technologies in business, the benefits of cryptocurrencies in various sectors of the economy, as well as the peculiarities of the legislative regulation of virtual assets.

AIM Summit

London, England

Launched in 2015, AIM Summit is The Leading Alternative Investment Management Summit and platform for discussions on investment developments, global market conditions, latest trends and acts as a networking forum for future business opportunities. The only conference of its nature and magnitude organized and orchestrated by the industry in an intimate setup to induce real discussions on the best practices and know-how.

Gateway 2022

Prague, Czech Republic

The first Gateway Conference & Hackathon in Prague will take place from the 16th to 17th of May at the Cubex Center. Visitors can meet speakers from the core Cosmos ecosystem projects such as Cosmos, Interchain, Osmosis, Agoric, Axelar, and many more. Do not miss the opportunity to network with the main Cosmos leaders. Are you a developer? You can do some coding and win bounties along the way, or just simply consult your project with the world class engineers.


Palm Beach, FL

This space is exploding with visionaries. At Permissionless, you’ll hear from all of them… The most forward-thinking names in our industry will speak on topics ranging from the metaverse to NFTs and gaming, the future of finance and institutional adoption, and more.

Reuters Events: Investment USA 2022

Brooklyn, NY

Reuters Events: Investment USA (25-26 May, New York) will unite leaders from across the investment ecosystem to share best practice, benchmark industry progress, and understand future scenarios that are most likely to disrupt investment models, businesses, and platforms over the year ahead and beyond.

BSV Global Blockchain Convention 2022

Hybrid | Dubai, UAE

Broadcasting live from the Grand Hyatt Dubai, the BSV Global Blockchain Convention showcases the utility and wide range of solutions only possible on the BSV Blockchain.

Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth

Washington, DC

Held live at the historic Mayflower Hotel, this HYBRID event will showcase how blockchain can be used to protect the environment, provide secure and self-sovereign ID, advance healthcare systems, and foster economic growth. #BCSEG promises to bring 3 days of impact, all with a sustainable focus so that we can let 1,000 flowers bloom.

LendIt Fintech USA

New York, NY

LendIt Fintech is the largest media and events company dedicated to innovation in lending and digital banking.

DeFi Conf 2022

Belfast, UK

Ireland’s first Crypto, Metaverse & NFT Conference is coming to Belfast in May 2022. DeFi Conf 2022 is an international conference for those shaping the future of the blockchain, digital currencies and digital assets.

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June 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /


Hybrid | Berlin, Germany

The ONTOCHAIN community will present its key software services and demonstrations, funding opportunities (grants up to €150k), and discuss topics including tokenomics, NFTs, oracles, blockchain-based knowledge management, semantic marketplaces, application-level proofs, and cross-chain interoperability, that aim at trustworthy data exchange and knowledge management.


Austin, TX

Dcentral Austin is a kickoff event that is happening before Consensus Festival. The 2022 Consensus Festival is the must-attend crypto, blockchain, Web3 tech event of the year that brings all thousands of the world’s brightest minds and impactful voices.

Money20/20 Global

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Money20/20 is the world’s leading, premium content, sales, and connections platform for the global money ecosystem. This is the place where the industry moves forward. From global leaders to new challengers and from tech giants to scrappy startups, we catalyze change through the collision of people and ideas. We don’t just observe and react. We power new strategies and partnerships that transform mindsets. We shape the future.

Consensus 2022

Austin, TX

Curated and produced by CoinDesk, Consensus will bring together tens of thousands of attendees to hear from the most sought-after thought leaders and experience a wide range of discussions, meetings, parties, music performances, dinners, experiences, and much more. This is the only festival showcasing and celebrating all sides of the blockchain, crypto, NFT, and Web 3 ecosystems, and their wide-reaching effect on commerce, culture, and communities.


Miami, FL

With the growth of the industry, the increased focus on this dynamic space, and the evolution and emergence of new entrants from across the digital and physical payments world, the industry is converging on the CROSSTECH stage which is at the center of the cross-border money transfer revolution.

Reuters Events Renewable Finance and Investment North America

Dallas, TX

A partnering forum for developers, institutional investors, and corporates. Investments into renewable energy and electrification have supercharged capital expenditure in the United States and is expected to grow by 25% as private and public sectors further commit to climate change through 2022. The clean energy sector is now the most competitive energy investment area for both businesses and investors, with ambitious decarbonization goals and ESG benchmarks to reach.

There is much opportunity on the horizon, especially considering President Biden’s USD 1.2 trillion infrastructure and Investment Jobs Act looming, but rising costs and competition present many risks to financial success. Pivoting your business strategy and financing plans, managing industry risk, and identifying new clean energy investment project development opportunities are all critical elements to grasp in assuring true returns on your investment.

