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Event marketing | 12 October 2018

Top 31 Websites for Event Planners

Maria Waida

Find amazing event venues, create dazzling event swag, better manage and market your event strategy, and more with theses these 31 websites for event planners.

Looking for the best event tools but tired of sifting through seemingly endless options?

You might have an event coming up or just want to stay ahead of the game by learning about the latest in event management software. It’s always good to get a feel for what’s out there. You never know what challenges and opportunities will come to light with every new event. Having your event planning resources sorted out now will help you avoid wasted time and frustration later on.

We’ve compiled this list to help event planners to complete every task on their list. From optimizing your event website to ordering premium merchandise to automating your social media, you’ll find just about everything you’ll need to plan your next big event.

Websites for Event Planning and Management

1. Bizzabo

Bizzabo is the world’s most loved event software, and for good reason. We’ve won the People’s Choice Award for Favorite Tech Event Supplier for three years in a row, are a market leader on G2Crowd, and have 5/5 Customer Service rating on Capterra. Bizzabo’s platform helps event planners better build, measure and grow their events with a people-first approach. Plus, we have a comprehensive blog (covered below).

Aside from being an award-winning event software, Bizzabo offers resources for event planners

Source: Bizzabo

2. Event Manager Blog

The Event Manager Blog has lots of great tips for technology, finances, and marketing. This website is great for keeping up with the latest trends in event planning. They’re daily and weekly newsletters have over 60,000 subscribers too they’re definitely doing something right.

 Event Manger Blog Website

Source: Event Manager Blog

3. Event Planning Blueprint

This website offers an array of tutorials on how to become an independent event planner, regardless of your experience level. Their thriving community also boasts a popular Facebook group.

Event Planning Blueprint Website

Source: Event Planning Blueprint

4. Velvet Chainsaw

This consulting group has lots to offer conference and trade show organizers. Their main services include conference improvement, event sponsorship, education differentiation, speaker improvement, general session design, and strategy facilitation. Their team of experts answers questions in their various free ebooks, videos, and webinars.

Velvet Chainsaw Website

Source: Velvet Chainsaw

5. Smart Meetings

They have plenty of articles, videos, and venue suggestions for event planners looking to host their next meeting. Smart Meetings is a multi-brand platform. Their mission is to connect planners with great hotels, destinations, and publications.

Smart Meetings Website

Source: Smart Meetings

6. Social Tables

Social Tables is an event tool that also boasts a vast library of event resources. These resources include a venue search tool complete with floor plans, a diagram creation feature, and a check-in app that keeps data synced across all devices.


Source: Social Tables

7. Endless Events

Endless Events is a full suite production company that can assist with booking equipment and specialized technicians for events. They’re very hands-on with communication, emphasizing their passion for face to face meetings. When we think of event geeks who know their stuff, we think Endless Events. In their podcast series #EventIcons they regularly interview event leaders on topics like how to build an internal event team and the ins and outs of event transportation.

Endless Events Website

Source: Endless Events

Websites for Event Marketing

8. HubSpot

HubSpot is a marketing automation platform that boasts extensive resources  lots of tools on things like marketing your event and facilitating ticket sales. For event marketers, Hubspot has a blog, digital courses, research and reports, and certification classes taught by subject matter experts. If you’re curious to try out their marketing platform, you’ll be happy to know that most of their basic packages for services are free.

HubSpot Website

Source: HubSpot

9. The Bizzabo Blog

Whether you’re a longtime reader or a new fan, the Bizzabo Blog focuses on providing inspiring content for your next big event marketing plan. The main topics on the blog are event marketing, event engagement, and event management. Check back frequently for new articles and content shared on a regular basis.

The Bizzabo Blog

Source: Bizzabo

10. Event Marketing Institute

This website has information for both B2B and B2C event planners. They focus on data-backed marketing advice and the latest in events industry research. You can read their free industry downloads or their research and research-packed articles.

EventMarketer Website

Source: Event Marketing Institute

Websites for Reviewing Event Technology

11. G2Crowd

This platform offers multiple thousands of real user reviews from your peers to give you a better sense of what products might be a great match for your event. The majority of the reviews are thoughtful and comprehensive. They also have a very useful product comparison feature for times when you’re stuck choosing between seemingly equal options.

G2Crowd Website

Source: G2Crowd

12. Capterra

In addition to having lots of great software reviews, Capterra has resources and research available for users to browse through during their decision-making process. They make sure to verify all of the user input they receive. Their website states you can expect to see over 30,000 new reviews added every month.

Capterra Website

Source: Capterra

13. GetApp

GetApp helps event planners learn about and select the apps they want to use for their event strategy. There’s a top apps section of the website that features new and established tools with high ratings for a variety of uses. They even have a library of over 800,000 apps on file with reviews.

GetApp Website

Source: GetApp

14. EventTechBrief

This website has a very simple layout with news stories and the option to subscribe to their newsletter as their primary focus. Here you’ll see articles about trade show platforms, the benefits of smart-badges, and tips on measuring event ROI, just to name a few of their topics.

Event Tech Brief Website

Source: EventTechBrief

15. PlannerWire

Their hand-picked directory is curated by event professionals, clients, and friends. They’ve set out to give event planners a way to better understand and develop strategies for their event technology regardless of what industry they fall into. PlannerWire’s expertise is technology implementation.

PlannerWire Website

Source: PlannerWire

16. Bizzabo Event Technology Assessment

Bizzabo offers a free assessment to rate a number of important event success factors unique to you. The assessment is free and only requires you to enter your email to get started. The resulting report includes information on how to better manage event registrations, measure event success, increase event awareness and more.

