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Bizzabo news | 14 February 2020

Why Bizzaboers Love Working At Bizzabo

Simona Kazinets

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we asked Bizzaboers what they love about working at Bizzabo. Here’s what they said.

A common response we get from customers, candidates, partners, and even investors is that there is very unique atmosphere in the offices of Bizzabo. 

Welcoming? Energetic? Warm? A combination of all of the above?

That certain fuzzy feeling can largely be traced back to the formal BizzaValues that we as a company created together and the teamwork oriented vision of our founders that preceded it.

And while we don’t need awards to tell us what we have, it was nice to recently be recognized as one of Crain’s Top Places to Work. 

As an experiment, we recently asked our fellow Bizzaboers—from Product to Account Development—about how they would describe that certain something that keeps them inspired and excited to work together each day.

Victoria Whetzel (Mid-Market BDR) VW - Bizzalove

“I called and told my parents ‘I love Bizzabo’ when I walked out of the doors after my very first day. Bizzabo gives employees from all walks of life a place to belong. Even with having no experience in tech or sales, Bizzabo gave me a chance at a new beginning. Bizzabo pushed me out of my comfort zone and helped me discover gifts I didn’t know I had. As I continue to design a life for myself, I know Bizzabo always has my back.” 

Eran Goldin (Senior Front End Developer)

EG - Bizzalove“I love coming to work because I love what I do, the team I get to do it with and the challenges we face together. I value the people, the vibe, and the respect we have for one another. It’s encouraging that everyone is happy for the accomplishments of others – I absolutely love that everyday strive to deliver amazing results as a company. I feel like I’m working with friends who genuinely care about me and what could be better than that?”

Brae Davis (Enterprise BDR) 

“There’s so much to love about working at Bizzabo. We are a company that seesBD - Bizzalove the value of human interaction and memorable experiences and that is something that translates directly into our company culture.  So whether it’s a ping pong tournament or a company-wide meeting with our peers abroad, everything is designed to keep us #bettertogether. I show up every day to compete with myself, but also find inspiration in the many people I admire at the company. There’s nothing quite like it.”

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Barak Turns (Product Manager)

BT - Bizzalove“I enjoy coming to work every day as it provides me the opportunity to influence millions of people around the globe. As a product manager, shaping and building a product that enables magical human interactions (AKA events) is priceless. The people I get to work with both within the company and outside of it are what make this journey even more exciting.”

Ben Anthonisz (Customer Education Manager)

“I love working at Bizzabo because we’ve found the perfect startup balance. I’mBA - Bizzalove enabled to run fast and break things, reinvent existing processes and innovate, but also challenged, supported and mentored by leadership to ensure new processes scale and support our long term strategy. I also love that Bizzabo creates an environment where I can bring my whole self to the office, not needing to act in a certain manner in order to be successful.”

Amanda Gratz (Office Manager & Executive Assistant)

AG - Bizzalove“Bizzabo is like no other place I’ve ever worked. From the Guacamole Throwdowns, to BizzaBonding boat cruises, and everything in-between, everyone gets involved and has fun. You can really feel that Bizzaboers are genuinely friends with each other in and out of the office, which makes Bizzabo an extremely enjoyable place to work.”

 Alysha Parker (Field Marketing Manager)

“I love working at Bizzabo because the people here are what make this company great. We work hard, we work together and we are a true definition of a team.AP - Bizzalove The work you put in is recognized everyday. The impact is felt through the company’s success and how much your peers strive to be better from it. Bizzabo encourages me to push myself to my full potential. #WeDare everyday as a company and that’s now a value I hold true for myself.”

Clark Hager (Client Solutions Director)

CH - Bizzalove“I love working at Bizzabo, first and foremost because of the people. I am surrounded every day by smart, innovative, interesting, and collaborative professionals that continually inspire me. I feel like my voice is heard by my peers, my managers, and by leadership, and that the work I put in on a daily basis is making an impact on the future of this company. The company is constantly growing, and I feel like I am growing just as fast, both professionally, and personally with a lot of great, like-minded, passionate people. 

Julia DeVivo (Account Development)

JD - Bizzalove

“Working at Bizzabo has been an extremely positive experience. I’ve had the opportunity to work with the smartest people and learn so much from my colleagues. Along with my positive work experience, I’ve also made incredible friendships! Within months of working here, I’ve experienced great career growth and have felt fully supported by my team.”

I know. I was pretty shocked myself.

From my own perspective I’d add that Bizzabo is more than “any other” workplace that I’ve been before. It’s a place where you are able to thrive, grow, dare, innovate, and most importantly know that someone’s got your back.

We’re on a mission to make in-person experiences more rewarding for everyone at all. And that starts with the way we work together.

Interested in joining the Bizzafamily? Check out our open positions here.

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