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1 May 2017 

Spring Update: Website Editor and Confirmation Emails

Stephen Kim

Alas, spring is here. This beautiful season can only mean one thing: Bizzabo has brand new product updates! The Bizzabo platform is more well-equipped than ever before to catapult your event to next-level success. For this round of features, we honed in on three main areas of focus: customization, ease of use, and streamlined processes.

For the most up-to-date information on on-site event management, check out Bizzabo’s onsite solution suite.

But before we dive into the details, here’s a video of Brandon giving a quick rundown of the updates.

Now, let’s dive into the details and learn how each product update is going to propel you to event success.

1) Sleek and intuitive web design experience

Launching: Next week

Our website editor is more intuitive and customizable than ever before. Select from a wide array of color palettes, font styles, and spacing measurements for each separate section.

Test and tweak each individual section without affecting the others, creating a truly customized page. As you make your changes, you’ll see them being edited in real time within the website editor. No more scrolling up and down to see your changes. Our web design process has become a truly user-friendly experience.

Revamped Website Editor!

The editing process is divided into two parts: content and design. You’re able to edit the copy and messaging in the first section while changing font, color, and spacing in the second section. We’ve even added a brand new widget. Now with our “Contacts” widget, you can spotlight certain individuals who have registered for your event (celebrities, thought leaders, etc.) to further influence people to become attendees.

2) Highly customizable confirmation email & message

Launching: Next week

Emails are one of the most important methods of communication with your attendees and prospects. With our significantly improved confirmation messages area (starting with the email builder), you can now ensure on-brand messaging that accurately reflects your event aesthetic.

New Confirmation Emails!

Every part of the email is now in your complete control. Choose which components to include in the confirmation email, select an assortment of colors and fonts, and design the header element to represent your unique event brand

3) Smooth and seamless on-site registration

Launching: Next Month

Our Boomset integration ensures a smooth registration process with on-site badge printing, self check-in kiosks, and QR code scanning capabilities. With this new integration, the first day of your event will run as seamlessly as you’ve always dreamed.

Boomset Integration!

Boomset is an industry leader for on-site registration capabilities and when combined with Bizzabo’s  platform, the results are sure to amaze.

4) Robust Email Marketing Capabilities

Launching: This Summer

This one we’re really excited for. Our email marketing tool will be more powerful than ever before! Choose from a collection of beautiful templates to properly reflect your event aesthetic. Boost your email open rates and click rates by tailoring each email to the relavent contact and then automate your communication by scheduling your emails based on your event timeline. 

Dedicated Email Marketing Tools!

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the these amazing updates and while you’re waiting, we’ll be working hard on the next batch.


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