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2 June 2018 

Bizzabo Exceeds $100 Million in Paid Registrations

Brandon Rafalson
Bizzabo Exceeds $100 Million in Paid Registrations

We are excited to announce our latest milestone! Read about how Bizzabo exceeded $100 million in paid registrations.

We are proud to announce that our customers have processed more than $100 million in gross paid registrations through the Bizzabo platform! What’s even more exciting is that $47 million of the total ticket sales occurred in the past six months alone.

This major growth milestone also coincides with recent news that Bizzabo had exceeded annual recurring revenue by more than 200% in size over the past year, illustrating growth both in the company and the market demand for its holistic events cloud that manages professional events from end-to-end.

In addition to being a testament of all the hard work being done at Bizzabo, this milestone proves the growing prominence of the events industry.

A Forrester Research report shows that CMOs are spending nearly a quarter of their marketing budget on events alone. Looking at the event management software space, a financial analysis from Frost and Sullivan concluded that the industry is worth $28 billion. Bizzabo’s milestone coupled with these industry stats prove that event marketing will continue to grow as a formidable B2B industry.

Eran Ben-Shushan, Co-founder and CEO of Bizzabo, had this to say: “Marketing leaders continue to recognize that professional events hold tremendous value for engaging prospective and current customers, establishing thought leadership, as well as driving revenue. More marketing dollars are going into professional events than ever before, across a wide range of industries and on a global scale. Running successful events is complex and stressful. Modern cloud-based software makes it dramatically easier to run, measure, and optimize events.”

Check out the infographic below to see the breakdown of our paid registrations:


Some key points to note:

  • Nearly 50% of the $100M in paid registration was achieved in the past 6 months
  • Conferences and conventions drive the most event revenue at 36%
  • Meetings and networking events drive the second-most event revenue at 24%
  • Among 7 other organization types, technology organizations process the most event registration revenue at 26%
  • The majority of event attendees are company leaders with C-suite executives taking the pie at 66%

As proud and excited we are of this accomplishment, we know that we are only scratching the surface of what’s to come. The events industry is here to stay and as long as there are passionate marketers who want to unlock the full potential of professional events, we’ll be here to make those moments as rewarding as possible. 

Here’s to the next $100M!

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