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Event Industry Trends
2 April 2024 

A Milestone Week for Event Tech: Insights and Leadership

Alon Alroy
Alon Alroy
A Milestone Week for Event Tech: Insights and Leadership

Last week, the event technology space celebrated a significant milestone: Gartner® released its first-ever Magic Quadrant™ for event technology platforms — a moment that marks the growth of our market and the triumphant return of in-person events as a go-to marketing channel. This follows Forrester’s pioneering steps in introducing its first Forrester Wave™ for event tech in 2021, with a new analysis in 2023. These in-depth evaluations and analyses reflect the importance and maturity of marketing events and event technology.

Bizzabo was one of 14 vendors evaluated in the Forrester Wave: B2B Event Management Technology, Q1 2023 report and one of 13 evaluated in the GartnerMagic Quadrant for Event Technology Platforms published on March 19. We’re proud to be recognized as a Leader — the highest possible recognition — in both reports.

As I reflect on this moment and the journey our team has been on for the past decade, it is clear what distinguishes the Leaders in our space from the rest of the pack: an unwavering commitment to the essence and unique needs of event organizers and the industry at large.

The 5 key Differentiators for Leaders in Event Tech

1. Prioritizing an Investment in In-person Connections

Despite the pandemic-fueled rise of virtual events, Leaders have continually invested in in-person experiences. Bizzabo’s 2021 acquisition of Klik, a cutting-edge wearable event technology for enhancing in-person interactions, is a prime example. Even at the peak of virtual events, we believed in the irreplaceable value of face-to-face connections. We knew that post-pandemic, these in-person experiences would need to deliver more impact than ever before.

Gartner highlighted Klik as a key differentiator for Bizzabo, underscoring our commitment to leading with cutting-edge in-person technology. 

2. Harmonizing Virtual and In-person Experiences

Although virtual events and webinars play a crucial role in any marketing strategy, they add to — rather than replace — the need for in-person experiences. Event tech Leaders support virtual use cases to engage communities year-round but prioritize delivering strong in-person capabilities. 

The integration of both realms is where true magic happens, much like how HubSpot and Salesforce excel not by being the best at one capability but by bringing everything together for their customers.

3. Emphasizing Customer Centricity and Industry Insights

The event industry thrives on relationships and trust, a fact well-understood by event tech Leaders. They prioritize customer feedback over complex features that may not significantly impact or are designed merely to secure an RFP. True leaders not only respond to current customer needs but also anticipate future requirements that customers may still need to recognize. The uniqueness of this industry demands a profound understanding of events to guide strategy effectively.

4. Focusing on Thought Leadership and Community Support

During challenging times, Leaders guide and support the industry. Bizzabo’s (Almost) IN-PERSON virtual event in May 2020 was one of my proudest moments. In those early days of the pandemic, when the future of in-person events was uncertain, we produced a first-of-its-kind virtual event. With our technology still new and the stakes high, this event was a risk but a necessary one. It became a beacon of hope and inspiration for our customers and the industry. It showed the industry the potential of virtual events to create engaging, meaningful experiences. 

The success of this event, marked by significant registration and participation from industry leaders, underscored our commitment to innovation and community support. It demonstrated the resilience and adaptability of the event community, inspiring many to explore new formats and strategies during challenging times. Many participants shared with us that it helped them retain their jobs. 

5. Championing Adaptability, Resilience, and Evolution

Leaders know this is the foundation of event tech success. In the ever-evolving event tech landscape, Bizzabo’s journey from a simple event networking app in 2012 to the all-encompassing Event Experience OS showcases the critical importance of adaptability. Early on, alongside great platforms like DoubleDutch and QuickMobile, we recognized the need for more than standalone apps, prompting our pivot to an “all-in-one” solution well before the industry at large began to phase out isolated event apps. This foresight allowed us to survive and thrive as we watched many other event apps in the space either get acquired or shut down.

Our evolution didn’t stop there. By 2021, we had fully embraced the post-pandemic era’s demands, transforming Bizzabo into an Event Experience OS capable of uniting attendees, speakers, and sponsors through engaging experiences regardless of format or size. This shift was not merely a reaction to the pandemic but a strategic move to anticipate and shape future industry trends.

What’s Next: Forging the Path Forward

The acknowledgment of our market from both Gartner and Forrester is a testament to the vision and perseverance of Leaders in the event tech space. Beyond that, Gartner’s recognition of Bizzabo’s “Completeness of Vision” validates our efforts to create a modern, open platform designed to scale for the new era of events. We look forward to continued innovation from incredible colleagues and partners who share our desire to push the industry forward via technology. 

So, what’s next for event technology? I believe event industry professionals will continue to prioritize working with technology Leaders. Leaders can support their entire event portfolios — from large in-person experiences to smaller field marketing events and dinners, along with a steady cadence of internal events and webinars. The ease of running your entire event portfolio from a single and fully branded event operating system, enriched by powerful data insights, is simply too valuable to pass up.

As we continue to forge ahead, these moments of recognition remind us of the impact of our work and the importance of innovation, customer centricity, and adaptability in leading the event tech industry into the future.

Here’s to more milestones, innovations, and shared successes in the vibrant world of event technology!

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