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17 April 2019 

We’re Investing Another $27M in the Future of Events

Eran Ben-Shushan
We’re Investing Another $27M in the Future of Events

There is still a large gap between the reality of events and how we envision they should be. That’s why we raised another $27M to make events more impactful and rewarding for everyone involved. This is how.

It’s a privilege to work at Bizzabo. I’ll explain.

We know that in today’s increasingly digital world, real-life human interactions have become more important than ever. Over the past seven years, we’ve been proud to help marketers use technology to bring people together.

Traditionally, software and technology solutions in the $500 billion professional events space have been focused only on the operational and transactional elements of events. This is fundamentally changing. We feel proud and privileged to lead the way.

As the only Event Success Platform, Bizzabo enables enterprise and mid-market organizations in technology, media, services, finance, and more, to unlock the full value of professional events. We make it easier to create, manage and most importantly – optimize and boost every aspect of the event lifecycle.

Bizzabo Raises $27M

In the last year, we more than doubled our revenue. With our recent investment of $27 million, we will continue to fuel our category innovation. Here’s what we’ll be doing:

Improving the experience of our customers

We know that one reason why hundreds of brands trust us to play a strategic role in their business is our customer-centric approach. With this latest round of capital, we will continue to invest in your success by building the product that you need, providing more training resources, automation and more of those incredible professionals who’re there for you 24/7. Your success is our success. You’re the reason that we come into work every day. You are at the top of our minds, and we are privileged to work for you.

Making ground-breaking investments in event personalization

We live in the customer-first era. A study in Harvard Business Review reports that prospects who perceive content as being tailored to their specific needs are 40% more likely to purchase from that seller than prospects who did not. For event marketers, this means understanding the needs of their attendees and delivering on these needs before they are even asked. And doing all that, automatically and at scale.

For those reasons, we are committing to leading the way in event personalization through new and advanced data analysis and machine learning capabilities, combined with more third-party integrations. The simplest way for me to think about it, and explain what this means is this: By using our technology, an 800-person event will feel like 800 uniquely tailored experiences. We have already made leaping advancements in the field, and we are privileged to have the vision, direction, product, customer base, team and capital to define the next era of events.

Growing our team

We know that to continue building a great product we need to continue building a great team. That’s why we’ll continue to invest in growing our teams both in the US and Tel Aviv. We will continue to select only the best talent for the mission ahead of us and provide the Bizzaboers who we are already privileged to have in our ranks with the tools and resources they need to thrive. We’re also excited to add Viola Growth Partners Rafi Carmeli and Eran Westman, and Next47 Partner Matthew Cowan to our Board of Directors.

We are in a unique position to take the events industry to new heights and we have everything we need to do so.

A huge thanks go to our new investors: Viola Growth, the leaders of this round, and Next47. I’d also want to reiterate my gratitude to Pilot Growth and Maor Investments, who led our previous round, and to all of our other incredible investors who have made this moment possible.

To our partners, thank you for trusting us to take your business to the next level. To our growing family of Bizzaboers, thank you for tireless days and nights of hard work. To the families of our growing family of Bizzaboers, thank you for your continued support.

It’s a privilege to be in a position to redefine the future of events, and we are committed to making the most of it.


You can read more about this announcement in TechCrunch, Reuters, NASDAQ, Business Insider and The New York Times .

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