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26 June 2023 

Elevate Events with Bizzabo’s New Partnerships: The Vendry and Convene

Lauren McCullough
Lauren McCullough
Elevate Events with Bizzabo’s New Partnerships: The Vendry and Convene

We are delighted to announce that Bizzabo has launched strategic partnerships with The Vendry and Convene to enhance your venue sourcing and attendee experiences. These collaborations will empower event professionals to easily create extraordinary experiences, offering unparalleled venue sourcing, networking, event management support, and more.

What is Convene? 

Convene is a premium hospitality company renowned for its tech-enabled meeting and event spaces. With Convene, you can produce Bizzabo-powered events in beautiful, convenient locations with state-of-the-art technology, onsite AV services, production, and event management support. 

Convene’s dedicated team will handle every detail of your event, allowing you to concentrate on the core objective: crafting a truly memorable and impactful experience. From initial planning to seamless execution, this partnership promises to elevate your events. Collaborating with Convene guarantees the fusion of Bizzabo’s innovative Event Experience OS with Convene’s expertise in creating exceptional event environments.

bizzabo and convene partnership

What is The Vendry?

Continuing our momentum, we are proud to introduce our partnership with The Vendry — a game-changing platform that connects event professionals with high-quality venues and vendors. The Vendry seamlessly combines cutting-edge technology with the power of its vibrant community, offering event planners an invaluable resource.

With The Vendry’s innovative platform, finding exceptional venues and top-tier vendors has never been easier. The Vendry’s commitment to providing these resources free of charge demonstrates its dedication to supporting event professionals at every stage of the planning journey.

The Vendry and bizzabo find venues and vendors

The Ultimate Trio: Bizzabo, Convene, and The Vendry

Harness the power of Bizzabo’s Event Experience OS, Convene’s exceptional venues, and The Vendry’s comprehensive community and vendor sourcing capabilities to elevate every event. This partnership trifecta creates an unbeatable support system that spans every facet of event planning, ensuring your success from conception to execution.

Bizzabo’s intuitive platform seamlessly integrates with Convene’s tech-enabled venues, enabling you to create engaging and immersive event experiences. Moreover, The Vendry’s community amplifies your event planning capabilities, connecting you with industry leaders, sparking inspiration, and simplifying vendor selection.

These partnerships mark an exciting chapter in event planning innovation. By joining forces, we’re empowering event professionals to reach new heights of creativity, efficiency, and success. Not sure where to start when searching for an event venue? Check out this article: “10 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Conference Venue.” 

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