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27 September 2023 

21 Must-read Event Manager and Planning Industry Blogs [2023 Update]

Bizzabo Blog Staff
Bizzabo Blog Staff
21 Must-read Event Manager and Planning Industry Blogs [2023 Update]

Whether you’re planning a flagship conference event, trade show, or intimate sales kickoff, staying on top of the latest developments in the event industry is not just important — it’s table stakes. It equips you with the knowledge and insights to ensure your events align with current trends and expectations. 

One of the best ways to discover what’s new and trending is by reading event marketing blogs and subscribing to fresh content from event planning websites. In this article, we’re unveiling the top 21 must-read event planning blogs to ensure you’re always aware of what’s trending and changing in the events industry.

1. Marco Giberti: The Event Planning Maverick

With more than 25 years in the event and tech industries, Marco Giberti (Founder of Vesuvio Ventures) is an event planning maverick with a rich media, events, and technology history. His event planning blog articles on Linkedin are a priceless asset for event planners and enthusiasts striving to remain at the forefront of this ever-evolving industry.

In addition to Giberti’s impressive entrepreneurial journey, his articles are a go-to for anyone interested in technology’s impact on live events, reflections on the ever-changing media landscape, and discussions on the future of corporate innovation. 

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2. Julius Solaris: The Man Behind Boldpush

With a remarkable track record — from establishing Showthemes and EventMB (now Skift Meetings) to founding Boldpush and becoming a sought-after keynote speaker — Julius Solaris is undeniably an authority in the world of event planning and technology.

With keen observations on the latest trends and valuable insights on cutting-edge event technology, his event planning blog commentary is absolute gold for event planners hungry for hot news and insights about the industry. 

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3. BizBash: The Place for Event Innovation

BizBash by David Adler is one of our favorite outlets for inspiration. With its focus on creativity and innovation, Bizbash covers a spectrum of topics, including event design, technology, venues, catering, and trade shows.

From the experiential marketing tactics of Fortune 500 companies to the intricate details of venue selection, get a scoop on what the leading professionals are coming up with. Explore groundbreaking event marketing blog articles, featured spotlights, informative white papers, and captivating podcasts to get creative ideas for your next conference.

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4. techsytalk: The Place To Find Liz King Caruso

Stay in the loop on the latest innovations and best practices by following techsytalk’s amazing event blog, led by Liz King Caruso and a team of seasoned event experts. They’ve got insights, resources, and a fantastic podcast called The Event Hustler Show.

This vibrant community has much to say about event technology and engagement strategies. They are all about elevating attendee experiences, whether in-person or virtual, making techsytalk a valuable hub for anyone in the events industry seeking to grow and stay updated.

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5. Skift Meetings: The Ultimate Event Planning Resource

Why not tap into a reputed publication that serves as a trusted resource for global meetings and event professionals? While reading the Skift Meetings event planning blog, you’ll find a unique intersection of news about meetings, corporate travel, and venues that enables you to instantly become part of their travel and event industry conversation.

Get fresh, original content, special reports that are free to download, and breaking news that knocks your inbox daily.

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6. Endless Events: The A-to-z Event Blog

If you think your events are stale, freshen them up with Endless Events blog articles by Will Curan, Bizzabo’s new Head of Klick. Whether you’re a seasoned event pro or just starting out, these articles are your go-to source for the latest trends, killer event tech, and tips from the pros.

These event manager blog articles cover everything from event production and technology to management and creative strategies, providing you with a vast toolkit needed to elevate your event game.  

Bonus: The Endless blog features a weekly interactive video podcast known as #EventIcons, where experienced professionals from the event industry give informative interviews. Here, you’ll explore actionable tips, real-life case studies, and the latest innovations in event tech.

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7. PCMA Convene: The OG Event Manager Blog

Enhance your event planning skills by diving into the PCMA Convene event manager blog. Convene is a multi-award-winning print magazine established in 1986 with a verified readership of 36,000 qualified meeting organizer subscribers.

With a dedicated focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, Convene ensures you’re well-versed in the art of crafting more inclusive events. So, brush up your skills with these blog articles to stay updated on the latest trends, innovative ideas, and practical solutions that can either make or break your events. 

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8. MPI Blog: The Place for Meeting Professionals

Want new ways to think about event planning? Meeting Professionals International’s blog will help you get there.

Stay ahead of the curve with their blogs that deliver timely insights into industry trends, cutting-edge event technology, and winning planning strategies.

The best part? MPI offers various programs, events, and certifications to help individuals enhance their skills and stay connected with others in the industry.

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9. The MICE Blog: The Global Hub of Event Inspiration

The MICE Blog, led by international blogger Irina Graf, is a valuable resource for corporate event planners worldwide. Her event industry blog offers insights into event destinations, showcases venues, and assists in planning events.

In addition, Graf also includes helpful case studies on planning events in major cities around the globe, providing you with educational content to know what’s going on in the corporate world.

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10: Smart Meetings: The Most Trusted Event Planning Resource

Want to think outside the box and create unique experiences for attendees? Smart Meetings collaborates with industry experts and professionals who share their insights, tips, and strategies, making its event marketing blog a one-stop shop for conference planners who wish to excel in their field.