To connect capital with green projects, Reuters Events Renewable Finance and Investment North America 2022 will gather senior public and private sector leaders to create partnerships and scale up the US renewable energy market. A decade of growth awaits. Now is the time for action.

Fixed Income Leaders Summit

Nashville, TN

Join the biggest fixed income buy-side trading conference from the 22nd-24th June at the JW Marriot, Nashville. The Fixed Income Leaders Summit is your only opportunity to learn from and network with North America’s leading buy-side heads of fixed income trading, along with all the major sell-side firms and technology providers. With 300+ senior fixed income trading attendees, including over 100+ speakers, this is North America’s biggest gathering of the whole value chain that you will not want to miss!

European Blockchain Convention 2022

Barcelona, Spain

Taking place in the heart of Barcelona, this event will feature 100+ speakers across a variety of panels, keynotes, workshops, and fire-side chats about the current state of blockchain, crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and Web 3.

Crypto Forum Latam 2022

Hybrid | São Paulo, Brazil

Crypto Forum Latam 2022 brings Brazil’s cryptocurrency and blockchain experts together for two days of thought-provoking discussions with top-tier panels from the 28th to 29th of June in São Paulo, Brazil. Crypto Forum Latam 2022 creates unmatched networking opportunities with the nation’s greatest crypto geniuses to share, learn and build the future of finance.

Reuters Events: Payments Summit Europe 2022

London, UK

Manage payments data to drive value.

The payments landscape is changing with an exponential shift towards digital payments, leading to a growing opportunity to use data to improve product offerings and generate revenue.

Attend Payments Summit Europe 2022, the most exclusive meeting for payments executives and hear from leaders in the industry, including Citi and Starling Bank.

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July 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

Mallorca Blockchain Days

Palma, Mallorca, Spain

The Mallorca Blockchain Days are announcing their 3rd edition from the 14th of July 2022 to the 17th of July. This year’s focus will be on the latest developments of NFTs, DAOs as well as Bitcoins curse throughout the pandemic. “Nothing is true, everything is permitted” has established itself as the conference slogan since 2019, and underlines the quality of speakers and attendees alike, allowing cutting edge crypto ideas to be shared. This year’s keynote speakers are Amir Taaki a Bitcoin Core Developer and contributor of the AssangeDAO, Dr. Thorsten Polleit (Economist) & Christian Rotzoll (Raspiblitz).

Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference

Tokyo, Japan

2022 4th Blockchain and Internet of Things Conference (BIOTC 2022) aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia, and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in Blockchain, and the Internet of Thing.

London FinTech Week 2022

London, UK

Fintech Week London showcases some of the best that UK and global fintech has to offer. Combining a virtual presence with engaging and stimulating in-person events, Fintech Week London shines a light on the most interesting topics in financial technology.

Blockchain & Liberty for All


Focusing on decentralized systems, blockchain provides the opportunity for economic and self-sovereign freedom to all citizens in all nations. This event will focus on Identity, Decentralization, Tokenomics and Economics, Banking, Governance, and Freedom. All GBA Chapters are encouraged to host a local meeting for their GBA members to experience Blockchain & Liberty for All in a group setting in their city.

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August 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

Sustainable Energy; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (SEBC-2022)


Sustainable Energy; Blockchain and Cryptocurrency (SEBC-2022) is a meeting place for managers, engineers, scientists, and researchers from academia and industry all over the globe. SCBC-2022 endeavors to develop a forum to discuss critical challenges in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrency. In 2022, get ready for more interaction and networking at the 1st International Conference on Sustainability in Cryptocurrency during August 01-03, 2022.

Futurist Conference Summer

Toronto, Canada

Canada’s largest blockchain and cryptocurrency event is back. Blockchain Futurist Conference is returning for its 4th year on August 9 & 10, 2022 in Toronto, Canada at Rebel Entertainment Complex and Cabana. Bringing together the greatest minds of Web3, crypto, metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, NFTs, DAOs, and more. Come learn about the future in person – get your tickets now.

Coinfest Asia 2022

Bali, Indonesia

Coinfest Asia is an industry event focused on the future of cryptocurrency and web3 in Asia. Coinfest Asia will showcase solutions, innovations, and applications from around the world in the home of 270 million people, Indonesia. Gathering thought leaders and innovators in the space, exhibitors, executives, and 1000+ attendees over the span of 2 days.

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September 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

Blockchain Expo Europe

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The world-leading Blockchain Expo series will return. It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 4 co-located events covering Blockchain, IoT, Cyber Security & Cloud, AI, and Big data.

