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1 July 2019 

Everything You Need to Build an Incredible Field Marketing Event with Bizzabo

Bianca Galvez
Everything You Need to Build an Incredible Field Marketing Event with Bizzabo

Elevate your next field marketing event with targeted emails, beautifully designed landing pages, and an on-site experience that will wow attendees. Here’s the full story.

We’ve recently released a set of tools that are tailored to helping you curate beautiful field marketing event programs with ease.

Maximize your event registrations and conversions by creating pre-scheduled email campaigns and building beautiful landing pages with our enhanced website editor.

Deliver an on-brand and engaging field marketing experience for your attendees with Bizzabo’s Ultra Branded App and built-in branding tools.

Here it goes..

Create targeted campaigns and pre-schedule email sends for maximum conversions.

Scheduled emails enable you to prepare your email campaigns in advance. By gathering the content ahead of time and automatically scheduling the invite sends based on event criteria, you’ll save valuable time and resources. You’ll also be able to clone your emails to duplicate your campaigns from one event to the next, without having to replicate work over and over again.

scheduled emails - field marketing product update

Design beautiful event landing pages

Utilize the new custom element to design advanced modules and add built-in call to action buttons. Create clean and easy as pie landing pages that simplify your visitor journey with the new website navigation bar capabilities.

landing pages - field marketing product update

Make your future events discoverable with an events calendar

Get a fully branded events calendar that shows off upcoming events and drives registrations. Our new module allows you to display all your events or a select group of events under one roof. Visitors can easily search and register for events based on event names, dates, and locations.

The module automatically grabs the information from your Bizzabo account so there’s no need to invest time in maintaining the list of events after the initial set up.

Events calendar - field marketing product update

Build a simple highly converting RSVP flow

We’ve re-imagined our registration builder allowing you to create a simple and beautiful registration experience for your attendees.

The new design is clean, the setup is simple, and the experience is flawless.

RSVP flow - field marketing product update

Use Bizzabo’s check-in interface

Make the perfect first impression during the event day with Bizzabo’s onsite check-in suite.

Bizzabo’s Advanced Onsite Check-in Solution elevates your event right from the start. Boost attendee experience, personalization, and streamline registration management processes.

The solution offers cutting-edge technology; from self-service check-in kiosks, custom branding options, to white-glove technical support.

Bizzabo’s onsite solutions provide organizers of any event the power to enhance the attendee experience with robust technology that integrates with our secure cloud. Our solutions remove the need to employ additional vendors by furnishing equipment that functions even in the event of a network outage.

Further, valuable data is safeguarded as it is transmitted to the Bizzabo Cloud for post-event analysis. We handle everything and eliminate the stress of making a good first impression.

Onsite Solutions Suite - field marketing product update

Get granular with advanced reports and analytics

Bizzabo now offers improved cross-event reporting for analyzing event performance across a series of events and data points. Measure your agenda sessions, speaker ratings, ticket sales and more. Arm yourself with data to create an optimized prospect experience that yields the highest registration conversion, attendance rates, event engagement, and post-event business outcomes.

Reporting - field marketing product update

More on the Horizon

The Bizzabo team is cooking up some great features this summer. Expect enhanced features for session reporting so you can take a deep dive into your “return on event” investment numbers and more tools for building that perfect RSVP event. Stay tuned!

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