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17 August 2017 

Bizzabo Is Shortlisted for 5 Prestigious Awards

Eran Ben-Shushan

The Event Technology Awards and the SIIA CODiE Awards are prestigious awards in the event and tech space. We are proud to announce that Bizzabo has been shortlisted for both of them.

We are constantly striving to innovate, push the boundaries of the industry, and work closely with our customers to bring them a solution that truly makes an impact on their events and their lives. These nominations help to remind us of why we do what we do, and we only have our customers, friends, and Bizzaboers to thank. Also 893,902 cups of coffee. But who’s counting.

We have been shortlisted in the following categories:

  • Best Event Management Solution, SIIA CODiE Awards
  • Best Use of Technology for Marketing an Event, Event Technology Awards
  • Best Event Networking Technology, Event Technology Awards
  • Best Conference Technology, Event Technology Awards
  • People’s Choice for Favorite Event Technology Supplier, Event Technology Awards (Show your love for Bizzabo by clicking the button below!)

Bizzabo received the Best Event Management Solution nomination from SIIA CODiE Awards for our innovative approach to consolidating the complete event stack into a single solution. Further, Bizzabo’s emphasis on drawing out actionable insights from event data gave our platform the competitive edge to stand out from other solutions.

Case in point: Bizzabo focuses on event success over event management. “I want to run events but I don’t care if they’re not successful” said nobody ever.

By incorporating modern marketing strategies, Bizzabo helped CoinDesk generate over $120K in additional revenue, securing a finalist spot for Best Use of Technology for Marketing an Event in the Event Technology Awards. Bizzabo’s “hot leads” feature allowed CoinDesk to make targeted email campaigns securing registrations who would have previously been lost.  As a whole, the Bizzabo Events Cloud’s marketing capabilities allowed CoinDesk to scale their conference from 1,500 registrants to over 2,500.

Case in point: Marketing is the lifeblood of events. Marketing fuels events, brings people in and excites them. As a wise man once said, if an event happens in a forest, and no marketing is around, does it make a sound?

South Summit, one of the leading tech conferences in the south of Europe, needed a robust networking solution and selected Bizzabo which facilitated conversations between its 10K+ attendees. The engaged attendees at South Summit led to the nomination of Bizzabo for Best Event Networking Technology, a title we’ve proudly espoused since the conception of Bizzabo and something we maintain is extremely important for the success of any event.

Case in point: Networking is and will always be a crucial part of face to face events. And boy, is that our bread and butter! Or avocado and toast, if we want to keep up with the times.


The world renowned, client-driven insights event, IIeX North America, run by Greenbook, need an event solution that could make the end-to-end conference experience smoother for both attendees and employees.  Through our double-sided social referral features, intuitive networking community, and integrated analytics dashboard, Bizzabo was able to secure a seamless experience for attendees, and a nomination for Best Conference Technology!

Case in point: Bizzabo focuses on the entire attendee cycle to create an end-to-end event experience that blows attendees away. And keeps organizers’ heads from blowing up.

As a company, we not only aim to be customer-centric, but to help improve the event industry as a whole. We aim to teach event professionals how to be better event marketers, and share knowledge on everything from event best practices to ways to incorporate cutting edge experiences into your event. Our focus on both customers and the event community has helped us to receive the nomination of People’s Choice for Favorite Event Tech Supplier, after winning the title for the past two years.

Case in point: We are an event company first, a tech company second. We are of, for, and by event people, and we never want to stop learning and sharing our knowledge. Sharing is caring (we’re sure a wise man also said this).

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Our customers help us realize the impact we can make for them, and drives us to innovate, iterate, and push further. We are proud to wear nominations like these on our sleeve, but it is our people and our customers that we owe it all to. And with that, let’s raise a glass (ideally, of champagne but realistically, of coffee) and cheers to what tomorrow will bring!

OK. So you’re caught up on us, but how about the industry? Click the button below for awesome event resources. Knowledge awaits!

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