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15 April 2024 

How To Enhance the Attendee Experience with Seamless Hotel Booking for Events

Chaviva Gordon-Bennett
Chaviva Gordon-Bennett
How To Enhance the Attendee Experience with Seamless Hotel Booking for Events

Event planning is no small feat, and we know just how much is on your plate. That’s where all-in-one event planning solutions come in, offering a lifeline that simplifies the whole shebang — from the first brainstorm to the “thanks for attending” email. 

But what about the elephant in the room? We’re looking at you, hotel bookings for events. 

It’s the part of event planning that often feels like herding cats. Without a straightforward way for attendees to book their stays, frustration bubbles up, turning what should be an exciting experience into a bit of a headache. And when things get really tangled? Well, some might reconsider attending at all.

In fact, a recent survey threw us a curveball, revealing that fewer than 22% of event planners are happy with the hotel booking process. 

Stick around as we dive into how the hotel booking experience impacts both attendees and organizers — and how your organization can easily tackle the traditional hurdles of securing event accommodations.

The Impact of Hotel Booking on Attendees

Ultimately, everything attendees experience before, during, and after your event impacts satisfaction, engagement, and retention. In an age when attendees expect convenience, customization, and clear communication throughout the event journey, a cumbersome booking process that makes it difficult to secure preferred accommodations can ruin the perception of your events, potentially deterring future participation.

Today, attendees expect hassle-free processes. (We know how easy it is to order practically anything on Amazon.) By choosing an event management solution that has swift, intuitive, and integrated hotel booking, event teams can meet attendee expectations and start shaping the event experience from the get-go.

The right solution should enable attendees to personalize their accommodations, with options for room preferences and special requests. It will also make it easy for event teams to communicate with attendees, providing clear and timely information about hotel options, availability, and booking procedures.

Here are three challenges that attendees often face when booking hotels for events: 

  1. Cumbersome booking processes: Inefficient booking processes can lead to unnecessary delays and frustrations for attendees, detracting from their overall event experience. Simplifying the booking process with user-friendly interfaces and clear instructions can enhance attendee satisfaction and streamline the event planning journey.
  2. Not getting preferred accommodations: When attendees can’t secure their preferred accommodations, they may be disappointed, damaging the overall event experience. Offering a range of accommodation options and early booking incentives can help mitigate this challenge and ensure attendees find suitable lodging that meets their needs.
  3. Information silos: Such silos can cause confusion among attendees, leading to uncertainty and frustration when choosing accommodations. Integrating systems to ensure seamless communication and a single source of truth can enhance the booking experience and improve attendee satisfaction.
Person Holding on Door Lever Inside Room

The Impact of Hotel Booking on Event Organizers

According to the 2024 Global Meetings and Events Forecast from American Express, 43% of event organizers agree that location availability will be a top challenge this year. 

Because managing room blocks and tracking attendee bookings is already challenging — teams need to coordinate with multiple hotels, ensure accurate room allocations, and monitor booking progress — a lack of availability makes things that much harder. Making matters worse, teams that don’t have the right tools in place often have to track bookings manually, leading to errors, discrepancies, and difficulties in identifying room availability and attendee preferences. 

The good news is that by integrating event management platforms with accommodation booking systems, event teams can overcome the challenges inherent in hotel booking for events. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a fully integrated system:

  • Increased efficiency: By centralizing data and streamlining processes, integration increases efficiency and reduces the administrative burden. With real-time updates and automated notifications, organizers can monitor room block utilization, identify booking trends, and promptly address issues that arise.
  • Better data management: Because information is piped automatically between platforms, event organizers can rest comfortably knowing that they’re always working off an up-to-date single source of truth. Not only does this improve data management, but it also enhances decision-making and strategic planning.
  • Enhanced attendee satisfaction: Providing attendees with seamless hotel booking experiences and access to up-to-date information contributes to overall satisfaction and loyalty. As a result, attendees are more likely to have strong event experiences, making them more likely to attend your next event.

