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23 April 2013 

We’re Getting Spring Fever with our Spring Features

Alon Alroy

 We’ve been waiting a long time to release these features

As you all know, operating in the events industry isn’t easy. It’s a complex space, involving many parties each with different interests: the event attendees, event organizers, and, of course, the event sponsors – the single biggest source of income that allows events to run in the first place. When we first got started, we had the event attendees in mind. Since then, we’ve extended our offerings in order to take care of the event organizers’ needs.

These past few weeks, we’ve gradually released a lot of new features in order to bring the 3rd player into the game. Event Sponsors – welcome to Bizzabo!

Let’s take a quick look at what’s new –

1.  Showcase your Sponsors

Why we added it: To increase revenue for event organizers and to improve attendee recognition and awareness of event sponsors. 

    • New Partners tab of Sponsors and Exhibitors
    • Partners can easily connect and engage with attendees using their logo, website, company description and social profiles.
    • Generate leads – Attendees are able to email or call sponsors and exhibitors directly from the app.
    • Highlight exclusive offers to drive attendees to connect face to face.
    • Customize a full screen ad (splash screen) that shows on the screen for 2-3 seconds as soon as attendees click on the Partners tab.
    • Get real-time analytics on attendee engagement with sponsors.

In short, you’ll finally be able to create engagement between your sponsors and attendees to increase everybody’s ROI from attending your event.

2. Engage Your Community

Why we added it: To help deliver your message while engaging closely with your attendees.

    • Discover who your attendees are.
    • Send real time message before and during the event that will reach your attendees’ phones instantly.
    • Make your community private by allowing access only to pre-approved attendees.

Your community is your biggest asset. Leverage these features to increase retention and to make your attendees your best ambassadors – let them spread the word about your event. They want to brag about attending your awesome event, all they need is a reminder!

3.  Understand the Social Buzz with Event Analytics

Why we added it: We’ve always told you Bizzabo boosts your event marketing and increases social buzz. Now you can see it with your own eyes and make smarter decisions 

bizzabo social analytics
Social analytics dashboard


    • See how many impressions were generated and on which social networks your attendees are sharing.
    • See from where in the world those shares were generated.
    • Coming soon – Popular sessions, speakers, attendees and more!

More than 50% of attendees on Bizzabo share their plans to attend events. This is a mini-revolution in event marketing. Publish your event as early as possible and share it with your first group of registrars and watch them brag about your event on social media. We promise you’ll enjoy this one. 

4.  Increase attendance and app adoption

Why we added it: To help you effortlessly market your app in order to maximize all the benefits above!

event promotion
Event Organizer Promotion Options


    • Share your event app on social networks with a single click
    • Use email templates for inviting your attendees to join your community
    • Embed eye-catching widgets on your website
    • Download handouts, QR codes and rollups

bizzabo widget
Bizzabo’s handy dandy networking widget

The more your attendees use the app, the more impact it will have. We made it easy for you to make sure everyone joins the party.

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