Event Technology Assessment

Source: Bizzabo

Websites for Finding Venues

17. Splacer

Splacer focuses on helping event planners find unique and creative locations. They offer search options for major cities like New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles but keep their selections heavily curated. Their event venue types include productions, experiential brand activations, corporate parties, meetings, photo shoots, pop-ups, and conferences.

Splacer Website

Source: Splacer

18. EventUP

A unique feature of EventUP that you won’t find in these other websites is the ability to instantly chat with venues through the platform. This is especially helpful for saving time playing email or phone tag. Their filters and direct booking tools are also useful.

EventUP Website

Source: EventUP

19. HeadBox

HeadBox is based in the UK and exclusively features venues in this area. Their listings showcase a wide variety of budget and high-end offerings. HeadBox accepts payments for booking through the platform through a variety of payment options.

Headbox Website

Source: HeadBox

20. Peerspace

Like the name implies, Peerspace is composed of venues offered up by local hosts. The site facilitates the entire booking process and the venues themselves include a personal touch from the real individuals who own and manage them.

Peerspace Website

Source: Peerspace

21. Google Reviews

Did you know that you can search Google Maps for event venues in your desired location and read reviews from other organizers right from your search? Try filtering results by star rating, zooming in on desired neighborhoods, and determining the best transportation options.

Google Reviews

Source: Google Maps

Websites for Ordering Swag and Branded Giveaways

22. Event Merchandising

Event Merchandising has an in-house creative team, manufacturing resources, displays, and an e-commerce platform for a variety of event types. Browse through their client shops for inspiration.

Event Merchandising Website

Source: Event Merchandising

23. InkHead

InkHead offers art assistance and rush delivery for last minute orders. Their branded event swag options include everything from apparel to food. Although they cater to a wide clientele, they do offer special interest options like products made in the USA and Eco Friendly options.

Inkhead Website

Source: InkHead

24. Vistaprint

Their website is user-friendly and offers lots of options for branded swag. Right now their inventory is comprised of only high-demand items like technical gadgets and, of course, fidget spinners. Hint: they offer lots of discount codes for new and returning customers. Be sure to research and find some before placing your order.

Vistaprint Website

Source: Vistaprint

Websites for Ordering Vendor Supplies, Booths and Signage

25. Vispronet

Vispronet has indoor and outdoor versions of every vendor display item you’d normally expect to find at a convention. Banners, signs, and flags make up the majority of their inventory. Their customer review ratings include 4.5 out of 5 stars on Google and a full 5 stars on Shopper Approved.

Vispronet Website

Source: Vispronet

26. Nimlok

Nimlok has custom exhibit creators, a past client portfolio, and resources for event inspiration. The mostly market to trade show planners, but their products are available for any niche. They also note that their displays can be used in any environment, provide free downloadable content, and showcase how they’ve helped clients with testimonials videos and real-life case studies.

Nimlok Website

Source: Nimlok

Social Media Websites for Event Marketers

27. LinkedIn

Here are some ways event marketers can get the most out of their LinkedIn promotional efforts:

  • Get speakers involved. Have event speakers write articles related to their future lectures for LinkedIn’s Pulse.
  • Direct message prospects. This works well for B2B events.
  • Edit your company page. List event details, share videos, and more for an audience that has already chosen to follow you.

28. Facebook

According to this Facebook statistic, over 1.47 billion people use it every day. Here’s how to maximize your event marketing on this social media platform:

  • Get a headcount on your event page. Optimize email marketing and other social posts to include an RSVP button that leads to your Facebook event page.
  • Create mini live events. Involve key team members or subject matter experts in live chats related to your event theme.
  • Use the Facebook Comments plug-in. It’ll add visibility to your event page.

29. Instagram

Instagram has lots of new ways to promote your event (hello IGTV). Try these tips:

  • Showcase star attendees.Have an industry celeb or respected company attending this year? Post a group photo to make prospects wonder who else might be there too.
  • Use Stories to share your behind the scenes prep. Have an exciting meeting or venue walk through coming up? Tease it on your other social channels then broadcast it via Instagram.
  • Create custom hashtags. Limit yourself to one or two sticky phrases. Make sure to use them in every post and include them on your event registration page.

30. YouTube

Only time will tell if IGTV will actually give YouTube a run for its money but for now we have lots of ideas for how you can use the video publishing giant to promote your event.

  • Create useful How To videos for attendees. Help them make the most of their event experience with practical tips they most likely didn’t think of themselves.
  • Get a brand ambassador. Have them promote your event to their established audience. Make sure their messaging is in line with yours.
  • Keep keywords consistent. Publish videos with the same SEO approach as you do your event website and blog.

31. Twitter

Your inner wordsmith can rejoice with these short form event marketing tips:

  • Live Tweet the event. Post blurbs, photos, and gifs to communicate announcements or cool happenings.
  • Focus growing your audience on Twitter before other platforms. A case study on social media event promotion showed how one company found it easiest to grow audiences on Twitter for multiple accounts.
  • Post contests that require entry via the use of event-specific hashtags. Winners get speaker meet-and-greets or special swag.

Wrapping Up: The Right Event Planning Website for You

The websites we’ve selected all share some key characteristics for event success. Should you aim to search for additional event planning websites, consider the below:

  • What tasks do you need help with?
  • What areas of event planning would you like to learn more about?
  • What are your event goals and how do you plan on taking them into consideration?
  • Are the others on your team that could benefit from these resources?
  • Do you see yourself using any of these event planning websites on a regular basis?