Zebu Live

Hybrid | London, UK

Zebu Live will showcase 75 of the brightest speakers from the top startups focused on Web 3, DeFi, NFTs, the Metaverse, DAOs, and GameFi. Come to London and enjoy conversations and parties with over 1200 Crypto, DeFi, and NFT professionals from all around the world. It offers world-class networking opportunities, a startup pitch competition, an immersive NFT gallery, and extravagant after parties.

Blockchain & Infrastructure

Washington, DC

Held live at the National Press Club in Washington, DC, Blockchain & Infrastructure (#BC&IN) will be a HYBRID training session in all the latest blockchain technology and applications. Filled with practical use-cases, blockchain history, and the current cryptocurrency trajectory, this event will be a crash course on everything blockchain.

Blockchain in Oil & Gas 2022

September 2022
Houston, TX

The conference will highlight opportunities to create industry solution frameworks and guidelines, leveraging blockchain technology to reduce costs, improve timelines and eliminate disputes in any given process. A key focus of the 2022 conference will be blockchain as an enabler for carbon tracking and mitigation – the generational driver for oil and gas companies today.

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October 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

Blockchain Economy Summit

Dubai, UAE

More than 5,000 attendees from 20 countries will attend the conference and more than 10,000 people will be watching live. The event associates investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals with discussing the current cryptocurrency market and the future of blockchain technology.

ELEV8CON: Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV

ELEV8CON is the premier annual conference & expo for digital assets, blockchain tech, enterprise applications, distributed ledger technology, and investment strategies.

Money 20/20 USA

Las Vegas, NV

This is the place where the industry moves forward. From global leaders to new challengers and from tech giants to scrappy startups, we catalyze change through the collision of people and ideas. We don’t just observe and react. We power new strategies and partnerships that transform mindsets. We shape the future.

TOKEN2409 Europe

October 2022
London, UK

TOKEN2049 assembles leading founders and executives to highlight the latest evolution of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Experts from all over the globe converge to share their views on the market while attendees learn from the industry’s top pioneers and innovators.

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November 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /


Lisbon, Portugal

MoneyConf is where the world’s leading banks, tech firms, and fintech startups meet. This track sits at the intersection of finance and technology. Join us next November as we examine how tech is changing the fiber of one of the world’s oldest industries.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Latin American Bitcoin & Blockchain Conference (LABITCONF) is the oldest and most relevant event in the region. LABITCONF invites its attendees to look beyond of the cases of use and of the disruptive potential. Invite to think about the new world, discovering how technology continues to evolve to change that we know today. The prestige of this event is based above all on its ability to bring together the real architects of this revolution, those who, instead of adopting it, redefine daily scope of this technology, and offers a unique opportunity to discuss with them.


Miami, FL

With the growth of the industry, the increased focus on this dynamic space, and the evolution and emergence of new entrants from across the digital and physical payments world, the industry is converging on the CROSSTECH stage which is at the center of the cross-border money transfer revolution.

Wealth Management Transformation SUmmit

London, UK

Europe’s Leading Digital Transformation for Wealth and Asset Management Event.

Join 30+ industry leading speakers for Wealth Management Transformation Summit and discuss the internal and external factors disrupting and reshaping the wealth management and private banking sectors.

Blockchain Summit 2022


Now in its 5th year, Blockchain Summit brings together an industry-leading event with our visionary virtual approach culminating in an interactive, inclusive event, fast-paced and full of personality.


Miami, FL

We invite the NFT creative community to truly connect with the world of Decentralized Finance at the combined premier event DCENTRAL Miami

Decentralized 2022

November 2022

This is the largest and most in-depth event of its kind in Europe focused on the business and political implications of blockchain technology.

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December 2022 Blockchain Conferences

Name Start Date /

Blockchain Expo Global

London, UK

The world-leading Blockchain Expo series will arrive at the London Olympia on the 1-2 December 2022 to host its sixth annual Global event.

It will bring together key industries from across the globe for two days of top-level content and discussion across 4 co-located events covering Blockchain, IoT, Cyber Security & Cloud, AI and Big data.

All exploring the key industries that are set to be disrupted the most by this new technology, including;legal sectors, retail, financial services, healthcare, insurance, energy, music, government, real estate and more.

Blockchain Finance Forum: Europe

December 2022

As the digital revolution continues to impact the industry, we are reading, year after year, about the arrival of blockchain technology and its widespread implementation. Nowadays, however, many skeptics are beginning to wonder if this will ever happen. Others firmly believe that blockchain is going to become & help.

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Wrapping Up: How To Choose the Right Blockchain Event

Hopefully, you’ve found a blockchain conference or two to attend in 2022. These conferences are a wonderful opportunity to network, learn about the latest developments in the industry, and be inspired by blockchain luminaries. Here are some other event directories you may be interested in:

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