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5 December 2012 

Bizzabo Product Corner – December Highlights

Alon Alroy
Bizzabo Product Corner – December Highlights

December often represents the beginning of winter, when everything in nature has slowed down; the leaves have fallen from the trees, animals have gone into hibernation, the sun sets early and the nights are long and cold.

At Bizzabo, we won’t let that change of pace interrupt our productivity 😉

We worked intensely last month and released a new Android version and an entirely new web product called ‘Events on a map’ created by Tal, our multi-talented Web / iPhone developer. We chose to  focus on improving user capability to find the events they want to attend and the people they want to connect with.

Android Updates

The community screen underwent a major makeover. Users can now search and sort by different parameters (and search and sort again within these results!) in order to narrow down the list to the most relevant connections. Also, as of this month, you will start receiving suggested leads – the people we think you’ll want to meet.

An Expert Tip from Amir, our one and only Android developer – click on the blue headers for some hyper-fast scrolling!!

iPhone & Android Updates

A new and improved algorithm was designed by our server guys to improve suggested events and bring you better search results. You can thank our top-notch team – Yoav, Shai and Zachi!

To our users in other cities – Don’t worry, you won’t be neglected. We plan on adding more maps soon. The list will be prioritized by the size of the local user base, so invite your friends and neighbors to use Bizzabo and be first in line!

Website Updates

Assif, our pixel perfect Web developer, added the “Success Stories” section to

Everything was designed by our creative designer Omri, and has been tested thoroughly by our systematic QA team of Ido, Elad and new Team Leader Ilit (welcome aboard!), in order to provide you with a smooth and stable experience!

P.S – We don’t plan on slowing down next month either…

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