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Bizzabo news | 1 May 2014

April Showers Bring May Product Updates (arguably better than flowers)

Emma Borochoff
Now that everyone’s back from nomming on their matzah and/or chocolate bunnies, we’ve got some sweet new features for you that we’ve been working hard on!

Mobile Organizer Dashboard for More Control On the Go

We have now created a mobile dashboard for organizers so that you can send out real-time notifications as well as track analytics all from your Bizzabo app.  You can access the dashboard straight from your event within the app and it will only be visible to you and your co-organizers.  We know that running an event is crazy hectic, and you won’t always have access to your laptop.  Your keynote speaker is delayed by 20 minutes? No problem. Pull out your phone and send a message to hundreds of people at once – in real time!

Your Private Event is Privater

We’re now introducing another level of privacy for your event, so not just your networking community can be private, but all information in your event’s tabs will be private, as well.  This option is great for internal corporate events, exclusive events, or just your top-secret business event.

Sleek New App Updates

We’re also sweetening the deal for you and your attendees with new versions of the Bizzabo iPhone and Android apps! They’re now even more user friendly, with bigger event cover photos, and more seamless navigation.

Want to check out the new updates for your upcoming conference? Go ahead and get started here. You’ll have an awesome event app and networking platform in less than an hour. We’ve got your back.

Stay up to date with Bizzabo's latest.

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