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14 August 2018 

Product Update: There’s a New Agenda in Town

Brandon Rafalson
Product Update: There’s a New Agenda in Town

The New Bizzabo agenda module gives you the tools to better organize conferences and events, break-down the barrier between attendees and content, and draw actionable insights. Here’s the full story.

We’re pleased to announce the next generation agenda module for conferences and events. Every event has an agenda, and it’s the agenda that often makes or breaks whether an event drives attendance and continues for another year.

From day one it was clear to us that the agenda is the beating heart of an event, and that an engaging agenda means an engaging event. Yet we realized that no one event software provider was doing it justice. So, as we often do when building out our product, we turned to our customers.

Working hand-in-hand with premier events like INBOUND, Traction Conference and CoinDesk to build a new agenda module that is by and for event marketers.

Now, Bizzabo’s event success platform empowers event organizers to create an attendee-facing agenda experience that boosts audience engagement, increases the discoverability of sessions and speakers, and provides actionable insights for marketers to maximize their events success.

While the beta for the agenda has already been in use by some of the world’s largest events, including HubSpot’s INBOUND—a 25,000-person event taking place this September—all Bizzabo customers can now access our brand new agenda module.

Here’s a brief look at what you can do.

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Make Something Beautiful

It’s time to get in touch with your inner Picasso.

Our new agenda editor lets you customize colors and banners. You can also take bulk actions to do more in less time. Oh, and because any changes you make in the web agenda seamlessly sync with the mobile agenda, you can do more in a lot less time.

Customization in Bizzabo's new event agenda.

Increase Content Discoverability

Your content is amazing. Now your attendees can easily find it.

Tag sessions based on topics or ticket types so that attendees can search for sessions that are relevant to them. Attendees can also search by other filters including location, time and more.

No more “Marco Polo.”

Take Control

Like air traffic control, only much, much, much easier.

Direct attendees to tailored agenda pages with filtered URLs. Monitor how sessions are filling up and then close them when they’re at capacity.  

Boost Audience Engagement

The agenda is the foundation of your content. It’s time to bring it to life.

Your attendees can now interact with polls, rate sessions and leave feedback straight from the agenda page.

Your attendees can also build their own schedules based on your agenda and download session attachments (like slides or word files) .

Collect Actionable Insights

The devil’s in the details data.

See which sponsors, speakers and sessions are most popular to have a better idea of how you should plan your next event. Paint a picture of how your attendees are interacting with your content by viewing average statistics for views, likes and shares.

A brief look at analytics in Bizzabo's new event agenda


And There’s More Where That Came From

We built this agenda with the help of hundreds of customers. We spoke to them, asked what their dream agenda was, made it, solicited feedback and iterated until we came to what we have today.

At Bizzabo, we’re customer-centric. If you have any product feedback, suggestions or pipe-dreams, please feel free to drop us a line.

For more information contact your account executive or customer success representative.

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