Meet the Game-changer: Hotel Booking for Events by Bizzabo

At Bizzabo, we’re laser-focused on giving event teams all the tools they need to orchestrate unforgettable events. We’re excited about our new partnership with Resiada, which adds integrated hotel room block management to our Event Experience OS. Here’s what you can do:

  • Deliver a modern, tailored reservation experience to attendees by seamlessly integrating event registration information into the hotel reservation portal. Attendees can input travel dates, browse accommodation options, and complete reservations effortlessly.
  • Drive efficiency with a step-by-step wizard that makes it easy to create websites and quickly set up available inventory, configure custom rates and minimum stays, and create a waitlist. Instead of hopping from one platform to the next, event teams can manage their room blocks directly from Bizzabo, making life easier and providing peace of mind.
  • Gain context and control with native reporting that helps teams streamline communication and make data-driven decisions, with real-time dashboards that enable organizers to view reservations, manage inventory, and track differential lists.
Old fashioned golden service bell and reception sign placed on wooden counter of hotel with retro interior

7 Hotel Booking Challenges and Solutions To Address Them

Now that you know what hotel booking with Bizzabo looks like, let’s examine how the new integration solves real-world problems for event teams.

Challenge #1: A Fragmented Booking Experience

  • Problem: Traditionally, attendees had to navigate separate platforms for event registration and hotel booking, leading to a disjointed and often confusing process.
  • Solution: The integration provides a seamless transition from event registration to hotel reservations, keeping the entire experience within a single, user-friendly platform.

Challenge #2: Inefficient Data Management

  • Problem: Event organizers previously had to juggle multiple systems to manage attendee information, reservations, and room blocks, which was time-consuming and error-prone.
  • Solution: With the integration, all relevant data is centralized within Bizzabo’s platform, allowing for real-time management of reservations, inventory, and attendee information.

Challenge #3: A Lack of Personalization

  • Problem: Without the integration, personalizing the booking experience based on attendee preferences or registration details was challenging.
  • Solution: The Event Experience OS allows personal details and preferences to be auto-filled in the hotel booking process, making it more personalized and more likely to meet attendees’ expectations.

Challenge #4: Difficulty in Tracking Accommodation Status

  • Problem: Organizers often struggled to efficiently track who had completed their hotel reservations and who hadn’t, which complicated logistics and planning.
  • Solution: Real-time dashboards and reports enable organizers to monitor reservation statuses, manage room blocks more effectively, and identify attendees who still need to book their accommodations.

Challenge #5: Communication Gaps

  • Problem: There was often a communication gap between event organizers, attendees, and hotels, leading to misinformation or unmet accommodation needs.
  • Solution: By integrating hotel booking directly within the event management platform, communication is streamlined, ensuring that attendees, organizers, and hotels are all on the same page.

Challenge #6: Reporting and Analytics Challenges

  • Problem: Gathering actionable insights from disparate systems regarding hotel bookings and attendee preferences was cumbersome and often inaccurate.
  • Solution: The integration provides comprehensive reporting and analytics tools, allowing organizers to analyze booking trends, attendee preferences, and other valuable data to make informed decisions for current and future events.

Challenge #7: A Stressful Attendee Experience

  • Problem: The stress of navigating separate booking processes could negatively impact the overall event experience for attendees.
  • Solution: Offering a smooth, integrated booking experience enhances attendee satisfaction, contributing to a positive overall impression of the event.

Get Started: Streamline Event Hotel Booking with Bizzabo

Delivering the strongest event experiences is impossible if attendees are frustrated every time they try to book a room. By delivering a seamless hotel reservation process, event teams can make a great first impression on attendees and start the relationship on the right foot.

If you’ve struggled with booking challenges, Bizzabo can help. Learn more about hotel booking for events with Bizzabo and how we can help you eliminate headaches to deliver a seamless, stress-free experience. 

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