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29 April 2019 

Introducing Bizzabo’s Onsite Solution Suite

Alon Alroy

Elevate your event-day experience with cutting-edge check-in kiosks, lead collection tools, and white glove support. Welcome to the next generation of onsite technology.

Thanks to research gathered from thousands of event marketers, we’ve recognized how first impressions created during check-ins impact the overall success of any event. This is the reason we now offer resilient, onsite solutions that are custom-tailored for your event.

Bizzabo’s onsite solution suite provides organizers of any size event with the power to enhance the attendee experience using technologies that integrate with our secure cloud. Our solutions remove the need to employ additional vendors by furnishing equipment that functions even in the event of a network outage.

Plus, valuable data is safeguarded as it’s transmitted to the Bizzabo Cloud for post-event analysis. We handle everything. Say goodbye to the stress of making a great first impression!

“Bizzabo’s onsite solution has allowed us to personalize our onsite event experience for every single attendee. The ability to have a seamless check-in experience not only elevates the experience we provide for our event-goers, but also is at the core of how we think about event success.”

—Bradley Foster, Chief Growth Officer at Cult Collective


Bizzabo allows you to choose the right check-in flow for each of your events depending on your audience, revenue, and team size:

  • Self-service and assisted check-in solutions
  • Wristband printing
  • Signature collection
  • Session tracking
  • RFID technology
  • Walk-ins check-in
  • On-demand badge printing
  • Session tracking and access control
  • Personalized messages and notifications upon check-in


Unlike other onsite solutions, our systems are designed to address pain points from start to finish. We eliminate traditional challenges to save you time and stress.

  • A flawless check-in experience, no matter what. Our system is designed with failover capability throughout the check-in process, which means that your registration process is consistent—even if the Wi-Fi isn’t.
  • Network outage? Your printing is safe. Our check-in system integrates directly to our printers, without the need for local network access.
  • Native and secure data. We safeguard your attendee data with high-grade encryption across all connections.

Learn more about Bizzabo’s onsite solution suite by speaking to a product specialist or your customer success manager.

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