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12 August 2012 

Why the Bizzabo Darts should be introduced at the 2016 Olympics

Alon Alroy

One of the key principles of the Bizzabo corporate philosophy is “a soundmind in a healthy body”, so a short daily exercise, mandatory for all employees, is scheduled daily right after lunchtime. The management team debated and discussed, finally choosing darts as our official athletic profession. To make sure that the entire team is taking the sport seriously, an incentive was added – the two lowest scoring competitors are rewarded with the wonderful task of washing dishes after lunch, (It’s for their best, really…).

After we practiced and perfected the art of darts for several months, and watched some of these so called “Olympic sports”, we firmly believe that our version of darts (BizzaDarts) should be considered as an Olympic sport for Rio 2016. We are applying for recognition for the following reasons:

    • Competing in BizzaDarts requires a great deal of skill – an inch can be the difference between being crowned as the BizzaChamp or washing the dishes with agony.
    • You won’t believe the stamina you get from throwing darts after a big lunch, day in-day out.
    • BizzaDarts athletes must possess extreme upper body strength – a weak throw might hit below the target, puncture the beautiful wooden decore and penalize the competitor, which is almost impossible to overcome.
    • The most important quality required by our athletes is a super-strong mentality. You can’t imagine the pressure vested upon the last thrower, when a bunch of Bizzaboers are teasing you from the stands, advocating for a -50 penalty.

Compared to BizzaDarts, other sports are easy. What’s so hard about running 100m anyhow? It’s over in less than 10 seconds. Or jumping? They don’t even sweat. Plus, these guys have nothing to lose, what’s so bad about coming in last place? The “Olympic” athletes in London were not seen doing dishes after their competitions were over…

In conclusion, Bizzadarts is one of the toughest, most challenging sports out there. Even hard work, strong mentality and natural talent don’t promise you anything, as the athletes must prove themselves every time they compete. You won’t find invincible superheroes like Michal Phelps or Usaine Bolt here…

We are certain that the Olympic Games committee will agree to include BizzaDarts at the next game. If they won’t, we may have to take up the trampoline…

Want to see us in Rio 2016? Share this post and help us promote this important cause!

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