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Bizzabo news | 8 June 2015

Bizzabo Product Roundup: June 2015

Emma Borochoff

Ready to seriously boost your productivity, sell more tickets, hit your goals, AND have a sleek website?  We’ve got a few snazzy product features we think might make your day.

After listening to your feedback, we updated our event success platform to make building and monitoring events easier.

You are going to make an awesome event- we are just here to help 🙂

Create A Beautiful Event Website In Moments

Usually building a website means hiring developers, designers, and watching time and money go “Byeee!”.  Now, you can create a gorgeous, sleek event site in minutes with Bizzabo’s newly released website templates and easy, drag and drop editing capabilities.  Skip development time and costs and create a site that your event truly deserves.


Plus!  Our brand new templates help you find the look that fits for your event, and with minimal changes you can have it edited so it fits your event website vision to a T.  Get creative and use our custom HTML sections and tabs to embed media or build something that is uniquely yours. Yes – it will look great on tablets and smartphones too!

websiteEditor_1 (1).jpg

Stay On Course With Event Goal Tracking

When it comes to your event, you know you have numbers you need to meet, but it can be hard to keep  clear, level-headedness about hitting these goals when you’re deep in the middle of event planning craziness.

Now, you can set goals such as the amount of revenue you want to generate and how many ticket registrations you want to hit- right in the dashboard!  Not only that, but you can set specific monthly goals to help your team stay on track and not have mini heart attacks when looking at your final goals a few months down the road.  You can also set email notifications to keep you informed of your progress even when you’re on the go.


Ready to get started?  We suggest keeping in mind the SMART goal framework before selecting your official goals:

  • Specific- Your goal should be clearly defined, including why it’s important, who’s involved, and what’s expected.

  • Measurable- It should be clear how to measure your goal and determine if it has been reached.

  • Attainable- Your goal should be realistic and achievable.

  • Relevant- Your goal should be related to your business and address a core objective.

  • Timely- You should define a clear date for goal completion.

Our team is currently working on new features and enhancements to help you boost your ticket sales that’ll make you an even smarter event organizer. Check back soon for more details on even more product updates.ew to Bizzabo?  Get in touch to see it yourself!

New to Bizzabo?  Get in touch to see it yourself!

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