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13 December 2017 

Today, we are so excited to invest $15M in the future of events

Eran Ben-Shushan

Today, we announced that we raised an additional $15M to pursue our mission of unleashing the power of events to make them more impactful and rewarding.

Here’s the full story…

I am so proud of and grateful for what we have at Bizzabo.

In the digital world that we live in, relationships and real life human interactions have become more important than ever. When you think about it, events are really one of the last places where people truly come together in the same physical space—to learn, to share, to connect, and to inspire. When events are successful, they forge strong relationships, stimulate the sharing of knowledge, and cultivate ground-breaking ideas. Our mission is to make sure technology helps us, as human beings, to have incredible event experiences—together.

Bizzabo Raised $15 Million to Change the Future of Events

Our journey is probably not the easiest one. Since the early days when Boaz, Alon and I founded the company, more often than not we were told that we were trying to break walls that many people had already tried breaking in the past and that were just too difficult to break in the first place. While I agree that there are many walls to break in our space, I know there is one thing above all that can get us to where we’re going—we have a crazy passion for what we’re doing. We believe in the cause and we have such a strong team that our path ahead, while always filled with challenges and unexpected twists, has never been clearer.

This additional funding is a huge milestone for us and gives us an opportunity to change the events industry, forever. Here are the 3 main areas where we plan to invest the $15M:

1) Our customers. Over the years, we have been privileged to have hundreds of amazing brands trust us with such a strategic part of their business. We will use a big portion of this capital to double-down on YOU— your needs, your events. We will be providing real value that creates a big impact on your lives and businesses. We will continue to provide you with top tier service as we grow. We would be nowhere without you and we are committed to always, always having you as our top priority. We full-heartedly thank you for trusting us with your business.

2) Our team (aka Bizzaboers). As you can probably understand, we are big believers in people—this is essentially why we’re passionate about events—and people are the driving force behind everything we do. In order to build the best technology, stay the most disruptive and innovative company in our space, maintain our strong culture and core values, and provide the best level of service we can hold ourselves accountable to—we need to keep having the best team possible. We will stay loyal to our core belief in the power of people by always striving to be the best place out there for our Bizzaboers to grow, and for all of us as a team to build great things together.

The Bizzabo Team

3) Our long-term vision. The reason we do what we do is because we believe events are one of those areas in which the gap between how things are done versus how they could be done is unreal. We are only scratching the surface and are just at the beginning of our long-term journey and commitment to fundamentally changing the experience at events, for all stakeholders involved. This capital gives us enough runway to do that, and for us this is extremely exciting! In other words, there is much more you can expect from us soon!

Today, more than ever before, I know we have the best team, the best customers (whom we prefer to call – partners), incredible investors, the right product and the perfect momentum to accomplish all of the above. 

I want to deeply thank our new investors—Pilot Growth Equity and Maor Investments—who are a strong addition to our team, and our amazing existing investors who always believe in us and share the same values as us. One last (huge) thank you goes to our Bizzaboers and their families, who are dedicating endless days and nights to making Bizzabo what it is.

Thank you to all of you who believe in us and trust us to make a real difference in the world!


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We are looking for the best talent to join us on our mission to fundamentally change the events industry. Check out our open positions and claim your seat on this rocket ship.

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