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Bizzabo news | 19 February 2014

Bizzabo launches Festival for Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs

Stephanie Brenner
The Launch Festival, Silicon Valley’s biggest tech event of the year is only a week away. Bizzabo is super pumped to partner with Launch and be their official event app and networking platform! Taking place February 24th to February 26th, 10,000 people have already registered for this must-attend startup event.

Launch Festival will bring 40 startups together to officially launch new products and compete in various categories such as Best Design, Best Technology, and Best Overall. This isn’t just an opportunity to flaunt their stuff; the startups can raise some serious cash ($250k!) in funding from the LAUNCH fund. We are eager to see the companies propel their latest products and who will beat out the competition!

Not only will this be an exciting display of the most innovative companies on the block, the speaker lineup is the cream of the crop! Keynote speakers for this year’s festival include Entrepreneur and Investor, Mark Cuban (Shark Tank, anyone?) and Y Combinator Founder, Paul Graham, amongst other notable professionals. We are only few days away (yes, we are counting) from jumping right in and soaking up all the inspiration and knowledge these pros have to share.

Bizzabo has partnered with Launch to boost networking and to allow LAUNCH attendees to easily prepare for, navigate, and make valuable business connections at this prominent startup event.

Jason Demant, CEO of Launch Media agrees, stating, “Launch is the ultimate networking event and we needed a robust yet easy-to-use platform to help us facilitate attendee discovery, interaction and accessibility to important event info. Bizzabo’s user friendly platform and its social features are perfect for fostering a close-knit community around Launch and for building continuing relationships long after the event ends.”

On that note, we are off to Cali to help attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and the launch team maximize their event experience. Come meet us at the Demo Pit! Remember, don’t be shy, be social!

Stay up to date with Bizzabo's latest.

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