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Event marketing | 2 September 2016

Why To Start Generating Videos To Promote Events

Tom Shelly

Event marketing. Such a huge challenge right? If there’s one thing we learned from The Event Professionals Survey it’s that at the end of the day the one thing event organizers (you) care about most is promoting an event and hitting registration goals.

With so many different actions you can take to increase registrations, you probably wonder what’s a “nice to have” promotion activity and what falls under “must-have”.

Let me make it super easy for you – Video marketing is where you should start. If this statement by itself is not convincing enough, you should know that studies show that putting a video in email campaigns can lead to a 250% increase in click through rate and that including a video on a landing page can increase conversions by 80%

Video marketing is certainly not “up and coming” anymore. It’s here and it’s going to stay here for the long run.

So how can you actually use video to promote your event? Here’s three ideas to get you started:

1. Create Video Testimonials

Film live testimonials at your next event featuring attendees sharing their positive experience. In order to make this happen you can take the easy route by using an iPhone camera or take it to the next level with a professional videographer equipped with professional camera and mic. Bear in mind that both tactics work, it’s only a matter of budget.

Either way you choose, you’ll have to have someone from your team ready to approach attendees and ask for two minutes of their time. I encourage you to prepare some nice swag to giveaway after every quick interview as a way of thanking those who provide a testimonial.

Don’t forget to write down the full name, job title and company name of the people you’re interviewing since you should add that information as a caption to the video in order to add credibility. After the event, edit the testimonials down to 1-minute videos and share them on social media with a link leading those interested the event website of your upcoming event.

2. Use Event Speakers To Generate Excitement

Another thing you can do is ask your keynote speakers to record themselves giving a quick sneak-peek of their lecture via video, then share that with your potential event attendees via email, social media or in a blog post.

Alternatively, you can share the actual recording of last year’s keynote presentation so that potential attendees will learn how unique your event content really is and how well spoken your speakers are.

If you decide to share videos over email, remember that videos cannot actually be played in-mail. You’ll need to create a nice looking image linked to the video platform of your choice.

3. Make A Video Montage Of Past Events

Lastly, create a short video that captures the highlighted moments of your past events to create excitement. This type of video is very easy to create. You simply grab the videos and images you have from past events, add fun music in the background, maybe a couple of interesting quotes from speakers or social media mentions referring to past success and you’re all set.

This type of video can be added to the homepage of your event website and will be bound to make a huge impact on visitors who are interested in learning more about your event.

Here’s a great example of what I mean:


Wrapping Up

Video is going to become increasingly important in the coming years, as marketers realize how well the medium can engage target audiences.

Savvy event planners have already begun turning to video as a way of giving potential attendees a glimpse into the event they’re considering and now it’s time for you to get in the game as well.

To get started, think about how you can collect attendee testimonials, create short videos featuring event speakers, or edit together videos and photos from past events to create a compelling montage.

For more advice on getting started with video, attend an upcoming webinar on live video happening in just a few weeks!


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