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29 March 2022 

Launch Day: Presenting Bizzabo’s Category-Defining Event Success Book 

Lauren McCullough
Lauren McCullough
Launch Day: Presenting Bizzabo’s Category-Defining Event Success Book 

See how Bizzabo’s founding trio leverages a decade of conversations with industry leaders to deliver actionable, flexible solutions. 

Today marks the launch of a book 10 years in the making: Event Success: Maximizing the Business Impact of In-person, Virtual and Hybrid Experiences. Written by Bizzabo’s founding trio — Alon Alroy, Boaz Katz, and Eran Ben-Shushan — Event Success explores how data, audience engagement, and technology drive event impact. 

This groundbreaking book explores the disruption that occurred in the events industry as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic and the opportunity that arose to reinvent in-person, virtual, and hybrid event experiences. 

“Through direct interaction with Bizzabo customers and industry professionals, we identified certain knowledge gaps limiting event success,” said Ben-Shushan, Bizzabo’s CEO. “We’re proud to have created a resource for our peers that addresses these pain points and paints a picture of the event industry’s future.” 

Ben-Shushan, Alroy, and Katz collected testimonies from hundreds of Event Experience Leaders across the events industry, focusing on the professionals’ struggles to effectively use data, audience engagement, processes, and technology to drive ROI. In the book, the trio argues that these challenges contribute to the Event Impact Gap™ — the disparity between the desired event experience and technology’s ability to deliver on it.  

“We’re making incredible technological strides in the events industry, and I believe this book is a product of that growth,” said Alroy, Bizzabo’s CMO and CCO. “Innovation shows no sign of slowing. We knew we needed to provide enduring insights that celebrate disruption and change. We hope the suggestions in our book encourage Event Experience Leaders to continue building more immersive, connected, and personalized human experiences.”

In addition to offering actionable solutions for event professionals, Event Success also offers the following guidance: 

  • How to measure event success with surveys, data, analytics, and critical KPIs 
  • How to integrate events into a strategic, end-to-end marketing plan 
  • How to collect, analyze, and funnel event data to other teams to drive business growth 

“As event software providers, our job is to develop technology that encourages and supports creativity. Too often, its limitations stifle creativity and inhibit Event Experience Leaders from executing their ideas,” said Katz, Bizzabo’s Chief Data Officer. “In this book, we celebrate how we are building solutions to overcome these limits — together. We want to empower today’s and tomorrow’s Event Experience Leaders by providing a roadmap for utilizing current technology to innovate and drive event success.”

This comprehensive book also explores what types of events are successful and what the data says about them and explores how leading brands — including SAP, the Financial Times, and IBM — capture the imagination of their audiences through events. 

“Alon, Eran, and Boaz are event technology pioneers. They’ve been in the trenches and understand what it takes to achieve event success through technology, data, and, most importantly ― human interactions. In their book, they offer much more than event planning tips; they deliver the keys to creating and executing transformational experiences.”

Marco Giberti
Event Technology Investor and Thought Leader

In the lead-up to the book’s release, we committed all of our proceeds to Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières in support of its Ukraine relief efforts. We have decided to extend this commitment through the end of 2022.

We hope you’ll order Event Success to learn how to improve ROE (Return on Events), realize measurable revenue increases, and more. For more information — and to order your copy of this innovative book — visit bizzabo.com/event-success

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