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Bizzabo news | 13 September 2016

Bizzabo Partners With TINT To Help Planners

Deborah Salmon

Think for a minute about the hundreds or maybe even thousands of social media posts generated by your event attendees. People going to your event are talking about it on Twitter, Facebook and many other platforms. Woudn’t it be great if you could turn the content generated by attendees into something meaningful?

Bizzabo and TINT have partnered to allow event planners to do just that. TINT makes it easy for organizers to display social media content on the web, or on a display at your event in order to bring your target audience closer to what’s happening online.

TINT is a platform that collects your community’s content and then makes it easy for you to curate the best posts and display them anywhere via their Social Wall. (See below for an example).


Thanks to Bizzabo’s parntership with TINT, Social Walls can now be embedded in a Bizzabo website. Social Walls can also be displayed during your event on any monitor connected to the internet.

Here are two key benefits of using TINT:

1. Embed A Tint Social Wall In Your Website As A Form Of Social Proof

Prove to potential event attendees that others are excited about your upcoming event, by sharing what people are saying on your event website. Use content from past events to provide those who are interested in learning more about your event with an inside look.

2. Share Social Media Posts During Your Event

For event organizers who want to bring digital and live-event experiences closer together, a TINT Social Wall can be shown on any display connected to the internet during your event. This allows attendees to easily see what other people are saying and encourages them to get involved online as well.

Having attendees who are active on social media can be a great way to build a well-regarded event brand, since it encourages those who didn’t attend to go to your event next year.

How To Get Started

As an organizer, making use of attendee generated content to further promote your event is a brilliant idea that will help you market your event, while brining event attendees closer together. Not only will this technique help as your social media campaigns kick off, but it will allow you to build a strong brand by relying on the voice of customers to evangelize your event for you.

For more information on how to enable TINT through Bizzabo’s event success platform, click the button below! Not a Bizzabo customer? Click here to learn more about the Bizzabo platform.


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