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5 April 2022 

Redefining Event Planning: Announcing Bizzabo’s Global Event Center of Excellence

Alon Alroy

Learn how our new, dedicated division will provide event expertise, education, and resources to Event Experience Leaders.

At Bizzabo, we’re committed to being more than an event software company — we’re your strategic partner and trusted adviser. This is why we’re excited to announce the launch of our Global Event Center of Excellence, a division of Bizzabo committed to curating valuable content, sharing best practices, and delivering big-picture insights through events, webinars, workshops, templates, toolkits, and more.

With the goal of helping customers, partners, and event industry professionals improve Return on Event (ROE), the Center of Excellence will deliver guidance, strategies, and tools to help marketers plan exceptional, high-impact event experiences.

“Over the past two years, event planners and marketers have been in a constant state of learning and experimentation, having to adapt quickly and develop new strategies to deliver engaging experiences that span physical and digital experiences,” said Devin Cleary, VP of Global Events at Bizzabo. “As the Event Experience category leader, Bizzabo has the opportunity to bring our community together through the Global Event Center of Excellence so we can continue to build the future of events together.”

Ongoing research and industry reports show that event leaders are still searching for best practices, tools, templates, and frameworks for event planning and execution. At the same time, event professionals are also prioritizing strategies to improve RoE for in-person, hybrid, and virtual events.

This is why we designed the Global Event Center of Excellence: to empower and enable Event Experience Leaders to close the Event Impact Gap™ and achieve event success in our hybrid world.

Event Impact Gap Drawing

“Regardless of your experience level or how long you’ve been in the industry, we want to help you excel by providing the training and knowledge you need for success,” Cleary said.

Lauren Grady, an event industry veteran who joined Bizzabo in November 2021, will lead the Center of Excellence.

“Bizzabo is changing the way the world sees, creates, and engages with in-person, virtual, and hybrid professional events,” Grady said. “Bizzabo isn’t interested in maintaining the status quo. We’re redefining playbooks and shaping the future with a blueprint to design more human events.”

The Center of Excellence builds on our Event Experience Operating System, which empowers marketing and event professionals to create more personalized, impactful, and human experiences.

“The Global Event Center of Excellence is a first-of-its-kind in the event industry,” Cleary said. “Bizzabo’s ongoing commitment to serving and supporting the full event lifecycle for Event Experience Leaders — from conceptualization through post-event analysis — sets us apart from and above other firms.”

Want to learn more about what you can do with Bizzabo? Schedule a demo and see how you can take event planning to a new level.

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