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1 March 2014 

Webinar: Maximize attendee networking and improve retention

Emma Borochoff

There are tons of reasons people choose to attend conferences. Maybe they want to stay up to date on industry trends, or perhaps to get inspired.  While these are both true, it is networking that is amongst the top reasons people attend conferences.

Using the right event technology can foster connections and create real value for attendees looking to network. So, Bizzabo and Eventbrite will be hosting a webinar together with practical tips and tricks for increasing the ROI of your attendee’s event experience using social media and technology! Techsytalk blogger and Industry expert Liz King will be joining us with event technology and networking insight. We will explore the types of technology that will increase attendee engagement as well as the best practices for using this tech to enhance your next event.

Here is a sneak peak at some good stuff we will be covering:

  • What attendees are truly looking for in an event
  • How to select the right technology for your event
  • How to construct a social and mobile strategy for your event
  • How to utilize social media and event apps before and during events
  • Effective steps for following up with attendees after the event

We will share ways to make your event social and networking-friendly with the newest tools and techniques. Event technology will allow you to stay on the cutting edge of your industry and to meet and exceed attendee expectations at your next conference with event tech.

Now that you are filled to the brim with anticipation- join us Thursday, March 6th at 2pm EST!

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