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4 May 2022 

Meet Bizzabo’s Event Experience Lab: A One-of-a-Kind Approach to Event Success

Lauren McCullough

Learn how a new Bizzabo team of event experience design experts plans to empower customers to deliver more human, rewarding, and measurable experiences. 

We’re excited to announce the launch of Bizzabo’s Event Experience Lab, a dedicated team of Event Experience Leaders who enable, advise, and guide customers in designing engaging event experiences, building communities, and driving results.

Bizzabo’s Event Experience Lab team will serve as an extension of our customer teams as they plan and ideate events. Through structured, interactive workshops, the Lab will help customers tackle challenges, design better events, explore new opportunities, and make data-driven and strategic decisions.

“Bizzabo has been on a mission to help companies create long-lasting impact through their events,” said Alon Alroy, co-founder and CMO at Bizzabo. “Creating meaningful experiences is a journey from inspiration to action, with each step requiring different skillsets and capabilities.”

Alongside our Global Event Center of Excellence, the Event Experience Lab supports Event Experience Leaders on long-term objectives and empowers them to take an innovative approach to the strategy and design of their events.

“We designed these strategic services to work in tandem with our Center of Excellence and to uplevel our customers’ events through subject matter expertise and other resources that are shareable with employees, partners, and clients,” said Alroy.

The Event Experience Lab is led by experience design veteran Oren Berkovich, the co-founder of BEPOSSIBLE, a design studio for impactful event experiences.


“As an event organizer myself, I know firsthand the value of leveraging event experts who can inspire teams to think differently and provide another informed perspective on key areas,” said Berkovich. “It’s been amazing to see the impact on our pilot customers who have already been accessing the service. I’m thrilled we have a new, scalable way to catalyze strategic conversations and provide guidance to many more Bizzabo customers.”

“By offering strategy and design services, Bizzabo will be the only partner in the event technology market to offer a fully integrated experience — for any event format.”

Alon Alroy
CMO and Co-Founder

Want to learn more about the Event Experience Lab and event experience design? Schedule a demo today.


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