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11: Event Industry News: The Place for Hot Industry Content

If you crave it, they write it!

What differentiates the Event Industry News (EIN’s) blog is its diverse perspectives and topics, which appeal to newcomers and seasoned professionals alike. Covering technology trends, safety, and art-tech in event production, EIN offers a comprehensive view of event planning. 

Moreover, EIN keeps planners updated on industry shifts like generative AI and changes to Google Analytics, ensuring you’re prepared for industry evolution.

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12. Tag Talk: The Place for Event Streaming Content

Meaghan Maybee’s Tag Talk blog is a valuable resource for event planners. Beyond the usual event planning tips, they provide a trusty toolkit for ensuring successful gatherings.

With a pivotal focus on event streaming, they also cover topics like technology, sales, sustainability, diversity, leadership, and inspiration. If you’re looking forward to creative ideas for team-building activities and office parties, these blog articles are a must-read to make your corporate gatherings more enjoyable and engaging.

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13. DAHLIA+Agency Blog: The Ultimate Blog for Event Profs

Discover the insights of top CEOs, entrepreneurs, and investors in the event industry through DAHLIA’s transformative blog. Founded by Dahlia El Gazzar, who brings her wealth of experience from working with tech companies and the event industry, these event planner blog articles provide a unique perspective on navigating the challenges and envisioning the future of the field.

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14. Velvet Chainsaw Blog: The Conference Planning Blog

Want to plan successful conferences that your attendees will love? Curated by Jeff Hurt, an in-house expert in conference experience design, Velvet Chainsaw Blog is ideal for those wanting to dive below the surface of conference planning and create richer networking and educational experiences for attendees.

Draw inspiration from their premium educational posts on attendee engagement, speaker coaching, and conference design to get the most out of it. The authors of these blog articles are industry experts passionate about helping event planners create successful events, and they share their knowledge and expertise clearly and concisely.

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15. Event Marketer: The Blog To Elevate Event Marketing

The Event Marketer blog stands as a dependable resource to elevate your marketing efforts comprehensively. Their event marketing articles consistently feature case studies, expert insights, and real-world examples, equipping event professionals with cutting-edge trends, strategies, and successful campaign ideas.

Their posts primarily concentrate on experiential marketing, trade shows, and brand activation, providing a specialized focus that caters to the specific needs of event marketers.

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16. EventPlanning Blog: The Place for Evergreen Event Guidance

Reveal the secrets no one else is telling you with another amazing resource to help you fall in love with event planning.

From “How to Get Clients For Your Event Planning Business” to “How to Start Event Planning with No Money,” the evergreen and trendy topics covered by the EventPlanning blog cater to timeless wisdom seekers and those just embarking on their event planning dreams.

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17. PCMA Event Leaders Blog: The Gathering Place for Event Leaders

The Event Leadership Institute’s blog is your virtual campfire, where you can warm your hands and feed your soul with the wisdom of industry leaders.

These digital pages teach you the ins and outs of event planning, making it easy for you to seek guidance and reshape your events strategically.

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18. Conferences That Work: The Blog for Event Design Inspo

Conferences That Work, founded by the renowned conference design and facilitation expert Adrian Segar, offers a profound exploration of conference engagement and the core principles of effective networking.

What’s so special? Segar’s blog delves into the nuances of creating comfortable, interactive, and idea-rich conference environments. He covers various topics, not just event stuff, in a friendly, chatty style that is easy to enjoy.

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19. The Meeting Pool: The Blog To Elevate Event Planning

Boost your tech expertise to a higher tier with The Meeting Pool. You’ll find plenty of reads educating you on how to use tech for your events efficiently.

The authors are all about ditching dull presentations and focusing on tech that works for event pros. From social media to cool event apps, their blog is a goldmine. Plus, they’ve got handy white papers, infographics, and eBooks that are priceless for tech enthusiasts.

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The NACE blog empowers catering and event professionals by offering industry-leading education, tools, and resources. Their blog regularly showcases articles covering myriad topics, including event planning strategies, emerging catering trends, updates on industry news, and indispensable tips.

Consider joining them to gain access to a rich repository of insights and knowledge about the dynamic world of hospitality and events.

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21. The Bizzabo Blog: The Destination for Everything Events

We’re partial, but Bizzabo’s blog is the esteemed and experienced — but accessible and relatable — digital mentor for event planners. The Bizzabo Blog covers various event planning and management topics, from event marketing and networking to event technology and sustainability. Are you searching for content on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the events industry? You’ll find that on the Bizzabo Blog, too. 

Bizzabo’s experienced event professionals and industry experts write articles designed to be both informative and actionable. Whether planning a small conference or a large-scale festival, you’ll find something valuable on the Bizzabo Blog.

In the world of event planning, new trends continually emerge, providing you with a rich pool of ideas to draw from. Great resources, like event planning blogs, will open you up to what your peers and industry thought leaders are bringing to the table.

Are you ready to spark creative thinking and transform your events? Bookmark these blogs today. Then, take your event planning chops up another notch by downloading our guide to doing more of what matters with less

doing more with less for event planners

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